It’s cool in the shade

The Lens-Artists Challenge #152: Shades and Shadows

Chilling in the shade

At the beach

At the markets

Under the car

On the verandah on a hot day

Always can find a place in the shade

The world of shadows

Looking through my window

Shadows on the sand

The two of us feeling tall

Taking a stroll along the beach chasing your shadow

Waiting for morning tea

Many conversations

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Conversation

A few days ago I was at the New South Wales Landcare Meeting with around 130 other Landcare people from every part of NSW. Over three days many conversations were had and information exchanged.

This is about half of the people who had travelled to Dubbo. The drive from my place took almost eight hours. How many conversations do you think were happening in this photo?

5 Minutes ago – 12 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #31

A bit later in the morning today. The Sun is still low in the sky and almost right in front of where I take my photos. Today there are some clouds that I liked so I have included three photos this morning. The weather is starting to get cold at night. 3C last night and on Wednesday night there was snow on the ranges above my house.

Here is your sky song.

Aren’t the clouds lovely

Black and white in the field

The Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Black and White

Following Sue’s lead with her post, I too have opted for some black and white found around the place.

My besties cattle she used to have before it was too hard to keep them at home. This was one morning when a neighbour rang to say that Jeremy and Badger were at his place. This is them finally going back through the gate into their paddock.

Badger chilling looking so innocent.

The neighbours dairy cows coming in for milking

A random inquisitive cow