My scenic spot

Fandango’s FOWC: Picturesque

Going for the short drive from home into the mountains, always take a thermos to have a cup of tea, a snack of some sort depending on when I get to the picnic table at The Raspberry Lookout. Perhaps a biscuit or two or if lunch time, probably a salad roll.

Always be prepared for anything. One time it was a lovely sunny warm day at home but at Raspberry it was about 10c colder. Shorts was a bad decision. Lucky there is always a picnic blanket in the car.

I found it hard to pick the most picturesque

or this one

On the nest

Weekly Prompt Wednesday Challenge: Wait
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Plan

They got together
and made a plan
gather some
grass, feathers
even moss

Next was to
lay eggs….
so far
the plan was
going well

Now to sit
to wait
to sit
to wait
sit some more

Look this way
look that
but still
and wait

One day
which seemed
an eternity
a crack
a peep

Oh dear
always hungry
can’t wait
just look at them
just hear them
always hungry

I just have
to ask
do you have
this going on
every day

Do you know
what I mean?
You make a plan
you wait
you are tired
Do you know
what I mean?

Going through in Bologna

Fandango’s FOWC: Height
Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Through
John’s Cellpic Sunday

It’s not often a triple dipping comes along does it? I love the colonnades that are a feature of Bologna. This one isn’t as ornate as some of the others but is imposing never-the-less.

My mother

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Lunch

Don’t talk with
your mouth full
My mother used
to say.
Put as much
as you can
fit in your
on your
My mother used
to say
Sit up straight
elbows in
My mother used
to say.

Share with
your sister
My mother used
to say.

Always greet
the morning with
a smile
My mother used
to say.