On the desk

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #324

Imagine it being Paper Clip Day today

Paperclips upon my desk
a tangled mess
no less.
Joining sheets of paper
so pages aren’t lost
always ready – almost.
Paperclips upon my desk
a tangled mess perhaps
but useful little chaps.

Keep an eye on your bucket

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Bucket

A fishers bucket
perhaps bait
maybe a catch
or two

A Silver Gull
knows of fishers
knows of buckets
perhaps a snack
or two

A fishers bucket
perhaps bait
maybe a catch
or two

A fisher
knows of buckets
knows of Silver Gulls
no snack
or two

I just realised that, accidentally, I also have a #SixWordSaturday for Debbie

Something is happening in the birdbath today

Debbies Six Word Saturday

Splish splash
water sprays
a flash of feathers
a tail waggle
Splash splish

Will I or
won’t I
have another
or splish

The resident Eastern Yellow Robin loves the birdbaths around the yard. Only recently using this one

Lost in time

Debbies One Word Sunday: Colourful

The huge dilemma
going into a stationers.
They know how to get you in,
always at the front entrance
towards the rear of the store
the first thing you see.
Suddenly you have been standing there,
…………….lost in time

But I also want a pen
just along a bit
I know the colour
but not the hue
click or twist
pocket clip or not
Suddenly you have been standing there,
…………….lost in time

What’s left

Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Nothing

once had a crown
a crown of green
harboured life
gave food
gave shelter
now nothing

No more
now reaching
Limbs fall
a hollow remains
a home
there is life

not nothing

Attempting quaint charm

John’s Cellpic Sunday

It was too far to drive
a motel
just had to stop
find a meal
find a bed
a shower hot
and delicious
everything was fine
everything was quaint
the bathroom
the flowers
added a certain

Cee’s FOTD

In the bush

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found in Nature

Looking through the sunlit window into the rain forest floor

After rain the creeks roar

Christmas Bells have more in-store

Flannel flowers more and more

Grass Tree flower spears hard to ignore

Including a sneaky double dip with Cee’s FOTD

A joy to hear

Todays Prompt: Sing
Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Wonderment

A wonderment
horizon and sun
colours ablaze

the gullies
low at first

I had never had Whipbirds at my place until after the fire that caused so much devastation across the whole Clarence Valley in 2019. My place was a little oasis where I fed and watered as many birds and animals who came to see what was on offer. I was hoping the Whipbirds would stay and they have. They even came into the garden after a while as they are shy birds and know how to hide.

Have a listen to a Whipbird singing.

Recording from Graham Chapman

The Sun

Sunday Confessionals: The Sun

A fiery sunset
days end

A wily sun
days end

The final moments
days end