Yes…….benches. Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Benches

The stone bench in a Museum in Bologna. It was surprisingly comfortable.
180420_blog challenge_seating_museum verona

The wonderful wooden bench my friend made at his property
170718_bandw challenge_things of wood_old seat

The garden bench at my place.
180727_blog challenge_black and white_benches



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fountains
One of my favourite fountains – The Trevi Fountain in Rome
180713_blog challenge_fountains_black and white_trevi_rome

A fun fountain near the Centre Pompidou Paris. Always love to get an elephant photo
180713_blog challenge_fountains_black and white_elephant1_paris
And from the other side180713_blog challenge_fountains_black and white_elephant2_paris


More Birds for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

I have lots of birds for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge of Birds

Here are my Black and White Birds

Magpie Geese resting up after a long migratory flight
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_magpie geese

Wonderful Willie Wagtail as he hops about the grass looking for a snack
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_willie wagtail

A White-winged Chough surveys where to walk to next
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_white winged chough

A raucous Magpie Lark, or better known as Pee Wees, shouts at a tree
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_magpie lark

Meet Chip, the Magpie who used to knock on the door to get a small snack, at my besties
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_magpie

This Pied Butcher Bird would always come when I was in the bush cutting firewood hoping that I would disturb a grub or two.
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_pied butcher bird

A Pied Cormorant catching a bit of afternoon sun
180629_blog challenge_black and white_birds_pied cormorant

A Pied Currawong looking for a free feed at the picnic table
pied currawong91_named_home_oct 2017




Traces of the Past – Pottery

Black and White Sunday from Paula at Lost in Translation: Traces of the Past.

Lately I have posted a bit of me for Traces of the Past. This post follows that trend.
I was wondering what to do while standing in the kitchen doing the washing up. On the window sill there were a couple of things that needed a bit of a wash. That’s when the idea struck, why not do the pieces of pottery that are on the window and around the house.

These pieces of pottery were done by my daughters in the after school pottery classes in their Mothers potters shop around 20 years ago. They were primary school age, less than 12 years old, when these pieces were made. All the photos of the works are on a chopping board made by my eldest daughter in woodwork at high school, which you can see is still used today. Actually it was today. I prepared my lunch using the chopping board!

A lovely small bowl for Mothers Day
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery8

A horse in a yard with a tree.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackandwhite_girls pottery1

Who wouldn’t want a shoe with laces and a nice bow
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery2

Mum at the pottery wheel.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery3

A wonderful orange boat.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery6

My girls had pet rats so no wonder they were the inspiration for this pottery rat. Such an adorable face.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery4

Another view of the rat.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery5

I think this turtle is just lovely.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery7

The first small bowl in this post with a bit of colour.
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery9

The turtle in colour
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery10

Who couldn’t love that face
180419_blog challenge_traces of the past_blackand white_girls pottery11


Shape and Texture

A collaborative theme. Concept and art direction by KimskyArt. Photography and photo edits by bushboy photos.

A walk around the garden admiring the Shape and Texture of the plants, trees and flowers, designing and taking a concept from ideas and thoughts through the lens, onto the screen.
shape_texture_tree bark1_named_april 2018


shape_texture_rose_named_april 2018


shape_texture_ponytail_named_april 2018


shape_texture_rock wall_named_april 2018


shape_texture_grass seed1_named_april 2018


shape_texture_grass seed2_named_april 2018


shape_texture_street flower_named_april 2018


shape_texture_butterfly bush_named_april 2018


shape_texture_tree bark2_named_april 2018


shape_texture_cabbage_named_april 2018


shape_texture_dahlia_named_april 2018


shape_texture_ginger_named_april 2018


shape_texture_bromiliad_named_april 2018


shape_texture_hibiscus_named_april 2018

Did you have a favourite?

Cars Trucks and Motorcycles

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Cars Trucks and Motorcycles

I have had a look around my folders to find some Trucks
The old truck that has been part of my street forever it seems
180406_blog challenge_blackandwhite_cars_trucks_motorcycle_duroux rd

The truck on the street in Murwillumbah
180406_blog challenge_blackandwhite_cars_trucks_motorcycles_old truck_murwillumbah

One of the smallest trucks I have ever seen. On the street in Dijon
180406_blog challenge_blackandwhite_cars_trucks_motorcycles_truck_dijon

Actually this truck in Rome is the smallest
180406_blog challenge_blackandwhite_cars_trucks_motorcycles_car_bologna

And now we have the Cars
A green car in Dijon
180406_blog challenge_blackandwhite_cars_trucks_motorcycles_car_dijon

I had to leave the yellow on this car for Cee. A Fiat in Genoa
180406_blog challenge_blackandwhite_cars_trucks_motorcycles_car_genoa

It’s time for the Motorcycles
In my past life, I used to work on the tack at the motorcycle races as a flag marshal. One of the best jobs as you are right beside the track. These are from the mid seventies. Yes I always had my camera with me in those days too except the photos were selective as it was film and cost a bit to get processed. These photos are in colour and scanned to black and white
180406_motorbike racing_blackand white_crop1


180406_motorbike racing_blackand white_crop2


180406_motorbike racing_blackand white_crop3