The Gumbaynggirr dancers

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Last week I attended the NSW State Landcare Conference in Coffs Harbour, a city just south of my place. On the first day there was First Nations cultural awareness with some local Gumbaynggirr language “lessons”, a smoking ceremony, which is a welcome to Country and in the evening we were treated to some traditional singing and dancing from school students

The Gumbaynggirr peoples region also includes Grafton, my closest city. There was a map and my place is in an area which is a in two tribal areas, the Gumbaynggirr people and the Bundjalung people. This would be where they transversed the landscape looking for food in times of drought and also meeting places to trade goods.

A bit about Landcare

The many Landcare organisations throughout Australia with over 6,000 groups and 100,000+ volunteers with diverse projects that are focused on sustainable land management practices and environmental conservation and restoration.

This is the Landcare NSW page

At home at night

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Seeing the successful reaction from people for my night scene at the marina, I thought I would give another one a showing. Another surprise from my phones camera.

This is my home, just a few lights and the moon. The surprise for me were the stars. The photo has not been altered or enhanced.

Know your animals

John’s Cellpic Sunday

When growing up, one of the earliest things learnt was the names of animals and where they lived. Quite often there were all manner of puzzles and toys to learn from.

I am not sure what farm these are on but I am glad it’s not next door…….except for the Elephant. I’d offer to babysit the Elephant if needed. There was a bit of a mix up somewhere in the production line.

An op-shop find

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Often when I am in an op-shop, or thrift shop, charity shop wherever you’re from, sometimes some things need a photo and my phone is usually what I have to hand.

My first thought was, what was in the tin? The badly dressed child, spots and stripes….pleeeeze, offered not much of a clue. Unless it was a tin of pigeon food
“Look Daddy, they come right up to your hand”
“It makes it so easy to grab them,” said a child with a bit of a grin.

Perhaps it is a personalised tin with a picture of the grand-daughter for Nana.
“Hey Nana, look what I have for you,” that child devilishly said, “A lovely tin of squab for you.”
“They are grain fed and I caught them myself.”

Your turn, what do you think was in the tin?

Attempting quaint charm

John’s Cellpic Sunday

It was too far to drive
a motel
just had to stop
find a meal
find a bed
a shower hot
and delicious
everything was fine
everything was quaint
the bathroom
the flowers
added a certain

Cee’s FOTD

The many shadows of a golden house

John’s Cellpic Sunday

I have shown the Catherine O’Donnell exhibition in parts, one post in Monday Windows and the other in Thursday Doors. The exhibition was about the housing in Australia in the 1960’s. Starting with art works hanging or even designs on walls, then into the house room where two model houses have taken up residence.

Once you get to the end of the exhibition space there was a room with about six or seven models, which included the ones on show, dimly lit, that sparkled.

Brightening the corner

John’s Cellpic Sunday

One oldest hotels in Grafton and Heritage Listed, Walkers Marina Hotel, which is no longer functions as a pub and has worker accommodation for blueberry picker, road workers etc as there are always flouro work wear hanging on the verandah.

Last month there were painters setting up and by the next time I came to town, the building had been painted. Just the wrought iron to go, although some of the iron is quite rusty (better get photos before they do it) so it may take time.

When I first came to Grafton, this was one pub to avoid, a bit of a rough one and was an early opener for the shift workers, so they say, it opened at 6am! One of the later owners restored a lot the inside as well. Pity I didn’t go in and get some photos before it closed.