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Cee’s FOTD
Bren’s Floral Friday #59

On Wednesday I posted a B&W photo for Mid-Week Monochrome of a Purple Fringe Lily. I had lots of comments so I thought I should show everyone what a Purple Fringe Lily looks like in colour as well.

Don’t get too close

Sunday Stills: What is That #Aroma

If you happen to come across a Stinkhorn Fungus, Aseroe rubra, at first you may not notice anything strange. Then perhaps there could be some flies buzzing about. They are the fungi pollinators.

A Stinkhorn or Starfish fungi, starts out like an egg shaped thing which is the fruit emerging from the ground and then gradually opens up. After it bursts its way through the ground, the fruiting body also oozes out a gelatinous goop known as gleba, which contains the Stinkhorn’s spores. Apparently the gleba smells like the dead, rotting flesh of animals or dung. These smelly mucus mass are full of spores at the base of their arms.

Instead of a music video here is one of the Stinkhorn Fungi opening in time lapse plus a bit of history

Cee’s FOTD

April flowers

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Fabulous Seasonal #Florals

Just a few of the flowers that are flowering in my garden this month.

A Coleus is not really a flower but is wonderful colour in the garden

A small native Australian shrub and I have forgotten the name. Lovely small flowers about 12mm across

The Salvias flower all the time. They are great as the attract butterflies and bees to my garden, especially Blue-banded Bees

This one could be “Love and Wishes”

Probably “Purple Majesty”

“Love and Wishes” again

One of my all time favourites in my garden “Cats Whiskers”

There are lots more, some I am saving for Changing Seasons and some for another post

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