This is December

This is just the one big photo blog. I hope you have time to scroll through. It started rather small at the start of December and just seemed to grow as stuff happened. I have included some of the skies that may have been in Beckys Square Sky photo challenge or missed out. I really enjoyed Beckys #SquareSky challenge. Perhaps you may need a pot of tea to get to the end!

Lets go. I love skinks and how they just move about on brick walls.
skink_named_toowoomba_dec 2017

Come Summer and the Dragonflies are flitting about the garden.
dragonfly01_named_binna burra_dec 2017

I couldn’t find this Dragonfly at first when it disappeared into the garden.
dragonfly_named_binna burra_dec 2017

Summer in Australia with the deafening cacophony of cicadas. When the tree you were in many years ago has gone, make do with anything to get out of your shell.
cicada shell_steel post_named_home_dec 2017

Brown Ringlets have wonderful “eyes” on their wings.
brown ringlet_named_binna burra_dec 2017

I was visited by an Assassin Bug who did a bit of fluff cleaning for me.
assassin bug_named_home_dec 2017

Mud Daubers make wonderful clay pots to raise their young. They lay an egg in the clay pot, they go about gathering spiders which they comatose for the grub to eat when it hatches.
mud dauber_named_home_dec 2017

I have been watching this one build a cone shape on the architrave of the office door.
wasp_nest_named_home_dec 2017

Some mornings the chicken wire fence has lots of spider webs in the mesh.
spiders web_wire fence_named_home_dec 2017

What a fabulous green the grasshopper has which contrasts with the yellow of the Deities flower.
grasshopper_yellow dirtis_named_home_dec 2017

I love the Line Blue Butterflys antennae
line blue butterfly_named_binna burra_dec 2017

The Bromiliad flower with a bonus spider shell.
bromiliad flower_named_home_dec 2017

The Stingless Native Bees loved the Day Lily flower.
stingless native bees_day lily_named_home_dec 2017

After the rain, the Crocus flowered much to the delight of the Stingless Native Bees
crocus_stingless native bee_named_home_dec 2017

They certainly have a laconic way of flying don’y they?
crocus_stingless native bee_close_named_home_dec 2017
The red Dahlia is one of my favourite flowers.
dahlia_red_named_binna burra_dec 2017

The Tree Begonias supplied a splash of red in the garden too.
begonia flower_named_home_dec 2017

It was a great year for the Agapanthus flowers.
agapantus_blue_named_home_dec 2017

A tiny native flower with a fluffy centre.
yellow star flower_named_home_dec 2017

Another lovely flower I was given from my friend Geoff.
yellow flower_named_home_dec 2017

A very pretty Rose in a friends garden.
rose_pink_named_jiggi_dec 2017

I think this flower is an Egg and Bacon plant flower.
race horse tree_flower_named_home_dec 2017

The Hibiscus flowers welcomed the rain  in December.
hibiscus_flower_red_named_home_dec 2017

A field of Daisys on the side of the road.
daisys_named_washpool_dec 2017

The Curry Bush had a great flowering last year as well
curry tree_flowers_named_home_dec 2017

The storm season arrived a bit late last year but when it came, it was spectacular.
171220_storm on way_named_home_dec 2017 - Copy

This sky was incredible
storm02_named_home_dec 2017

And again
storm01_named_home_dec 2017

I love capturing the suns rays.
storm clouds_named_home_dec 2017

The palm leaf had shiny spots of water which glistened in the sunlight.
water drops_palm_named_home_dec 2017

People must have thought I was mad walking around trying to get the sun in the right spot.
windmill_named_toowoomba_dec 2017
This sunset was amazing. The colours changed every minute.
sunset_named_binna burra_dec 2017

It’s hard getting a sunrise photo when you live in a forest.
sunrise_named_home_dec 2017

The Spangled Drongo was wondering what I was doing interrupting bath time.
spangled drongo_bird bath_named_home_dec 2017

It isn’t often I see a Peaceful Dove at the bird bath.
peaceful dove_named_home_dec 2017

When White Ibis flocks glide overhead it is just magnificent.
ibis_flying_named_toowoomba_dec 2017 - Copy

A female Figbird or a young Figbird just getting his red mask.
fig bird_young_named_home_dec 2017 - Copy

One day he will look like his dad.
fig bird_male_named_home_dec 2017 - Copy

Check out the pants on the Channel-bill Cuckoo
channel billed cuckoo02_named_jiggi_dec 2017 - Copy

