Feathers and flowers

Cee’s Midweek madness Challenge: May Close-up or Macro

A tiny Skipper Butterfly on Purple Basil flowers

Getting close with a Cats Whiskers flower

The centre of an Apricot Brandy Hibiscus flower

A tiny orchid, Epidrum secundum.

The beautiful feathers of a Lace Wyandotte hen

Macro Monday – 3 April

This was going to be included in the post The Life of a Frangipanni Flower but as it really wasn’t a flower I thought it suited a Macro Monday.

The Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly has been a constant in the garden for months now. I was getting a few photos of Frangipanni flowers when the butterfly fluttered by and disappeared. I felt someone was watching me.

Macro Monday – 13 March

There’s nothing worse that flying all the way from the hive to your favourite Blue Ginger flower only to find a huge blockage of a Teddy Bear Bee filling its pollen sacs

The little Stingless Native Bee flying in is about 10mm in length. The pollen sacs in his rear legs are empty so it will off to find another flower.