Room for everyone

The Daily Post word prompt: Partake

At the bird bath there is room for everyone who wants to partake

Some birds come in pairs like the White-browed Scrub Wrens
180425_blog challenge_partake_bird bath_white browed scrub wrens

Red-browed Firetail Finches prefer a communal bath time
180425_blog challenge_partake_bird bath_red browed finches

The Variegated Fairy Wrens take turns
180425_blog challenge_partake_bird bath_variegated fairy wren

This little Buff-rumped Thornbill was happy to have a bath all by himself
180425_blog challenge_partake_bird bath_buff rumped thornbill

This Weeks Odd Balls

Some photos you can’t explain. There are quite a few at Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

I found this covering a machine at the hospital. No I didn’t look under the cover
180525_odd ball_label

I love Steampunk fashion. These clothes are for people without arms.
180425_odd ball_steampunk

Thanks for stopping by……would you mind shutting the gate on the way out please
180425_odd ball_gate



Franks Tuesday Photo Challenge: Heat

The end of the day.
Setting sun.
Feel the heat
wash over
180425_blog challenge_heat_sun1

The intensity
of the sky,
through the trees.
180425_blog challenge_heat_sun4

The Suns fire
absorbing the air,
Taking the sky,
melting the clouds.
180425_blog challenge_heat_sun3

Thoughts drift,
Heat takes
its toll,
At the end of the day.
180425_blog challenge_heat_sun2

A seat or two

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Any Kind of Seating

The lovely seating on the fast trains through Europe
180420_blog challenge_seating_train seat

No, it’s not Fred Flintstones lounge but a seat in a museum in Bologna
180420_blog challenge_seating_museum verona

A fun seat. A carousel in Marseille
180420_blog challenge_seating_carousel_marseillaise

The wooden seat at a friends place
170718_bandw challenge_things of wood_old seat

A handy seat
180420_blog challenge_seating_hand seat



Traces of the Past – Pottery

Black and White Sunday from Paula at Lost in Translation: Traces of the Past.

Lately I have posted a bit of me for Traces of the Past. This post follows that trend.
I was wondering what to do while standing in the kitchen doing the washing up. On the window sill there were a couple of things that needed a bit of a wash. That’s when the idea struck, why not do the pieces of pottery that are on the window and around the house.

These pieces of pottery were done by my daughters in the after school pottery classes in their Mothers potters shop around 20 years ago. They were primary school age, less than 12 years old, when these pieces were made. All the photos of the works are on a chopping board made by my eldest daughter in woodwork at high school, which you can see is still used today. Actually it was today. I prepared my lunch using the chopping board!

A lovely small bowl for Mothers Day
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery8

A horse in a yard with a tree.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackandwhite_girls pottery1

Who wouldn’t want a shoe with laces and a nice bow
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery2

Mum at the pottery wheel.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery3

A wonderful orange boat.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery6

My girls had pet rats so no wonder they were the inspiration for this pottery rat. Such an adorable face.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery4

Another view of the rat.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery5

I think this turtle is just lovely.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery7

The first small bowl in this post with a bit of colour.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery9

The turtle in colour
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery10

Who couldn’t love that face
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery11



The Daily Post word prompt: Prolific

A flock of Cormorants skim the Clarence River one foggy morning
180419_blog challenge_prolific_cormorants

The design on a glass bowl
180419_blog challenge_prolific_glass bowl

Lilli Pilli berries and leaves scatter the ground after a storm
180419_blog challenge_prolific_lilli pilli berries_leaves

The flowers open on a Bangalow Palm this morning
180419_blog challenge_prolific_palm flowers

Once the bird bath gets prolific, someone has to leave
180419_blog challenge_prolific_rainbow lorikeets

Water Dragons – Free and Easy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Free and Easy

What could be more free and easy than a Water Dragon.

Being young and free
to climb a tree
180418_blog challenge_free and easy_water dragon5

Feeling relaxed in your bones
laying on the warm stones
180418_blog challenge_free and easy_water dragon1

Showing your colours and funk
just hanging on a tree trunk
180418_blog challenge_free and easy_water dragon3

Free and easy – need proof?
sunning yourself on the roof
180418_blog challenge_free and easy_water dragon2

Here I am easy and free
the laughs are on me
180418_blog challenge_free and easy_water dragon4