It’s kinda over until next year

Day thirty-one of Becky’s Square Photo Challenge for October: Kindasquare

Yes another month of square fun is over. I looked for a bit of kind music and then just a song to match a kinda image took over. I do have a few songs left over but no photos this time. Photographers block set in a couple of days ago. I am writing this not knowing what photos to post so it looks like into the draft folder it goes until tomorrow.

The full length of this song is over fifteen minutes so I found a shortened version.

Just around for a short while to soak up the squares for October and 2020 and then I’ll be gone until the Squares return in January next year.

See you later

Here’s a finisher for Debbie ūüôā I have a few “Kind” songs left over and mentioned this to Debbie yesterday so though I should include this one just for her for Six Word Saturday

Try a little kindness

Day thirty of Becky’s Square Photo Challenge for October: KindaSquare

Second last day and I have photographers block. I had already chosen this song and couldn’t find the right image. So what better to do than play all the versions I had to find the best one for us to listen to. The introduction did help me find an image and them more of the song just sparked me and I thought of a few more.

So for once I have used more than one photo. I hope you can try a little kindness in your day.


The October photo a day challenge 28th: Beautiful

This post was inspired after seeing Ali’s post All Kinds of Roses for Becky’s October Squares challenge. Ali’s rose photos are lovely and I looked to see what todays word on Maria’s photo challenge and beautiful and roses just go together.

Here’s an Aussie song to listen while you hopefully enjoy the rose slideshow.

Unlike Ali, I don’t have names for mine and can’t remember a lot of them anyway. I decided to go with a slideshow for a change.

Should also sneak this in for Cee’s FOTD


The Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Week

I heard this and wondered about songs, lyrics, harmony and the sheer force of music and what it can invoke in people. I was around ten years old but already had the music in me. My Mum was in a record club and used to buy all sorts of records for her and childrens ones for me and my sister. She played piano but I couldn’t get the hang of playing piano but guitar….I was away.

Have a listen and what do you think?

I don’t have my first guitar any more but the black semi-acoustic the first guitar I bought with my own money is still as good as the day I bought it. It is a Japanese copy of a jazz guitar, perhaps a Maton, by Splendor. I have never been able to find any information about Splendor Guitars and I have looked eight days a week!

Fear is a mans best friend

Patrick’s Pic and Word Challenge 250: Fear

I thought I would do something different for this challenge as John Cale’s song says a lot about fear. This is also one of my favourite songs. I hope you enjoy…….

Standing waiting for a man to show
Wide eyed one eye fixed on the door
This waiting’s killing me, it’s wearing me down
Day in day out, my feet are burning holes in the ground

Darkness warmer than a bedroom floor
Want someone to hold me close forever more
I’m a sleeping dog, but you can’t tell
When I’m on the prowl you’d better run like hell
You know it makes sense, don’t even think about it
Life and death are just things you do when you’re bored

Say fear’s a man’s best friend
You add it up it brings you down

Home is living like a man on the run
Trails leading nowhere, where to my son?
We’re already dead, just not yet in the ground
Take my helping hand I’ll show you around
You know it makes sense, don’t even think about it
Life and death are just things you do when you’re bored

Say fear’s a man’s best friend
You add it up it brings you down

Kinda miss him

Day twenty-six of Becky’s Square Photo Challenge for October: Kindasquare

I was looking thorough some old photos and came across a lot of photos of my chooks. This bloke was rather magnificent don’t you think. While I was looking this song came on too so I thought it was fortuitous that this post just had to be done.