Macro Monday – 9 May

I was chatting to Graham over at Grahams Island about Cordyline flowers and wondered if my red Cordylines Cordyline rubra would flower. Well I was walking around that part of the garden and there they were!!!!

This is the whole plant, still quite small.

Also for Cee’s FOTD

Just playing with fisheyes

Cellpic Sunday 23 January

A while ago I was given some attachments to use on my phone camera. I played around in my garden with a few flowers. This is an unedited photo and I think I almost have the idea.

A bit of red in the garden

The Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Forty Shades of Red



Zygote Cactus

Bauhinia Tree flower

Dwarf Red Hibiscus

Old fashioned very large red Hibiscus flower. One of the surviving plants from the garden of the house I grew up in.

Red Rose

One of my wheelbarrows with Red Hippeastrums

A Red-necked Wallaby Joey getting the full Mum face wash despite protests and squirming