Debbie’s quotation inspired image

“I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.

– Rosa Parks

The web
is designed
to ensnare
to restrict freedom
threads radiating
waiting for the tremble
the fear
the struggle
to be free

held tight
what to do
at once
your fate

Rolling threads
what it means
to be free
to see
that sky
to feel the wind
the breeze
the sun

Life with potholes

The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Potholes

A source of wonder
see the sun
see the clouds
see rainbows
see the pothole

A source of life
see the mud
see the tracks
see the journey
see the pothole

A source of frustration
see the road
see the water
see the potholes


Debbie’s quotation-inspired image photo challenge

“In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We may be the same
but we are different
from the same connection
we exist

We are connected
Some connections prickly
some connections smooth
but there is always

Sit down here a while

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Benches

Pull up a seat
take a load off your feet
Sit for a while
let’s have a smile
We need to chat
about this and that
Sit here, sit there
there are benches everywhere
Here’s a few
but not one pew
some of wood, some of stone
when we sit we’re never alone.

Behind the facade

Photo for the week – 68 – Facade

He builds the walls
decorates the room
His creation for her
a place to dance
a stage to perform
Will she like what she sees
Is this the man for her
Can she see deep into his being
and find a way into
his heart
or is this a facade
a temporary construct
of a blue fantasy


This is an actual Satin Bowerbird’s bower on my place. When I found this one I was just amazed at the number of blue things he had found to decorate the bower. I am not sure what the love heart came from or where many of the objects were collected as I know they weren’t from my place, except a blue peg or two perhaps.

The Door

The Wednesday Challenge: The Door

I did hear a tapping,
a gentle rapping
from the old back door.
I forsook my book
to take a look,
at the old back door.
A face I saw peering
just looking, not leering
at the old back door.

white browed scrubwren02_binna burra_door_named_june 2014

I said “Hello there,”
they looked back with a stare,
from the old back door.
“Would you like a snack?”
they just looked back,
from the old back door.
“Perhaps a little lunch”
it was just a hunch,
at the old back door.

white browed scrubwren01_binna burra_door_named_june 2014

I turned to find seed,
is that what they need
at the old back door.
When I returned
my snack they spurned,
at the old back door.
They had flown away,
but shall return one day,
to the old back door.

Moon Flower

Bren’s Floral Friday
Cee’s FOTD
Nancy’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Fleeting

Our Moon

Our Moon
our way.

Our Moon
natures beauty

Moon Flowers
171019_blog challenge_glow_moon flower



Moon Goddess

I have posted some poems lately and have received lovely comments. I have posted this one before but it is close to the anniversary when it was first written.

This time is for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #230: Moon


The moon
full and bright,
in my garden
casts shadows among the trees –
I thought I saw
you there
dancing –
a woman of beauty,
a moon goddess.

Moonbeams casting
landing on petals,
shining on my skin,
entering my being
enveloping my heart
making it race,
distracting my thoughts
so I think of nothing
but her,
dancing in my garden,
lighting my life.

I shall sit here –
awaiting her come near
that I might steal a kiss,
my arms
encircle her waist
drawing her to me,
to feel her warmth,
her goddess fullness –
a moment of passion
to believe that
the dancing in the shadows
is not a dream,
a dream of beauty,
a dream of
my moon goddess –
casting her beams
throughout my garden

Light or dark

Debbies One Word Sunday: Division

Into the light
into the dark
the door is shut
dare you open it
the door is shut
into the dark
into the light.

20200426_blog_challenge_ows_division_art gallery_doors

Stay in the dark
head to the light
the door will open
it’s what you want
the door will open
head to the light or
stay in the dark.


The Doors of You

A post I wrote a long time ago and has been sitting in draft. This was written for a lover many years ago. I think I was going to add photos but never quite found just the right ones. The feature door is a door in Lismore

I want to walk through
the doors that are you,
To seek and discover
each room of you.

The gaily coloured door
of enjoyment and fun,
to laugh, sing and dance
then fall on the floor
in mirthful bliss.

Through the beige door
of ordinary and plain,
to marvel at what to you is
the simple and mundane.

To the dark door
of your fears and despair,
shine the light of
my pure heart
let fear know that I am there.

Let the blue door
of sadness
rain a thousand tears
on my heart,
cry together – hold safe
’till sunshine appears.

Through the red door
that is woman,
to softly kiss
and gently caress,
ride waves of passion
’till flung on the shore
exhausted and satisfied
once more.

To the door that is so white
the door of your soul
where I will not intrude,
but knock
and let your soul
know that comfort
sits outside….waiting for need.

Out through the backdoor
into your garden
to frolic among
your flowers,
to sing
with your birds,
to dance
with the butterflies,
and to sit and wait…….
to see if the door
to your heart
will open a bit
that I may glance inside…