5 Minutes Ago – 28 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #86

Last weekend the sky had a wonderful morning display. I just had to take those photos for Weekend Sky but didn’t post them. The morning sky also held a surprise as well.

21 January skies

It is hard to get the full effect of the sunrise with it’s blazing yellow sun

While to the north, the sun is just reaching the tops of the Eucalypts and our Moon was still shining bright. This photo is from the old little camera which is not being used for morning sky photos any more but still is the small pocket sized camera I will use for my emergency camera if out and about and my main cameras don’t function as I would like.

These are this mornings photos. I was awake about an hour after sunrise this morning. After wild storms over the past few days, the blue morning skies are back, heralding more hot days with afternoon storms.

The northern sky, the sun fully lighting the Eucalypts and a wisp of cloud

Here is the sky on the 26th at around 5pm just before the wild wind and rain arrived

and coloured tinged clouds at sunset

5 Minutes Ago – 2022

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #83

I decided to do a review of the various days weather for 2022. All the photos are taken from the one spot and always in the morning.

But first, I had these ready for Hammad to post his Weekend Sky on the 19th but nothing happened and for once I was ready. So these are the last for 2022 from my photo spot. But first here’s is your song to listen to while you have a look at the difference in the weather in my mornings…….everywhere you go, always take the weather with you….

The clouds were too good not to capture

While on the northern side the sky was a clear beautiful blue

I had to get down to ground level

I have been using different sized photos to save space and I used three different media file folders so dates overlapped. This first slideshow is for the first part of the year Jan to Sept

April to December

Sometimes there were visitors

The King Parrot, I named Tiny, is always wanting to know what I am doing

A Pied Currawong flew in to check out what was happening on this part of the garden

It was an exciting morning when the Spangled Drongos returned to spend Spring as they usually do every year

I guess I can add it into Marshas Remembering 2022 with Hammad.
And there were probably more look back challenges over the past week or so that I couldn’t bookmark, so think of your self included 🙂

5 Minutes Ago – 11 December

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #82

This mornings sky is leaden following a wet few days. These photos are earlier in the morning than in the past few posts

Not as grey looking this way

I stood there waiting for some birds to fly across the view. Three times they did and I wasn’t ready. About ten minutes after the first photo, the sky looked like it was going to colour.

This was as colourful as it got.

5 Minutes Ago – 26 November

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #80

Another clear blue sky in the morning and it did turn out to be a hot day. I had a bit of a sleep in so the sun was a bit higher than in many of my other weekend sky photos from the same spot

Most of the other photos in this direction, you can just see the sunlight on the tips of the trees. Here you can actually see the Eucalypts leaves and branches.

5 Minutes Ago – 5 November

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #77

The title of this post is a bit misleading. Yes the last photos are from this mornings wonderful sky. I have included other days as I had to get the photos and have been waiting for Hammad not to be so busy that he posted the wonderful Weekend Sky photo challenge.

Here is a song to scroll as you work your way through a few photos of melodies in the sky

The start was an amazing sky in the afternoon of the 24 October. I wondered what the sky was doing as the storm was building. I looked to the east and there was a faint rainbow through the trees and the sky was a lovely lilac.

Then the storm approached

On last Thursday morning, the first of November, the sky was so colourful I just had to grab a few photos from the usual spot

After a while the colours had changed

Here we are at this mornings sky. I should have changed the camera setting as the sun was just rising and the colours are great, The photos don’t do the sky justice

Over the house patches of blue were surrounded by dark clouds tinged with colours

The sun hadn’t quite reached the gum trees yet but a faint glow is evident

This was about five minutes after the first photo for this morning. More blue sky struggling through.

I tried to get the sunrise through the trees with another camera but the yellows and oranges are taken by the black of the trees. When you live in a forest I guess that’s the price to pay

This is October 2022

Another month of rainy days, at one point it rained every day for just over a week. I did manage to get out and grab a few photos but most are from home. There is quite a number as I just couldn’t whittle it down any more.

A it is Spring there are lots of flowers and of course the birds are coming into the warmth of the North Coast. There has been a few new sightings, some of which have been posted already like the Masked Bee. I had a bit of trouble finding the names of a lot of the new things I found but will name the ones I know.

I hope you enjoy your October song to listen to while you scroll through my October

As the month went on, clouds appeared. This one is a great one for those of us who see shapes and faces

Sometimes when the sky was clear and blue I walked about always looking around when the resident Square-tailed Kite was circling over my place

As the month went on the clouds increased making wonderful shapes against the blue sky

When the rain came there was always the opportunity for rain drop photos

Spider webs with tiny water drops is always a favourite

I love the perfectness of webs. This one had a rainbow effect which is only faintly seen in the photo. All of the following spiders are about 20mm in size so no need to be frightened of their beauty.

Sometimes the spiders just seemed to hang in space with no visible support

Just as I took this photo that small brown leaf, at the bottom of the photo, dropped onto the web. The speed in which the spider went to investigate was amazing

I found this weird little lump scuttling around the plants leaves in the garden, hence the blurriness of the photo. A spider with a unique defence mechanism to deter predators, he is called a Bird-dropping Spider. When I went to find the actual name I put in Bird Poo Spider which I think is more fun.

I think may be the first time I have photographed a butterfly from underneath with the sun behind. It is a Brown Ringlet which when view from above is a dark brown with two yellow spots on the edge of the wings

Another new insect in my garden. A Colourful Broad-headed Bug which are sort of related to Assassin Bugs

A Dingy Skipper Butterfly hanging around on a Hoya flower

Even though it had rained in the morning, when the rain stopped the bees came out for a quick flower investigation. This bee disappeared right up into the Salvia flower and I waited for ages for it to back out.

