Rose and the insects

A story in the day of a rose.

The rose didn’t mind that insects came to visit. Some were quite welcome although petal munches weren’t encouraged.

One morning a little green hopper was enjoying the sun after seeing the end of a tiny spider drop to the end of the flower.
Looking up after hearing this loud noise he exclaimed “What the hell is that!” knowing it wasn’t a bee. “It better know how to land without breaking anything!” he hoped.

As it grew closer the little green hopper started to think of finding a new flower to hang around in for a while.
“Someone like that would lower the tone of this fine neighbourhood” he said, “this is a place where every ones knows every one else and we can swap flower scent stories.”
No one wants to chat about big stinky folk next door

“Oh no” he sighed, here come the bees” “Once one drops in and heads off to do his waggle dance, the place just fills up with buzzing and flicking pollen” “Not good for my hay fever,” as he sniffled and could feel a huge sneeze coming on. “I’m heading out of here, see ya!”

See I told you didn’t I. Don’t blame me if you start to sneeze.

Cee’s FOTD

Update on the Grafton Goal door photo story

I should have did a bit more research on the story of Darko Desic, one of the only people to break out of Grafton Goal. My Thursday Doors post So here is a bit about what happened next to Mr Desic.

He is about to to finish his time in goal and people who know him are fighting to keep him in Australia as according to the stupid law, he will be deported to his “homeland” Serbia, a country that no longer exists.

While living rough he found a war medal and made sure it found it’s way back to the family.

I hope he is allowed to stay in Australia after being sentenced for having a bit of weed and enjoying a smoke which was a ridiculous law at the time. The laws have been changed thank goodness.

“What happens when you get a penalty notice?

Receiving a penalty notice will not result in a criminal conviction. If you choose to contest the matter, you will be required go to court to do so. If this occurs, you will be given a court date on which you can plead guilty or not guilty. The risk in contesting a penalty notice is that if you plead guilty or are found guilty, the court can impose a conviction and impose a penalty of a fine of up to $2,200 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

Cannabis caution scheme

One drug that is not included in this new scheme is cannabis leaf. Where a person is found in possession of cannabis, a police officer has the discretion to give them a warning rather than a Court Attendance Notice or Penalty Notice. This is known as the Cannabis Cautioning Scheme (CCS).

You may receive a warning if:

  • You were found to have possession of no more than 15 grams of Cannabis; and
  • You have no prior record involving drugs, violence or sexual assault; and
  • You have not received the same caution for drug possession on more than 2 occasions.

Rationale for the scheme

The scheme uses police intervention to assist offenders to address their cannabis use and seek treatment and support. It was developed in response to research findings that arresting people for minor drug offences is not always an effective response.

It is important to remember that although police may exercise their discretion in these instances, they can decide instead to formally charge the person.

The formal NSW Police caution warns of the health and legal consequences of cannabis use and provides contact telephone numbers for the Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS). ADIS provides a service to a cautioned offender that includes information about treatment, counselling and support options.

Individuals who receive a second and final caution are required to contact ADIS for a mandatory education session about their cannabis use.


The new Penalty Notice scheme and the Cannabis Cautioning Scheme enable NSW Police to use their discretion in dealing with offenders found with small quantities of drugs. The introduction of these schemes reflects the reality that the NSW government does not view arresting and formally charging people for drug possession as the most effective way of addressing drug use.”
Taken from

Flat Stacey goes to Sydney

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Journey
Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Toy

This is the story of Flat Stacey. Way back in 2009, a very good friend of mine’s daughter had a school project. Flat Stacey was given to each member of her class and had to write a story about an adventure that Flat Stacey had whilst in their possession.

As I was going to Sydney for work, Harmony asked me if I could take Flat Stacey with me and take some photos She would write a story for her project and use my photos to illustrate her story.

I never did get to see Harmony’s story. A while ago when I was talking to her Mum, Flat Stacey came up in the conversation. She asked if Harmony remembered about Flat Stacey but she didn’t. That little girl is around twenty-three now.

Here is my story of Flat Stacey.

