Later in the evening

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Glow

I know this is second go. I had this idea and I love the song but… know….tangents. Well I hope you give the song a listen. It’s one of The Small Faces best

The decline of the glow

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Glow

A scratch
A strike
A splutter
A glow

Close now
a bit more
stand ready
feel the warmth

A touch
A splutter
A glow
A flare

the heat
is felt

A glow
A slowing
A dimming
A darkening

Feeling bathed
in light
a soft glow

A fade
A silence
A darkness
A glow

It’s evolution

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Warning

The usually placid
who likes
to sleep

sniff the air
sit up
seeing around

As time moves
so must
everything else

From a time
back there
a reminder
a simpler life
magic is real

To now
evolution has
changed habits
normally slow
many dangers

But now we
are asked
watch out
Koala evolution
run amuck
So now
when in the
watch out
yes a

Koalas on bicycles

There will be a lot of you wondering about the blue Koala statue. That is “Bunyip Bluegum the koala, his friends, and Albert, ‘a quarrelsome, endlessly renewable pudding, who can turn himself into any type of pudding your tastebuds desire.

First published in 1918, The Magic Pudding has never been out of print. The story has been translated into several different languages and adapted for puppet theatre, an audio book and animated film.

Norman Lindsay allegedly wrote The Magic Pudding to settle an argument with a friend who thought that children only liked to read about fairies. Lindsay was convinced they preferred to read about food.”
* new south wales govt archive

Re-living the Past – My First Orange Photos

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Colour Challenge: Orange Senensis

These are from 2015 to 2017. They were all nearly flowers but a couple of butterflies came to the rescue. For a change, how about a slideshow?

*When I say “My First…….colour/subject….Photos I mean posted on WordPress, not first photos ever

Cee’s FOTD

Watch out in the wood heap

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Heap
Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

I went to move a heap of wood to get it ready for next Winter. It was a lovely place to warm up for a Spring day. Yes, this Red-bellied Black Snake is venomous so I just let it be and hoped it would move on.

Red-bellied Black Snake

Re-living the Past #23 – My First Greenish Photos

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Greenish

This selection of photos range from 2014 to 2017. Perhaps you may have seen the before. Some are favourites I re-do for challenges and some you may have not seen before.

Yes there maybe a snake involved so perhaps I’ll make it into a slideshow so those who find nature not to there liking can skip past.

1 A Green-banded Line Blue Butterfly
2 Just a stack of bottles in a restaurant
3 There’s your Green Tree Snake
4 King Parrot feathers
5 A Green Tree Frog
6 Reflections on water. One of these started my interest in doing water reflection abstracts
7 A Dragonfly