They have a very serious looking bill don’t they?
channel billed cuckoo01_named_jiggi_dec 2017 - Copy

Rainbow Lorikeets are quite raucous as they nibble about on the Lemon Scented Tea Tree.
rainbow lorikeets_tea tree_named_home_dec 2017

I am so glad the Forest Kingfisher has returned this Summer to forage around the house.
foredt kingfisher_named_home_dec 2017 - Copy

An activities box outside of a Cafe in Toowoomba.
box_named_toowoomba_dec 2017 - Copy

The Moon was just wonderful with the coloured rings on a cloudy night.
moon01_named_binna burra_dec 2017 - Copy

If pupils were white it could look like an eye.
moon02_named_binna burra_dec 2017 - Copy

Some people have said this photo has a Japanese feel about it. What do you think?
moon03_named_binna burra_dec 2017

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Thursdays Special: Pick a Word

Oh my goodness, has Paula picked some wonderful words for the first Pick a Word for 2018!

candles_binna burra_named_oct 2014

180105_blog challenge_algid_russia from plane


180105_blog challenge_auricomous_spider

180105_blog challenge_festive_south korea

jupiter najnajnoviji



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter T

This is interesting and challenging as I had to think of a subject that had two T’s for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: letter T – Needs to have two T’s anywhere in the word

The lovely Yellow Tufted Honeyeater
180104_letters_double T_yellow tufted honeyeater

And the craziness of a Little Wattlebird
180104_letters_double T_little wattlebird



Share your world

I have meaning to join in with Cee’s share my world for ages with questions are posed by Cee. See what others have told us in Share Your World

What one word describes you best?
Inventive – Often looking for a way to do things using what ever materials are available at the time.

What is set as the background on your computer?
A road sign that I saw a few years ago. The sign was where two lanes merged into one lane. The sign said “FORM ONE LANE” This had been changed to “FORM ONE PLANET”

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been too?
I have travelled a bit. Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, South Korea, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Monaco, Vatican City.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?
Our natural world is always inspiring. From the smallest insect to the marsupials that are always around me

one planet

041514 sywbanner


Highs and Lows

I don’t often Reblog posts. This is something that really does concern me. I have enjoyed the life in Venice three times over the past years. I have met people and found Venice to be somewhat close to my heart. Debbie has a wonderful series of photos and also talks from the heart.

Travel with Intent

The flooding city of Venice has plenty of water, or so you would think.

untitledDSC0947820171127-1 View from Santa Maria della Salute,  Venice,  November 2017

Parts of the city are flooded each year, including St Mark’s Square, but whilst they are sitting under water, about 90% of the land remains above.


However, the Alta Aqua (high water) now happens more frequently and more dramatically.  Possibly more worryingly, the city also suffers from a lack of water.  The low tides that now occur cause the wooden foundations of buildings to be exposed to the air, resulting in rotting.


Much of this is caused by changed management of the lagoon and waterways.  Reclaiming of land, an increase in motorised transport (including massive cruise ships), and digging of trenches to make the lagoon deep enough to take large ships, have resulted in faster incoming tides and greater wash.


Global warming is taking its toll too…

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Square Sky for December – All thirty-one

Here are all my #SquareSky photos for Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky.  Thank you Becky for doing this photo challenge. I have loved doing it. Did you have a favourite Square Sky?

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Square Sky for December – The others

Only having one photo a day for the challenge meant that some other photos didn’t quite make the cut to be in the top thirty-one #SquareSky photos for December.

Here are the ones who didn’t quite get selected in a slideshow

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Feelin’ Lazy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colours that start withe letter S

I know I shouldn’t post this, but I am not feeling inspired right now. How many of these colours did you have?

Colors Beginning with the Letter S

Safety orange
Sandy brown
School bus yellow
Sea Green
Shamrock green
Shocking Pink
Sky Blue
Slate grey
Spring bud
Spring green
Steel blue

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Water

There are lots of Water photos. Go ahead and have a look at Cee’s place.

There is some water we like and some water we don’t.

Flood water in Grafton
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_grafton flood

The washing up
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_washing up

Heading out of the river mouth at Yamba
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_trawler

A beach on a grey day
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_ballina

Setting course for parts unknown
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_yacht



Return to port

I don’t usually do double photo challenges but looking a photo for for Cees Black and White Photo Challenge: Water and then the idea for Colours that Start With the Letter S  came along, which just started words tumbling from my mind.

