5 Minutes Ago – 20 August

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #71

As I was out this morning I didn’t take my usual Saturday morning Sky. These are this afternoon. I was hoping for some sunset colour but I was a bit early. It is getting rather chilly out there now once the sun goes down behind the mountains and the wind blows cold air.

I wasn’t expecting Hammad not to have a post a couple of Saturdays ago but this sky was one I had to capture on August 8. The clouds were spectacular don’t you think?

It’s all L in the end

Cee’s Mid-week Madness Challenge July Alphabet: Letter L at the end of a word



Butterfly – Australian Gull

Silver Gull

Daffodil/Floral (stolen idea from See’s post)

Cloud swirl

Girl (Dirtgirl is an Australian gardening, composting and recycling pin-up. Here she is as a lantern in a parade)

Grey Fantail

Powerful Owl

Willie Wagtail

Aeroplane trail

Roosters tail

Brushtail Possum

5 Minutes Ago – 23 July

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #69

My photos from this morning. When I downloaded the photos and looked at them, I thought I had copied last weeks photos. There is an uncanny resemblance to this mornings photos and last Saturdays photos. Have a look here

It was raining over the past few days and not long after I took these photos, the clouds came over and there was a shower of rain

5 Minutes Ago – 9 July

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #68

I usually take my weekend sky photos on Saturday mornings, hence the title. It is getting much colder now, well into single figures. Last night was 2C and the fire was lovely and warm.

The blue sky poked through wispy clouds.