A journey in water

Sunday Stills: #Water in the Details

My second contribution for water in the details.

The shapes and colours at the waters edge

The floods that inundate the nearby town

The water rages over the bridge near my place during flood times

The Bottlebrush trees bend with the flow and are used to the rushing water

As the water rushes downstream to be greeted by the bridge

Grafton Bridge over the Clarence River

The sunset on the waves change the water to unfamiliar colours

Water drops on flowers trickle down the stamens to feed the roots below

Or burst from a fountain in a showy splendor

Or sit on a succulent silently sliding

Reflecting the background while waiting to fall

Being captured by a spiders web like pearls awaiting to adorn a womans neck

Giving a glimpse of the world in a raindrop

Watching a White-faced Heron stroll among the rivers rocks looking for lunch can be mesmerising and calming beside the river

Did you see it

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146 – Focusing on the Details

Like all photographers I like to find a subject and get set to take the photograph doing all the usual things which becomes innate after a while. Position of the subject, rule of thirds perhaps, lighting, background noise and all those things that make your photo the fabulous one you want.

One thing I like is after the photo has been taken and you plug the camera in to download and get a surprise to find something else in the image while you were busy focusing on the detail. Lets see what we can find among these photos.

Did you see the insect before or after seeing the Dandelion?

I wonder if you saw the flower buds or the spider or the insects who may not have known the spider was there too first

Was your focus drawn to the flowers detail, the Native Stingless Bees or the tiny jumping spider?

Getting in close to focus on the detail

The yellow Alamanda flower or the Ghost Crab Spider first?

In among the Torch Ginger flower lurks another tiny spider

I was after a photo of the small Billy Bonkers Grevillea flower as the light was so good, I didn’t see the ants

Another ant on a flower that was missed until down loading

Did you see the leaf, verandah boards, butterfly wing or the ant moving the wing?

An ants work is hard going

I didn’t see the Dwarf Eastern Tree Frog as the water lily flower looked so good in the late afternoon light

Who was inside the flower?

I hope you enjoyed trying to find what can be found while you focus on the detail.

Ruby red

The Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Ruby

The Ruby is my birthstone. I have been looking around for anything I may have that is Ruby red besides flowers but to no avail. The archive folders may reveal something so lets have a look and see what we can find. While we’re looking have a listen to one of my favourite Rolling Stones songs.

A pink walk around town

Jude’s Life in Colour April: Pink
I always forget Cees FOTD

Today I had the opportunity to be a tourist in my own closest town, Grafton. While on my walkabout I found many of the gardens had pink flowers, Camellias, Hibiscus, Frangipanni, Roses and many more. So get ready for an avalanche of pink flowers.

and from behind

Now for the Roses

I wondered why there were so many petals on the ground then one or two just dropped from the bush. I discovered the culprits – bees who were doing what bees do best but that usually doesn’t include knocking petals off.

and a not quite pink but has pink don’t you think and is the sort of photo I like

A bit of colour is always good

Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Challenge: Views in #Violet
Cee’s FOTD

The tiny Native Violet in the garden

A Nodding Violet with a few water drops

A native flower that grows on my place. Possibly a Blue Howittia.

Another Nodding Violet from the rear

Water Lillies always make a statement

Another native flower on my place – ready for the name Leafy Purple Flag Wild Iris, with a bonus Hover Fly

Beautiful Bearded Iris

Native Wisteria Wild Sarsparilla ramble everywhere

Common Wisteria with a bonus Grass Dart Butterfly

The Wisteria colonnade at the Boboli Gardens Florence