Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Emerging from…?

An emerging or a beginning?

Emerging from the night, a sunrise is a good start

Let’s begin with the flowers. A Grevillea starting to open

I think this is a Dahlia

A pink Hibiscus

Frangipanni flowers

A lovely Rose

Now for a bit of nature, some not as pretty as flowers. Willie Wagtail chicks not long out of the shell and eyes aren’t open yet.

Welcome Swallow Chicks are always hungry and ready as Mum flies in

I love seeing the Joeys when they start to hesitantly pop their heads from their Mums pouch

Wide eyed they survey their world and keep an eye on the bloke with a camera although Mum doesn’t care all that much

A rare moment finding a Cicada emerging from its shell

My favourite emerging photo

and an emerging moonrise is a goodnight

5 Minutes ago – 16 April

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #63

Where is Hammad to link this one to? I hope he is too busy to get to his blog today. I found out he was so here’s the link.

The clouds looked so good this morning I can’t let them go unnoticed.

Although on the other usual view there wasn’t anything, not even some sun on the Eucalypts.

5 Minutes Ago – 9 April

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #61

An early morning sky of clouds. Yes it is still raining here. Not sure what day of continuous rainy days I am up to but it seems like months.

Like last week, too early for the sun to get to the tops of the trees

I am playing around with photo sizing after talking with Cee as my media file storage on WordPress is very high and I am going through and deleting photos to diminish the total gigabytes. I don’t think the quality of my photos has suffered but I may have to rethink my name font and size or perhaps not bother with the little photos. Any suggestions?

5 Minutes Ago – 2 April

I always get up on Saturday morning and take photos on the morning sky for Hammad’s Weekend Sky. This morning there wasn’t a post from Hammad to link to, so instead of waiting I thought I would share anyway. I hope Hammad doesn’t mind.

It was a funny early morning sky with clouds and it was perhaps a colourful sky somewhere behind those clouds

The sun was low in the sky below the clouds and at this time of year, heading to the north.

5 Minutes Ago – 26 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #60

What an afternoon yesterday was! Around 3 o’clock the rain started and it was pounding, heavy and relentless. I shut the windows and doors but still it was very loud inside. The verandahs were wet about one metre in, there were rivers running down the driveway, the gullies started to roar and it kept up like that until around 5:30pm. 88mls in total. Apparently in Grafton, the town 37kms away, they only had 1.5mls!!!!.

Anyway, it’s grey skies I post again so here’s your Saturday morning sky song

Now for the sky. That small black dot isn’t on your screen, it is a bird flying across the sky. I even wiped my screen as I had spots but only one was a bird lol

No sun kissed Eucalypts this morning

5 Minutes ago – 12 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #59

It looks like the big rains have gone and the ground is starting to dry. No longer squelchy when I walk around the garden. There are still rain around and storms are predicted for some areas still. I hope for a sunny day today and by the looks of it, it could be. I feel deeply for friends and family in Lismore, the Richmond catchment who took the brunt of what is being called a rain bomb, over 600mls in some places in a few hours, and for those in my catchment whose houses and farms have been flooded with water still on the ground almost two weeks later.

Anyway here’s your song for the day

Not a cloud to be seen this morning

The sun saying good morning to the gum trees

5 Minutes ago- 5 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #58

Well surprise surprise, my weekend sky is one of clouds, a bit of sun trying to peek through but now the clouds are building to another day of rain but it will be only showers I hope. There wasn’t anything in the rain gauge this morning despite it raining in town but not out here.

Here is this mornings and afterwards a treat

No sun kissed Eucalypt tops this morning

Now for your treat.

As my sleep patterns have been out of whack since the power went off, I have been awake very early. On Thursday morning I was siting, having a cup of tea in the sunroom where I take all of my Weekend Sky photos, waiting for sunrise. What a sunrise it was!!