Flat Stacey boarded the plane and headed off to Sydney. Tracey, the Flight Attendant, was very attentive to Flat Stacey as she had never flown before and was a bit nervous

After a while Flat Stacey relaxed enough to look out of the window and marvelled at being so high up and what she could see.

Once we were in Sydney, we checked into the hotel and the staff were so friendly and made sure that Flat Stacey felt at home.

Flat Stacey liked the room and the first thing she did was jump on the bed.

Flat Stacey thought the view from the window into the courtyard was fantastic

On the plane on the way home, Flat Stacey couldn’t stop talking about her first plane flight, staying in a hotel in a big city and meeting so many wonderful people.

Laughter is the best medicine

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Medicinal

Most unexpected

The Sheriff in a small town walks out of the Sheriffs Office and sees a cowboy coming down the street with nothing on but his cowboy hat and his boots, so he arrests him for indecent exposure.

As he is locking him up, he asks, “Why in the world are you dressed like this?”

The cowboy says “Well it’s like this Sheriff, I was in the bar down the road having a few drinks with this real pretty woman. After a while asks me to go to her motel room with her…so I did.

We go inside and she pulls off her top and asks me to pull off my shirt…so I did.

Then she takes off her skirt and asks me to take off my pants…so I did

Then she pulls down her knickers and asks me to take off my undies…so I did.

Then she gets on the bed, looks at me kind of sexy, and says, “Now go to town, cowboy”

“So here I am.”

Amusing or not

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Bad Jokes

How could I not join in

At the Pearly Gates
St. Peter stood at the Pearly Gates, waiting for the incoming.  He saw
Jesus walking by and caught his attention. "Jesus, could you mind the
gate while I go do an errand?" 
"Sure," replied Jesus. "What do I have to do?" 
 "Just find out about the people who arrive.  Ask about their background,
their family, and their lives.  Then decide if they deserve entry into
 "Sounds easy enough.  Okay." 
 So Jesus waited at the gates while St. Peter went off on his errand.
 The first person to approach the gates was a wrinkled old man.  Jesus
summoned him to the examination table and sat across from him.  Jesus
peered at the old man and asked, "What was it you did for a living?"
 The old man replied, "I was a carpenter." 
 Jesus remembered his own earthly existence and leaned forward. "Did you
have any family?" he asked.
 "Yes, I had a son, but I lost him." 
 Jesus leaned forward some more. "You lost your Son?  Can you tell me about
 "Well, he had holes in his hands and feet." 
 Jesus leaned forward even more, and whispered, " ... Father?"
 The old man leaned forward and whispered, " ... Pinocchio?"

Cows and cars

A man’s car stalled on a country road one morning. When the man got out to fix it, a cow came along and stopped beside him. “Your trouble is probably in the carburettor,” said the cow.

Startled, the man jumped back and ran down the road until he met a farmer. The amazed man told the farmer his story.

“Was it a large red cow with a brown spot over the right eye?” asked the farmer. “Yes, yes,” the man replied.

“Oh! I wouldn’t listen to Bessie,” said the farmer. “She doesn’t know a thing about cars.”

Who’s the boss

A retiring farmer in preparation for selling his land, needed to rid his farm of animals. So he went to every house in his town.

To the houses where the man is the boss, he gave a horse. To the houses where the woman is the boss, a chicken was given.

He got toward the end of the street and saw a couple outside gardening. “Who’s the boss around here?” he asked.

“I am.” said the man.

“I have a black horse and a brown horse,” the farmer said, “which one would you like?”

The man thought for a minute and said, “The black one.”

“No, no, no, get the brown one.” the man’s wife said.

“Here’s your chicken.” said the farmer.

Catching Grandma

Simply 6 Minutes

Todays Prompt

It was time to find out what sort of cigarettes Grandma smoked. Her birthday was just the right occasion. Most times she would disappear into the garden to have a quick fag so no one would ever see her packet of smokes.

This time we were well prepared. We set up the cake and the dining room looked a treat as befitting a one hundredth birthday. All the family were present and unbeknownst to Grandma, all had those disposable cameras ready for the occasion.

