One day at the car wash

The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: The Car Wash

I know
of some
whose experience
has been glum

among the
whirling brushes
soap suds
water rushes

the motion
dark and light
in the car wash
maybe a fright

yellow and red
rollers spin
up and down
stop and begin

Water cascades
down the screen
air blows
once more clean

Also for Jez’s Water, Water everywhere #42

Beauties still soaring towards our Moon

Debbies Six Word Saturday and One Word Sunday: Night

T’was night
our Moon
lighting our World
incredible sight.

Betwixt the tree
darkened shapes
our Moon
being free.

Look to the sky
see shapes
see above
Our Moon will fly.

Incredible sight
lighting our World
our Moon
T’was night.

The invitation

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: The Gift

He found the card
an invitation
a party
for his mother

He found the card
a party
for his mother

He found the card
a look of dismay
a party

He found a card
find a gift
a look of dismay
a party

He took the card
no gift
his mother
a party

What to take
of course
his mother
birthday party

Can’t think
you know
what to take
cake of course

On day at the bird bath a while ago

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Fracas

No one was sure
what started
the fracas.
Was it the
splash in
the face?

Or was it
the dunking
from above

Soon everyone
was arguing,
had a point of view

Things soon
got out of hand
some decided
to hide.

We will
never know
what started
the fracas.

Letting it all out

Fandango’s FOWC: Scream

you just have to
let it out
Sit on
a fence
scream and shout.
lead you
to this
A good
scream can
never miss.
So look
to the sky
and let
a good scream

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