The modern farm

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Farm Animals

Farm animals. Gosh I have lots and always share mainly on Monday Portrait So this time I am heading down a different path to what may be the face of a modern farm.

“Yes, they chose pink for me as I am the prettiest chook in the show.”
“I don’t mind have a bit of a make-over as it’s just for a bit of fun for the kids plus it is a good promotion for the Rainbow Farm”

“I am stuck with green. Boy do the others have a good laugh!”
“Like how come you have lettuce instead of feathers? Do you lay Brussel Sprouts?”
“I’ll be glad when I get home and get a wash”

“This is madness!!!”
“You have to get me out of here!!”
“I keep seeing these weird looking chickens!!”

“I don’t see what his problem is.”
“Do you?”

OK, you talked me into it. Here’s a bit of cute to finish

Enough of that. It’s time to go…….bye

Not quite a teenager

I have been informed by WordPress that today is my Anniversary of blogging. Yes I am a twelve year old blogger.
I did do a few posts back in 2012 but no where as many as I do now. Back then I did 12 posts for the whole year!!!

This is one of my early posts, inspired to share after one of my European holidays. I hope you like to look back at my Tales of a Distant Farm. In keeping with my European Thursday Doors theme, I am including another door from Italy with a surprise behind that door.

That year I was also in cooking mode and this is one of mine which was modified from other recipes

That’s one milestone I guess so its on to the next posts to inflict my bit of Australia on your screens, things to make you go ohhh ahhh and some to make you scream 😂

Lucky Dip – 4 March

Lucky Dip – Saturday Mix

“Your story cubes this week are:”

His DNA was found on the arrow at the crime scene.

Now Tom was on the run. At first he hid where ever he could. Sometimes in abandoned buildings or somewhere he felt safe. He had to get out of town with just what he has in his pockets but first he had to find somewhere to sit and think.

He knew just the right place to go, close to town but is almost a world away from troubles.

Tom was resourceful and knew how to fend for himself. He earned the Backwoodsman Badge in Boy Scouts, coming first in not only his troop but first overall of all the boys who were being examined for their badges. Learning how to survive with very little, living off what the land can provide, he excelled.

He was able to pick edible plants along the pathways, catch fish in that little stream that ran under the bridge where he sat and considered his options. He slept as well.

He really was a pawn in the bosses hands. They made sure that Tom touched everything that was at the crime scene. Tom decided that it would be better for him to disappear somewhere in the world. The law was after him to get justice for Slims widow even they really knew who killed Slim.

The tree? Well trees have happiness and every story should end on a happy note.

The Leopard Lily is all abuzz

It started like any normal morning. After unfurling from their nighttime rest, the Leopard Lily flowers petals opened to greet the day.

Already the bees started to arrive to seek vital nectar and pollens to take back to their hives. A European Bee was quite engrossed when a Stingless Native Bee saw what was going on.

“Hey you! You big bag of yellow. Get off my flower!”

The European Bee, whose name was Tom, just kept gathering.
“Oy, didn’t you hear me? Do I have to hover here for ages?” said Steveo, the Stingless Native Bee

Not used to being ignored, Steveo flew right up into the flower
“Look at me,” he said right in Toms face, “It’s time we knew who owned what around this garden.”

“Now look around here,” said Steveo, “From up here all the orange flowers you can see are mine.”

“Are you even looking?” “Come up here and see what I’m talking about.” “Don’t make me come down there!” an exasperated Steveo said.

“Go on, off you go…..and don’t come back!”

“Now for a bit to gather and enjoy”
“Don’t these stamen look a treat?”

“Mfheese rr tho gosth….nom nom nom”

“Hey Steveo, looks like you found a good supply there.”
“Yeth,” said Steveo swallowing hard, “these are so good, want to come and share?”
“No thanks, I’m off to Trevs place. I hear he has some coffee bushes flowering,” said Billy with a wry smile.

Nom nom nom. Steveo made sure that all bits of what the flower had to offer, going over the top and shuffling pollen into his pollen baskets below.