Upon a silver sea
the fishers return.
A hold full of fish
economic return.
At the dock
the buyers return.
Their partners and children
await their return.
Once unloaded and refreshed
to the sea again they return.

171230_blog challenge_s colours_water_fishing boat



Black-&-White-Banner             CFFC


Sky #30

Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky
Here is my sky number thirty in the daily photo challenge for December

After all the red hot sunsets and stormy skies, I thought I’d calm things down a bit. This mornings Moon drifting in a sea of clouds

171230_blog challenge_squaresky_moon_day



The Birds and Bee

While I was out looking for the last Square Sky photo, a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets zoomed across a leaden sky. Point and shoot before they disappeared behind the trees.

May I present the result of a no look photograph.

I call this Two Birds and a Bee
rainbow lorikeets_insect_named_home_dec 2017


Thursday Special: a bit more

Finding one photo was difficult so I have picked a few that were very challenging from my favourite photo challenge Pick a Word. What photos would you have chosen for these words. Have a look at everyone elses favourites for 2017 at Lost in Translation


170707_word_gaiety_rainbow lorikeets



jupiter najnajnoviji


Thursdays Special: your best photo of 2017

As the year winds down, Paula has asked not for a difficult photo challenge, but for the best submitted to Lost in Translation for 2017.

I have chosen the photo that Paula found special in 2017 with the word prompt Nautical from the Pick a Word in August. It almost matches Paulas photo as mine is from Rovinj as well


I am looking forward to more of my friend Paulas photo challenges in 2018 as it was a Pick a Word way back in February that started me with photo challenges. In case you didn’t see this blog, have a look at Something happened in 2017

jupiter najnajnoviji


Something happened in 2017

In February this year, someone, OK it was Yvette at https://priorhouse.wordpress.com/ , who happened upon my blog and started me being involved in photo challenges for all of this year. Some I didn’t participate in as the number of photo challenges is overwhelming. There are some that I did because the feedback and comments were inspiring and encouraged me to get my photos out there.

I was able to delve into my folders to find things that I hoped people would like, I took photos to match the word prompts and generally rediscovered what I could do.

I found a process called Selective Colour which made the black and white photo challenges interesting. I found black and white!!!

This blog is a thank you to the wonderful people I have connected with in 2017.

This is the first photo challenge I participated in was
https://wordpress.com/post/bushboy.blog/7762    As I said “The inspiration came from Yvette at https://priorhouse.wordpress.com/” and Yvette has continued to be an inspiration and good friend.
Yes I became addicted to Paulas Photo Challenges https://bopaula.wordpress.com/ and in turn Paula has become a close friend who challenged me to produce better photos.

Cee at https://ceenphotography.com/ challenged my mind with the Odd Balls, black and white challenges, Which Way and a host of others. Cees encouragement and positive energy became a tonic when needed.

With the black and white challenges I drew inspiration from a number of people. Robert from Germany https://robert20359.wordpress.com/  showed me that black can be used so wonderfully as did https://simoneteffect.wordpress.com/ who gave me inspiration for black and white.

Photo challenges from Frank at https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/ gave me room to think and find photos that were commented upon around the world.

Of course there is Dahlia https://mysilverstreaks.com/ who said I should do more blogs and is a strength in encouragement.

Recently Becky at https://beckybofwinchester.com/ gave me the square format with flowers and the super #SquareSky photo challenges.

I also discovered Jo https://restlessjo.me/ who has taken me around the world and has given such lovely comments on my work.

I found Josephine https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/ whose digital art inspires. The Cloud Tellers is amazing https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/the-cloud-tellers/

Jane, my little Aussie mate who adventures around writing of Australia, it’s animals birds and insect and plants https://mildlyextreme.com/

A recent connection is the beautiful Lisa https://dailymusing57.com/ whose encouragement and critique of my photos drives me to be better.

The Rebels from Canada https://photogate.ca/ always have lovely words and comments.

I look at Nancy Merrills photo challenges https://nadiamerrillphotography.wordpress.com/  and try to get something in there when I can.

It is impossible to name everyone who has been so lovely in their comments, following my blog and encouraging me, inspiring me and generally being wonderful people who have turned into distant friends from all over the world. My love and encouragement back to you.

I am just a bloke from the bush in Australia who likes taking photos of my world and sharing with you.

That first photo challenge from the wonderful Paula https://bopaula.wordpress.com/ had 10 views 3 likes and 5 comments the last one I contributed to at Lost in Translation https://wordpress.com/post/bushboy.blog/17471 has 41 views, 29 likes and 17 comments so far.

