Water Reflections – Abstracts #49

Jez’s Water Water Everywhere #131

A while ago I was asked how I created some of my photos so I thought I would do this one as an example. This is the original photo

I have a setting in my Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate software program called Smart Photo Fix which is my usual first go to for most of my photo manipulations as it is easy to use. The controls are sliders or you can increase or decrease the numbers with up and down arrows. The program has its own ideas of how the photo should look with a preset I guess. Sometimes I see what it does and it is what I want turning my not so good photo into something a bit better.

First is turn the focus down to zero
Next I change the saturation. On this one increase to almost full
I increased the black to about 75%
Decreased lightness to 25%
Contrast was set at around 15% so I left that
Decreasing the Highlights to about 20% bought out the yellow and deepened the other colours.
I didn’t really like the final as it was so rotating often brings about a change that is satisfying.

This is the final photo

In the box

A reply of random thoughts to Amanda’s Imagination in a Box

Should I open the lid
what could escape
inside my mind
I have many
to tie the past
to the future
to lay foundations
or archeological ruins
plucked laying bare
wrapped in warmth
paper clips
holding it all together
no escape
staying within my mind
Never open the lid.