Out from the kitchen the cake appeared bedecked with the 100 candles all alight and placed before Grandma. Everyone sang Happy Birthday with gusto and all of a sudden instead of blowing out the candles, Grandma whipped out a cigarette and of course as everyone was singing and clapping, no one took a photo prior to the cigarette lighting.

To this day not one member of the family knows what brand of fags Grandma smokes.

How to participate in Christine’s Challenge

*****For any participants that do NOT like restrictions, please feel free to participate in any way you would like. It is great to read the contributions!****

  1. Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.
  2. You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write.
  3. Get ready and write for 6 minutes, that is it! Can you write a complete story? Can you think of a new Sonnet? Can you write 400 words? 400? 500? There are no restrictions on what kind of writing you do, but you should try to be actively writing for six minutes.
  4. After you are done writing, include your word count and then post back to this page #Simply6Minutes or include your link in the comments section. Pingbacks are enabled.
  5. *Feel free to leave your work completely unedited. I believe it is good to see, especially for new writers, that even very seasoned writers don’t write a perfect first draft.*
  6. Have fun, challenge yourself if you’d like, read and respond to others’ posts.

Hello world – a disjointed bit of a rave from a weary soul

Wow what a weird, sometimes hellish five days. I lost power on Monday afternoon and woke Tuesday to no phone. I thought it be all back on sometime Tuesday. Boy was I wrong. There were landslides on the Highway on Sunday night so no one could get into town. They were cleared on Tuesday. So much rain. I have have well over 300mls at my place at times winds as well. I have a leak in the roof from where the solar panels are installed but I can’t get to from inside the ceiling space as it is too small. I filled a twenty litre bucket one night from the drip from the ceiling.

There hasn’t been any other damage around the house and sheds that I have found. The ground is still squelchy, isn’t that a fabulous word, some plants in the garden don’t lie wet roots while others have thrived. Some are flowering for the second time. Yesterday I spent chasing butterflies to no avail but the garden has had over 15 different species. Some flit past the window and by the time I have my camera they are gone or tease by flying high and not landing or fly over the roof.

My sleep patterns are crap. Last night I went to bed at 7pm as I was so tired and of course woke at 3am. I managed to have a light breakfast and after a while snoozed from about 5:30 to 6:15. The Brush-tailed Possums are in mating mode so there is thumping on the roof as they scamper about. In case you don’t know, possum sex is very noisy as well.

Luckily my besties place is high on a hill and the dairy flats were under water, the cows were on the high paddocks at the rear of the dairy, so she is OK. Her nearest town Lismore is like a war zone and the whole town went under water, in some places well over two metres. Her daughter, partner and granddaughter are staying with her as her house went under water as well as her business. A lot can be saved but she won’t go back to the house and the building her business is in isn’t safe. When people needed saving from the rising flood waters, the State Emergency Service put a call out for people with boats to help. The “tinnie navy” responded and around two hundred people went out and rescued people from house roofs and some inside the roof space. With no access in or out of the town and everything under water the evacuation centres set up were overwhelmed with displaced people.

Now the flood waters are receding there is mountains of destroyed belongings on the streets as well as wrecked cars that just floated in the water banging into each other on bridges where people parked thinking their cars would be safe. There is a wonderful group of Sikh volunteers who turn up to natural disasters and cook meals and hand them out for free. They are wonderful people.

It is estimated that there are about 5,000 people who are homeless but it probably is more like 10,000 and there is no where for them to go. A lot of people are opening their homes to strangers and family.

Will rebuilding happen again on the floodplain? The building that my besties daughters business was in wasn’t insured as the premium was $28,000 per year and the owner couldn’t afford that or even justify passing the costs onto people renting space in the building.

My nearest town. Grafton, missed out on flood only by centimeters but the towns further down river have been flooded. A lot of the minor damage was from storm water and the small creeks that flow through the town. The hinterland had floodwaters in the lower part of their houses but most of those were built to the 1:100 year flood levels but this exceeded that so their garage and lower areas were flooded.