I hope 2018 is just as rewarding for you.

170823_blog challenge_small subjects_scarlet honeyeater 03



A rip in the sky

The Daily Post word prompt: Torn

The clouds
by the setting sun
colour across the sky.
dancing on the horizon
melting shadows.
loom dark and menacing
to take their place.
ready to
in an empty sky.

171223_blog challenge_torn_sunset



Sky #23

Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky
Here is my sky number twenty three in the daily photo challenge for December

171221_blog challenge_binna burra sunset

The sunset from a few nights ago that kept getting bumped out of the way because of the storm clouds. This is the amazing original that was taken at the same time as my Experimental sunset


Arches, Domes and Half Circles

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes and Half Circles

A varied mix of Arches, Domes and Half Circles from Toowoomba, Florence, Figueres and at my place.

The Arched light support in Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_lightpost

Half-Circle handles on the Teapots in the Ground Up Cafe Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_teapots

The Arches in the Toowoomba City Art Gallery
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_art gallery

Half Circles graffiti Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_grafitti

Arches on the White Horse Hotel Toowoomba
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_hotel

The Dome on the Dali Museum in Figueres
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_dali museum

The blue Domes on the Great Synagogue in Florence
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_florence

A Spangled Drongo wondering if the bird bath is a Half Circle or an upside down Dome
171222_blog challenge_halfcircle_domes_arches_birdbath




Sky #22

Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky
Here is my sky number twenty two in the daily photo challenge for December

171222_blog challenge_before the storm

Again, this afternoon the clouds built and the storm approached. Unlike yesterday, I had some much needed rain. I hope to go to sleep with the sound of rain on my tin roof, water gurgling in the downpipes filling my water tanks and frogs happily croaking away.


Thursdays Special: Darkness and Light

This Thursdays Special photo challenge prompt: Darkness and Light

When darkness falls,
Who will light my way.
From the shadows
the Dark of Night
reaching out
ebony fingers
the Dark of Night.
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon05

Behind the shadows
being there.
the Dark of Night
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon01

Coming to Light
my way
the Dark of Night
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon03

a glow in the distance
shapes appear.
Finding a path
the Dark of Night
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon04

a Light
illuminating my world
Parting the clouds
the Dark of Night
My Moon
my wonderful Moon
being my Light in
the Dark of Night.
171221_blog challenge_darkness and light_moon02

jupiter najnajnoviji


Favourites of 2017

The Daily Post has asked for the Favourite photos of 2017

I have made a selection of my photos based on what you have liked using a combination of number of views and number of likes. Here is what you have chosen as your favourites of 2017 in random order.

170918_blog challenge_shoes
170817_blog challenge_alley_rovinja2

170823_blog challenge_small subjects_scarlet honeyeater 10

171012_blog challenge_scale_spider02

170613_blog challenge_unusual_fungi

171026_blog challenge_mask

2017-12-04 11.42.58.jpg

171017_blog challenge_bird_green catbird

Is your favourite photo here?


Experimental sunset

The sunset the other day was filled with colours that I have never seen before. I wondered what my Canon Powershot camera would capture using the setting called Creative.  The camera determines which of the effects that are used for the particular shot and creates six images. The images come in different sizes and colours matched to one of the many camera effects.

These are the images. They haven’t been enhanced or changed. Do you have a favourite?













Rainbow Bee Eaters

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The letter R, needs to start with R and have at least 6 letters.

I have some Rainbow Bee Eaters for you

One of my handmade silhouettes

Just looking around
rainbow bee eater01_named_jackadgery_jan 2015

Showing my colours

A bit ruffled after a quick dip

Everyone enjoying the afternoon sun



Mundane Monday Challenge #140

For this Mundane Monday Challenge, I am looking at focus and depth of field.

This photo and words are called A Struggle

171220_blog challenge_the struggle

Never focus
on the load.
Always look ahead
on the road.
You are strong,
lighter the load.
Further you walk
shorter the road.




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Abandoned or Alone

In the corner.
Pushed out of the way.
Not needed
in the Art Gallery…….
just now.
Glass gleaming
Waiting to be filled
with treasures,
some ancient,
some new.
Alone in the corner.
But perhaps
not abandoned

171216_blog challenge_abandoned_display case




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Q

For the letter Q photo challenge, I think a slideshow of the Square-tailed Kites that nest in a tree across the road from my place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How many Q words have you in your photos. Have a look at Cees for more Q photos