Going along the stamen like this gives……well I’ll let Steveo tell you.
“As I move down, I scrape my rear legs where the pollen baskets are and pollen fills the baskets.”
If you look really hard that little orange ball at the Native Bees rear is the pollen basket. It looks quite full to me.

“Hee hee, looks like no one spotted me”

Cee’s FOTD
Bren’s Floral Friday #86

Breakfast in the garden

Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

This is what happened one day a while ago. Has been a thought for a post for a while. Finding Denzils challenge of patterns in nature, these photos fit the bill. Well there’s only a small amount of variation but I hope you’ll enjoy having breakfast with a female Satin Bowerbird and later, a Blue-faced Honeyeater comes along.

“Oh wow, I just love these Grevillea flowers for breakfast even if I have to get on tip-toes”

“You just have to get those early morning drops of sweetness”

“If I can get right in, there are new drops of nectar just waiting for me”

“A few more licks here and then I’m done”

“But I really should look under here and have a good check, just in case”

“Better make sure there’s nothing left on the top either”

“Hey! That looks really sweet and juicy over there. Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all. You can have the flowers on that side of the tree”

“I’ll stay over here and show off my patterns to everyone, one last time”

One day on the sill

“It was like a surreal dream”
“Yeah, we were doing our normal patrol”
“All I heard was Ernest give a yell”

We all rushed over to where Marchin’ Mark was lying. Everyone tried to help. Someone was taking his pulse, someone started CPR, we all thought how would we cope without Marchin’ Mark out there getting us along on important missions.
The nest won’t be the same

We all wondered what could have happened. Later on the CSI unit will be on the scene to work out what may have happened. Sorry, I promised Lois I wouldn’t use acronyms. That is the Criminal Scientific Investigants

“Oh well we should take him back to the nest I guess”
“It’ll be a lot easier if we all pitch in.”
“Hey….did you hear that?”
“It came from further along the trail”

“Hey you lot.”
“Get over here.”
“We found the bloke who did Marchin” Mark in”
“We need a bit of help”

Not wanting to see anyone else get too hurt, a couple of the others came over. We should be able to hold him down if everyone grabs a piece.

We’ve got him now. He has to go you know. Once a killer always a killer and a poacher of gold. We were sure he had been hanging around this trail for a while now.

“I reckon he’s the bloke that took all of Josephs gold”
“and left him in a ditch on the side of the trail”
“The Queen will know what to do with him”
“Might be easier to take him back in pieces”

“That sounds like a plan”
“Grab a bit and lets go”
“Yeah, I’m building up a thirst”
“Let’s catch up at The Puddle On Step 3 bar”

At The Puddle On Step 3 bar what else would be on non-stop rotation. Anyone else want to have a dance?

The bushmans alarm clock

Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Chuckle

There’s lots of things
to make you
in the Aussie bush.

Just this morning
I was awake
when the
bushmans alarm clock
went off.

I popped into
the garden,
cup of tea
in hand
and discussed
the situation.

We chatted
a while
with no agreement
on waking time.

The bushmans alarm clock

Goo-Goor-Gaga the Kookaburra

Long ago in the Dreamtime, when the animals were first on the earth which were very much bigger than they are today, there was a time when there was no sun, only a moon and stars.

One day, Dinewan the emu and Brolga the beautiful dancing bird, were out on a large plain arguing and fighting. Brolga got so angry that she ran over to Dinewan’s nest and grabbed one of her large eggs, which she threw up into the sky with all her might. It landed on a heap of firewood breaking, spilling the yellow yolk, which burst into flames. This lit up the whole world below to the astonishment of all the creatures as they had only been used to the semi-darkness and were dazzled by such brightness.

A good spirit who lived in the sky saw how beautiful the earth looked when it was lit up by this blaze. He thought it would be a good thing to make a fire every day; which he has done ever since. All night the good spirit and his helpers collect wood and stack it up. When the stack is nearly big enough, the good spirit sends out the morning star to let them know on earth that the fire will soon be lit.