I didn’t take any photos when I went to town but there are hundreds on the internet and Facebook. Here’s some from years ago. The bottom is the Clarence River near my place

I want to thank everyone for their concern and wishes, I love my blog family

Waiting for breakfast

Photo a Week Challenge: Gateways

A gateway that lead to where PJ the horse knew where his meals appeared. PJ died a few weeks ago. He spent his retirement on the property next door to my besties as we were unable to load him onto the float to bring here to my place. He was quite old and was a rescue horse. He was treated badly by men, from what we can work out, as he didn’t like me around at the start. In the last few years he would come to me and rub on me, let me catch him when he strayed onto a neighbours place and would follow me around the paddock when it suited him. Sometimes when we were working in the paddock, he would have a gallop, do high kicks and fart making us laugh. Goodbye PJ my equine mate, going to miss you.

An early adventure

The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Meet….

I was on my first foray into the world outside of Australia. After realising what I wanted was rather expensive I settled for a bus tour. I flew with Korean Air and I was amazed at the service and food. There were a group of people going to one of the Korean Air Hotels and waited for the bus to take us. As we got into the elevator something funny happened to someone and I looked at this woman and we both could hardly contain laughing.

The next day a bus took people back to the airport. Boarded a plane to Madrid and it had a stop over in Amsterdam to refuel. I over heard a conversation about going on a tour. Once in Madrid I introduced myself and said I am on the same tour. We headed off to get the bus to the hotel to wait for the tour to start. More smiles as we sat in what we called, the Nana Bus.

Meet Kerri and Joerg

WE roamed the streets of Madrid with no special plan and headed off to explore what we could find. Didn’t go into the Prada, I went there next time, we just enjoyed what we found sometimes the same thing twice! Hence we were Chaos Tours.

There was always laughs and fun in the bus as there were lots more under thirties than oldies. I wasn’t cool enough for the back seat or fuddy duddy enough for up front.

There were really helpful for me to get my head around another world as we went from Madrid to Granda, along the Mediterranean – Southern France, Nice, Avignon up to Northern Italy, Florence, Venice – everyone on the tour went on guided tours in Pisa. Kerri, Joerg and I found a great little place and had a pizza in Pisa, one of the best I have had. Then Croatia, Rovinj in a resort and Split was amazing, a quick overnight in Ljubljana, Slovenia and onto Vienna.

Kerri and Joerg left the tour in Rome. I am so glad we clicked and are really special to me. We still email and FB message, the occasional phone call. I have used Kerri and Joerg in a previous challenges.

Why I am here

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Home

I wrote this in March 2012, one of my first posts

It is a question that gets asked a bit…..why do I live so far from town?

So far from town is about 35 kms and takes me around 20 – 25 minutes… I wonder what they say to people who live further than that from town!!!

My place is in there somewhere….

The silence of the bush is great, which can be broken by the occasional doff doff from the kids across the way or racing up and down the road on their motorbikes.

I love the animals and birds that hang around the garden


Red necked wallabies love the grass around the house and I think they feel safe

A variety of honeyeaters hang around from time to time…scarlet honeyeaters are always around somewhere.

The numbers of birds are on the rise and there are the occasional ones who tend to piss me off. At the moment the Australian Ravens have taken to eating the chooks eggs. When the winter cold starts to bite in the mountains, the Currawongs come down to here and they just hang around the chook house eating food out of the hopper. Also the Satin Bower Birds arrive as well but for the first time this year, they have stayed. So a few Bower Birds also hang around the chook yard. I have a new rooster, after a few months without a bloke around to look out for the chooks, so I think he may sort out the Ravens.


The Ravens just wander about

I guess my biggest challenge is the weeds. Luckily they aren’t too bad to control. Lantana is easy to knock down but it is in many of the gullies and Fireweed is along the power line clearings. There is a bit of Parramatta Grass and Cotton weed in patches. I found a small patch of Balloon Vine yesterday and will have to remove that as it is flowering.


One of my favourite spots. This waterhole has never dried even in the north coast drought of 2000 – 2002

I love living in the bush maybe that’s why I am bushboy