This blog began a while ago where I wanted to write stuff.  It has evolved into my main interest photography. I love photo challenges. I try to do a wrap-up of stuff I have found during the month, sometimes you will need your favourite drink and a snack to scroll through the month. Every now and then the poet in me arrives especially when a photo just needs some words.

This bushboy has found a place in the world and is content to be able do what he wants and be able to share stuff with you……yes stuff is a word that gets used a bit as it is the universal word for everything.

I enjoy taking photos. Most of my blogs are about the wonders on this planet I discover while exploring my world or just taking a photo from the kitchen or office window.

I love to read your comments, so just add one to the post you enjoy. The social side of blogging is something I never expected. It is lovely to chat with people from all over the world.

If you see a photo you love, you can have your very own copy. Contact me at bushboy54blog@gmail.com

Thanks for being here for a bit……enjoy your cuppa


27 thoughts on “About

    1. I only worked out that it wasn’t on my site a month or so ago. Thank you for your kind comment Susan. Glad to have found you and your words too. I will have a fab weekend thanks, you too 🙂

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  1. Hi Brian, I finally found your About page (from my desktop — I don’t seem to find them when on the app on my phone?). Anyway, way cool photos you post & way cool comments you make. Thanks for following my blog, too.

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  2. It’s always fun reading and learning about new people. I started my site as a poet/writer and am branching out (albeit slowly) into expanding photography. I love taking photos, even though I just use my phone. Your photography is amazing, I look forward to snacking and browsing lol!

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