Tiny worlds

Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Moss

down there

down there

among the rocks

on the logs

can you
see some?

Tiny worlds
of wonder

Tiny worlds
of fantasy

Cascading down
crevices and cracks

Tiny worlds
of faeries
of mystery
of imagination

Can you
see some?

You may
if the light
and your
lets you

Follow the track

Re-living the Past #14 – My first reptile photo

Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Coil

One day I was taking my recycling to the old wool bale bags where I stored my recycling. Lifting the flap I found a small Red-naped Snake in a coil. This photo was first posted in October 2013.

Weakly venomous but considered harmless due to inoffensive nature and reluctance to bite. They grow to about 35cm and feed mainly on small skinks and are nocturnal. This one was happy to scoot away from my camera.

Re-living the Past #13 – My first relaxing photo

Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Relax

From the 1st October 2013. Pretty-faced Wallabies relaxing in the yard with the chooks

An Aussie song to help you relax