However, the spirits found that sending out the morning star was not enough because those who slept did not see it. The spirits decided they must have a noise made at the dawn of each new day to announce the arrival of the sun, which would wake the sleepers – but what noise.

Then one day the spirits heard the laughter of Goo-goor-gaga, the kookaburra ringing through the air. This was the noise the spirits were looking for. They asked Goo-goor-gaga that as the morning star faded and the day dawned, every morning would he laugh his loudest to awaken all the sleepers before sunrise. Goo-goor-gaga agreed and has done so ever since – making the air ring with his early morning laughter.


Australia – Always was, Always will be


Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Punctuate

We met in the bar downtown
“Do you comma here often?”
“Excuse me, was that an exclamation, Mark”
“No it wasn’t”
“Well don’t you have a question, Mark?”
“Come here? No it’s outside of my bracket.”
“I would need more than what I get now to be able to afford coming here often.”
“I earn a lot less than what most percent of the people earn in here.”
“I might have to go to hospital next week”
“Is it serious?”
“Not really just a check on my colon.”
“Sorry, I must make a full stop here as I have an early morning start.”
“What do you do?”



The Water Lily and the Dragonfly

The mornings cool breeze was still softly blowing as the days suns rays began to be felt upon my skin. I wondered what has been happening over at the house dam. From the house I have seen more and more flowers appearing, water lilies with their large showy blue blooms.

“Do you want to come with me over to the house dam?”
“Let’s take the short cut and climb through the fence rather than walk to either of the gates. Be careful. Look!”
“Doesn’t the dam look lovely? The green of leaves, stems and stalks with splashes of blues, pinks and yellow.”

Just then something whizzed past my ear. What was that I wondered?
Looking around I can see what it is.
“Come over here but slowly. It’s a Water Lily and a Dragonfly”

Out on the dam there’s lots happening.
The frogs are too fast and have plip plopped into the water as we get along the edge of the dam wall.
“It would good to get a classic frog on a lily pad photo wouldn’t it.”
“Make sure you have your camera at the ready.”

Over there is an early flower just opened, not yet had its blue hue applied.
“Some of the Stingless Native Bees are already flying in and out with pollen sacs full I guess.”
“Come let’s go a bit further around this way. I am sure something was over here.”
“Did you see that?”

A Red Skimmer Dragonfly swooped the water and then nestled in among the reeds. Never one to sit still for long, he was gone in a flash.
“Did you see where he went?”

“On the flower over there can you see the two tiny Stingless Native Bees?”
They are about 10mm long.
The bee in the rear has pollen sacs that look quite full.
“Those yellow lumps on the rear legs are sacs where they store the pollen for the flight back to the hive.”

Maybe just sit here for a while longer shall we and enjoy the peace and sounds of the bush that surrounds us.
“I have a marmalade sandwich under my hat if you would like to share?”

Cee’s FOTD

Parrot patterns

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #229: Perfect Patterns

“Hi, there I’m looking for someone to help me with a photo challenge. Do you think you would like to be my female model? The photo challenge is called Perfect Patterns. I think your feathers are just perfect and you are very pretty. “

“OK. I’ll take part but I am rather skeptical that you’ll do a good job.”

It’s not often we get a glimpse of blue feathers underneath those wonderful varied green scalloped wing feathers

The green and blue meld as they cascade down towards her tail

I love the almost turquoise

Great patterns on the legs and feet. Also showing a hint of orangish-red feathers

The breast and neck feathers of the females are not a bright as the males

The colours intermingle well as the neck feathers blend into a pattern with the breast feathers.

All the coloured patterns with wing pattern diagonals

“Well you didn’t do too bad a job. One more close up and then I’m off to find my boyfriend.”

“Shhh. Don’t let her know where I am.”

“I’ve been out with the boys.”

“She’ll never think of looking for me here.”

and they lived happily ever after