The big finale

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Celebration
Becky’s Square Photo Challenge:Past Squares

We were there
it was a party
a street party
The whole town
went along
Shows appeared dazzling

inside large tents
outside in the park
people wander entertained
There’s a boom
over there

Look up
in the sky
dazzling brilliance
colours and noise
a celebration

There’s dancing
the whole town
a street party
it was a party
We were there.

Misty squares quiet places

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares
The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Quiet Places
The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Mist

I love a
misty morning
everything’s still
a hush broken
a hush broken
nothing’s still
misty morning
I love

A close up of the tree in the middle of the above photo

Heading up the Gibraltar Range from my place to the Raspberry Lookout

Getting to my quiet place to sit for a bit while…….

…….the mist sits in the valleys

Or just be at my place in my other quiet places

Re-living the past #11 – My first rain photo

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Rain

So many rain songs to choose from but here is one from an Aussie and the title – Raining on Sunday

Another post of looking back at first photos tagged Rain. As I expected the first one in 2012 wasn’t just rain, it was a Rainbow Lorikeet in my garden. So did look further on and it did take a bit of scrolling to find a photo that wasn’t a Rainbow Lorikeet.

From 2015 the rain had gone and left a couple of rainbows but still no actual rain photo. A photo from my desk where I used to work

An actual rain photo didn’t happen until 2017. This one is from an apartment in Sydney with a fabulous view.

I know what your phobia is so look away now

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Phobia

As usual a word of warning follows…….

You know I’ve got them
here on the screen
ready to make you scream
Some that slither
some that fly
some with many legs
hairy and slim
Who will bite?
Who will sting?
They await you
to make you sweat
tremor with terror
or shake like a leaf
Yes almost time
to peek through your fingers
if you dare
ready to scream
soon, here on the screen
You know I’ve got them.

The Phobia Gallery – not full size so you won’t faint with a surprise at the end

Sometimes it’s hard………

……..being a Swallow

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Swallow

There is always washing to be done,

after that drying in the sun,

invite friends over for some fun.

Say goodbye, a good time, one of the best

But now it’s onto building the nest

Yes that’s right, soft feathers we need

and soon it’s babies to feed

three fat babies crammed into the nest

sitting around and getting fed is the best

The day is over and we are quite spent
’tis wearying being a parent

A busy day tomorrow
so enjoy the morning
with the Welcome Swallow

A stroll along the seashore

My Vivid Blog’s Today’s Prompt #18: Seashore

I walk alone
lost in thoughts
feel the water swirl
around my feet
hear the gulls
squabble far away
quick crabs scuttle
my reflection
a thought
I walk alone.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #125

“Welcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.” Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.

Ho looked
he saw the time
he looked
he saw the face
he looked
he heard the chime
he looked
he knew the place
he looked
ha can’t be late
he looked
he began to run
he looked
he thought it’s fate
he looked
he faced the sun
he looked
he saw the clock
he saw the time
he saw the face
he heard the chime
he knew the place
he wasn’t late
he didn’t run
he knew of fate
he faced the sun
it was his time.

Full moon emotions

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Erogenous

Written on 21/4/08

It always happens at this time.
These feelings rise,
emotions are set loose.
A full moon
sending rays of light through my being,
thoughts of you,
your soft sensuality.
My senses are filled
with the scent of you –
the taste of your lips
the warm fragrance of your skin.
The softness of your skin
as it tingles with my gentle touch.
The feelings of desire
that fill me
as your body presses against mine
urging for a firmer touch
as your lips seek out mine,
tongues exploring
as hands flow around
bodies yearning for more.
Fingers touching those places
which send slight gasps
from moist lips
that are seemingly locked together.
The urging as naked bodies
slide against each other,
my hardness pressing
against your soft, warm moistness
seeking to enter
to be enveloped by you
to swell and pulsate
as matching rhythms of desire and wanting
ebb and flow
as bodies, minds and souls
fly as one in a passion
that only we can understand
as a full moon
takes my senses
on a trip of my love,
of my desire for you.
My most beautiful and wonderful woman
A woman who most men can only dream of
but who can fulfill
my feelings with joy
and elation.

Sheds I have known

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: The Old Shed

In my life
there are sheds
Sheds with purpose
some look old
some look new

Some poles
some nails
even wire
to tie them together
These I have built
these are
Sheds I have known

Now a shed
used to be
my house
a home
for Old Smoky
who gets me around
my place.

A shed where
the chooks
used to live
filled with memories
too many names to list

The two story shed
built with poles and wire
a home for
the tractor
the car
and sundry
odds and ends

Here is where
the tools
and machines,
the mowers
the chainsaws live,
once a Satin Bowerbird
built a bower
on the roof

I love my sheds
most have been
tidied up
but shall always be
sheds I have known

NB The link to the Satin Bowerbird is a wildlife camera video on my YouTube Channel. The camera is set up and uses movement to record the action