The Bottlebrush trees have been continuously flowering for a lot of this year. I actually found new flowers on another Bottlebrush this morning. The bees were a loud buzz around the garden when the sun was out

Of course the Honeyeaters love Bottlebrush nectare as well. The little Yellow-faced Honeyeaters have been around the garden for most of this year

Of course when I was wanting a photo of a bird on the Lilli Pilli flowers I couldn’t get one. Then the Brown Honeyeaters arrived in October and found the Lilli Pilli flowers

The Scarlet Honeyeaters have been here since September and this was their favourite Bottlebrush tree. This shows the size of the Scarlet Honeyeater compared to the size of the Bottlebrush flowers

Leaden Flycatchers are a common Springtime visitor to the garden

Laughing Kookaburras are always here with their waking up and end of day calls. I love how this one is just sitting on the post. Judging by the full looking crop, I would say he has had a good feed and it letting the food settle before going on the hunt again.

A pair of Spangled Drongos arrived for their Spring residence. I hope they found a good nesting spot this year

You can see why the are Spangled Drongos, such beautiful feathers

The number of Red-Necked Wallabies in the garden has declined over the years. This female seems to be one who stays around in the bush and visits often. I suspect the neighbours next door are feeding the Wallabies hence their lack of coming here.

I am sure this is her mother with the damaged ear who also hangs around

Enough of my place. We found this bull just resting in the front paddock of a house. At first we thought it was a big dog as we drove past. Isn’t he handsome

Spring time brings new leaves. These ones unfurl with a light pink and then turn bright red before becoming green

The Dendrobium Yukidaruma Orchid looked lovely cascading down the pot on the front verandah

The Daisies lit up the garden

As did the Gerberas

The scent of Jasmin filled the air

I bought a selection of miniature Geraniums for the garden. I have to be quick to see the flowers as either Wallabies or Possums like them as well. It looks like they will need little fences.

This year the tiny Drimiopsis maculata, a bulb from South Africa. I had a few in a pot and when I re-potted some of the small outer bulbs dropped off and now I have a few patches of plants in the garden. I can see why it is sometimes called Little White Soldiers

This has been the finest year for the Canna Lillies. Most of the plants are taller than me this year.

All of the Bromiliads flowers this Spring as well. This is probably a Neoregelia compacta Bromiliad

The Common Hovea have appeared for the first time in the garden although they are in the bush around the house.

The Tree Bauhinias flowers are quite spectacular this Spring. The plant has more flowers than before

There is a little pond at the Grafton Art Gallery and the Cape Water Lillies are starting to flower.
This is a phone photo

I love the White Dogwood flowers, sometimes called Rice Flower. The road to my place is lined with lots of white flowers. I have a few growing on my place

Another Dogwood, this time a Yellow Dogwood or Jacksonia scoparia. Another favourite tree which is covered in yellow flowers in Spring

I found this flower growing on the side of the road. I don’t know what it is called but it is quite pretty with its composite flowers. Must be small spiders in there as well with haphazard webs

I love Yellow Buttons as well. They are growing all over my place and I am yet to try and transplant some into my garden. I didn’t notice this one had some sort of insect on it. The yellow ball flowers are about 5mm in diametre so whatever that insect is, is rather tiny as well.

I did mention that it is Jacaranda time in Grafton, my nearest town. The streets are lined in purple and the grouns will be covered in a carpet of purple as well soon.

The red of Flame Tree flower look rather spectacular against the purple of Jacarandas

I love the purple against the blue sky

Did you know there are White Jacarandas as well. There are a few planted around town

While out spotting White Jacarandas, I saw a Magpie gathering nesting materials

Native Frangipani, Hymenosporum flavum, flowers have different stages. They are a greenish at first, then turn white and then yellow. They are small flowers and what the have in common with other Frangipanis is their scent.

The flowers also do water drops quite well

Another plant that has great water drop potential are Elkhorn Ferns. Their strap like leaves are perfect for holding water drops

One afternoon there was an orange glow shining into the house. I grabbed my camera and went to see what the sky was doing. I managed to get a bit of the sky and clouds and then had to turn around because

behind me the sky was purple and I could see a faint rainbow through the trees. Not long after the rain came pelting down again.

I see you are still with me. I hope you enjoyed a scroll through my October. As always, I like to know if you had a favourite photo

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5 Minutes Ago – 22 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #76

Yes, I am back to grey skies and rain. It has been raining every day for the past week. In a way it has not made me feel all that good. I have things I want to do but am restricted to doing things inside. I have been doing a lot of photo sorting and photo challenges. It would be good to have company and sit around playing Scrabble or other games. At night I have the frogs for company and there are hundreds at the moment, in the dams and gullies all around the house.

5 Minutes Ago – 15 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #75

I wish I had thought about this challenge earlier as the sunrise was colourful this morning, an orange sky. Oh well I did get a bonus. From the usual spot I was about to take the photo when a couple of Spangled Drongos flew in to see what I was doing.

The sun is well and truly shining on the trees this morning. There’s not a cloud in the sky.

In case you couldn’t see the Spangled Drongos in the first photo, here they are making their most amazing songs

It is the most amazing call especially when there are two or more. Have a listen.

5 Minutes Ago – 9 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #74

Here are two lots of Weekend Sky photos. I took the first lot on the 1st October and the second just a few minutes ago. Both had great clouds but this mornings were so good.

Just a hint of sunrise colour

The sunrise through the trees. I don’t get to see an expanse of sunrise sky.

This morning there was rain earlier and it is starting to clear

This is looking straight up from the small landing where I always take my weekend sky photos