Looking out

The word prompt for the photo challenge from Sue at Weekly Prompts: Top of the Hill

Dots of sunlight.
The gathering storm.
In the distance
blue sky
blue hills
Darkness approaches.
The chill breeze
sends shivers.
The sound of
distant thunder,
the smell of rain.
Shall we stay
on the top of the hill,
or run back
to the shelter
and warmth.
I want to stay
and keep drinking
the view
from the top of the hill.
raspberry lookout_named_gibralter ranges_july 2017


The Ragtag Daily prompt #67: Spiral

Ever downward
Never knowing
never ending.
going round.
joined but apart.
Ever downward
reaching up
for air.
Never knowing
never ending.

plane_parachute_crop_lismore air show_named_july 2018


Return to port

I don’t usually do double photo challenges but looking a photo for for Cees Black and White Photo Challenge: Water and then the idea for Colours that Start With the Letter S  came along, which just started words tumbling from my mind.

Upon a silver sea
the fishers return.
A hold full of fish
economic return.
At the dock
the buyers return.
Their partners and children
await their return.
Once unloaded and refreshed
to the sea again they return.

171230_blog challenge_s colours_water_fishing boat



Black-&-White-Banner             CFFC

The Bottles

The Daily Post Challenge: Rounded

Here we have some bottles.
Here we have some green bottles.
Here we have some green bottles, stacked.
Here we have some green bottles, stacked as a pyramid.
Here we have some green bottles, stacked.
Here we have some green bottles.
Here we have some bottles.

171026_blog challenge_rounded_bottles



Arrive home
no rain
garden dry as…
start pump to water
sky darkens….


Still watering
sprinkles of rain
I say
“bring it on”
still watering….

Dark clouds
how you taunt
small droplets tumble
splash the dust
plants beg
we wait
still watering….

Clouds persist
the dust persists
the garden begs
the dam empties
finished watering….


A Dream

My lips brush your tired forehead

as your eyelids droop

and breath evens.

Snuggling closer to my chest

I hold you gently,

my arms around you

keeping you safe and warm.

Watching you sleep,

wondering if I am in those dreams

that bring a small smile to your lips?

As I lay your head upon the pillow,

gently kiss that smile

and float away.

Was I there

or was it a dream?