Life of a white Agapanthus flower

Number twelve in the Life of….flower series.

Thanks for everyone’s lovely comments and encouragement over the past posts. I have already shown the blue Agapanthus flower life cycle and, as promised, here is the white Agapanthus flowers life cycle.

“Agapanthus (Agapanthus  spp.) also known as the African Lily or the Lily of the Nile is a fleshy rooted perennial. It is part of the Liliaceae family and is native to Southern Africa.”

Some of the spears appear to be quite small at the start of flowering

Gradually filling out

Then a slight opening to reveal the white flower buds

Finally breaking free from the casing into the sunshine

The remnant of the casing still clinging on

The buds are so full and soon the umbrel will explode into flower

When some of the buds open, it doesn’t take long for the Stingless Native Bees to come for some pollen

An open flower makes it easy to hang on while gathering pollen

Many of the flowers have opened and other buds are waiting

The flowers are so white

Finally some of the flowers are dying while there are still lots of buds yet to open

The flower heads are almost finished leaving stalks where the flowers once were

I hope you have enjoyed the white Agapanthus flowers life story. There are some more that I am working on but they will have to wait a while until I can get organised and the flowers cooperate.

Cee’s FOTD

Words of Wisdom Y23 #1

Paula’s WOW – Words of Wisdom Y23 #1

No one can know the infinite importance of a tiny drop of water better than a thirsty bird or a little ant or a man of desert!

Mehmet Murat Ildan
Contemporary Turkish playwright, novelist and thinker

Some selections from 2022

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #231: Favourite Images From 2022

The last 2022 favourite image post I selected your favourite images month by month. This time it is going to be an avalanche of my favourites.

January saw the first of my Life of a flower series which is now up to issue #11. It all started with a Hibiscus

Minimalism became a sort of theme for Wordless Wednesday 2022

Odd Squares was the first of Becky’s Square format challenges

There were always a cow appearing for Monday Portrait

Black and white challenge always give scope for selective colour

I started to become more adventurous with my Water Water Everywhere abstracts

There is always cuteness in my garden

Coastal scenes from around the coast where I live

Or images of the Aussie bush appeared every now and then

With a few trips up the mountains to my favourite place, the Raspberry Lookout

More monochrome images were created for a lot of different photo challenges

Eastern Whipbirds have been in the bush around my home for a few years now. 2022 saw them venture into the garden.

Always lots of bird photos. Variegated Fairy Wrens are popular to share

Not all was nature. I did venture into the city every now and then

My updated photo editing program gave me great pleasure in being creative

2022 was the start of the Shades of Grafton series for Ludwigs Monday Windows

Always flowers

Australian native flowers as well

I started taking part in Dan’s Thursday doors

Goannas like to explore my garden and will run up the nearest tree when discovered

Macro Monday is always fun

Colourful fungi popped up around the place

Playing with toys can evoke memories

Jacaranda time in Grafton is everyone’s favourite time

I had a great time editing photos for Silent Sunday

Discovering a new butterfly was exciting

Sharing my excitement of discovering new plants and flowers on my place in 2022. Purple Fringe Lillies are one of my all time favourite Australian flowers

Thanks for getting this far. I will try to promise that I won’t take more of your time next year and hope that all of those who run looking back photo challenges can all set the challenge at the same time. Yes I am joking 😂

Life of a blue Agapanthus flower

This is number eleven in my series of following flowers from buds to wilt and beyond. I discovered that I had a different blue Agapanthus flower from all of the others I have in my garden. I also have white Agapanthus flowers and that may be the next life of….

“Agapanthus (Agapanthus  spp.) also known as the African Lily or the Lily of the Nile is a fleshy rooted perennial. It is part of the Liliaceae family and is native to Southern Africa.”

I took this photo this afternoon, it was a bit hot. They are quite different aren’t they.

Let’s start with the buds. I have a number of bud photos. I should have really thought about presentation but oh well.

All the future flowers tightly wrapped waiting to burst forth.

A trio of the dark blue flower buds

Still snug in their safety wrap

Starting to push forward and into the sunlight

Finally casting the casing aside preparing for all the florets to open – photo in the shade

Finally casting the casing aside preparing for all the florets to open – photo in the afternoon sunshine

The paler blue flowers are falling out of the bud casing

Reaching to the sky to open into the sunlight

While other buds struggle to open and flower fully

What I like about Agapanthus is how their flower buds mature at different times so there always seems that there are Agapanthus flowers in the garden. Look how many are almost ready to open and how many are still uncoloured buds.

Almost fully open. The casing is still attached to a couple of florets.

Finally free to start to become the flowers that they are meant to be

The outside florets open first while the inner buds bathe in sunlight

Gradually the whole umbrel or flower head starts to become full of open florets becoming the flower everyone knows.

Soon the umbrel will be full of open florets

The ones I have (in this series) are so different to the ones I usually know. The petals are getting paler, I think, while the stripes are becoming stronger

I have a number of clumps of Agapanthus throughout the garden. Some are smaller than others. They never seem to flower all at once as I see around town. In one clump this year, probably the best flowering year I have seen in ages, not all of the plants flowered.

Getting in close

There are lots of insects who enjoy the shelter and food the Agapanthus can supply.

These next two photos come from my archives.

An Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly getting right into the flowers

A Blue-faced Honeyeater intently getting to the bottom of the flower

Like everything on this world, the demise is always on the horizon. The mingling of buds, open flowers and withered flowers

I love the various colours as the flowers slowly deteriorate

Some of the flowers just fall to the ground while others drop only their petals.

Some flower heads don’t have many seed pods developing

While others are laden with pods

The next stage is a brown dried spindly ball. I thought I may have had an old photo but can’t find it. So this is where you use your imagination

This is my warm up guitar playing song. The Stones with one of their county best

Also for Cee’s FOTD

Welcome to pick-a-post

Terri’s Sunday Stills: What did YOU do in #2022

I intended to do a selection of YOUR favourite photos over the year. Graham from Hawaii had a great idea so I am going to steal his idea for my 2022 wrap up. Grab a photo from a post and add the post link in case you would like to see more of what is in that post.

It appears my home page and my photo challenge, Last on the Card, are the two most popular pages on my blog every month. So I have selected the most popular post for the month. Let me know if your favourite photo appears.


As seen in My last post for 2021


The Seagull was part of Finding Gold


In the Peaceful evening post


A selection of wet fluffy birds in After the bath but these three little Thornbills stole hearts


The bees were popular as much as the flowers in Life of a Blue Ginger


A mix of fireside photos and poetry in Tonight is the Winter Solstice


Monday Portraits always drew comments and likes. A female Satin Bowerbird in Monday Portrait – 18 July


Kangaroos enjoying the sunshine in my Some of my favourite sun photos


A little Red-necked Wallaby Joey Taking a peek


The prompt was “Birds” hence the title Where do I begin The Royal Spoonbill individually drew the most comments


Everyone wanted this T-Shirt I found at the markets for Becky’s Square photo challenge for the month Walking Squares#5 – Bubbles, Fun and Nudity


In Parrot patterns you didn’t have a favourite, you seemed to enjoy the whole post, photos of a female King Parrot and the silly story

So to 2022…..

This is December 2022

A mixed bag for December full of highs and lows. It is getting dry again. The lush green that developed over Winter and Spring seemingly disappeared overnight and left brown and crunchy mingled among those stoic grass stems. Most of the photos are from home, a few in town and at Caniaba.

Not as many photos either so maybe you’ll finish before the music

Your scrolling song for December

Let’s get going then

Some mornings were quite misty

A few days ago I visited my daughter and drove past the “Fence Tree” It first featured in this Pick a Word post
That photo was from 2017 but was sure I posted an older photo.
I am happy to report that the tree is well and healthy.

I don’t think I have ever shown where the fence tree lives

I was looking for a plant that I was going to afix to this board. I picked up the board again and it had a hitch hiker. The caterpillar must have heard that a plant was going to be there just in time for lunch. Sorry little bud, go and munch some bush tucker not garden produce.

I went over to the house dam to see what was going on and found a bit of action. More of the dam stories in this post
I looked down after trying to track a dragonfly and there it was sitting on some bark right beside me

At the start of the month I found the first Cicada shell. They are very quiet so far this Summer compared to other years.

There seemed to be a lot of skinks scuttling around the verandahs in December. A little Copper Head had his own patrol line

There was a lot of blue skies and Cabbage Whites were the butterfly I saw the most

I loved the contrast between the flower and the butterfly

Every morning and evening the peep peep peep constant call of the White-throated Treecreeper fills the garden cheerily as they hop up and down the trees looking for a snack.

A couple of Spangled Drongos dropped in for a bath one afternoon. They are around a lot and I hope they have nested here again.

Since the Pied Currawongs left for the mountains for the Summer, there has been a lot more smaller birds around the garden. The Red-backed Wrens come through in their little flock whizzing among the plants. When it’s time to move on, one of the older ones, like this female, hop onto a good vantage point to see if the way to the next stop off is clear.

Most times if there are Wrens around, then Red-browed Firetail Finches won’t be far away

Are you still here?
Well come on, it’s time to fly over to see some flowers like the following have done

The eyes on the prize. A Blue-banded Bee picks a tasty Pentas flower

As does a Teddy Bear Bee. One thing I noticed while doing a bit of bee watching is that Blue-banded Bees bully and chase Teddy Bear Bees. I saw a small gang of two then three Blue-banded Bees suddenly appear and chase the Teddy Bear Bee. Strange behaviour for solitary bees I thought

The Crocus flowered very well in the hanging pot in the garden.

Now onto some flowers from the garden at Caniaba. The yellow throat of this Petunia is such a contrast

The bed of Petunias looked lovely

This is the tiny flower of a Paperbark Tree in my place. The birds and bees love them.

Last month I showed the life of a red lilli pilli flower. This is the first flower on a white Lilli Pilli

I just love the petal shapes and colours

Isn’t this rose one of the most beautiful you have ever seen? A Double Delight Rose

Colours shape and form won me with these Gaillardia flowers

I enjoyed being at the dam on hot days before it became too hot. Watching dragonflies dance over the water, the occasional Kingfisher or Kookaburra sit on a branch waiting for movement below

I hope you enjoyed a look at what I found and saw in December. If you had a favourite drop me a comment as I like to know what I am doing right. Also you might have a few photos or something to contribute to The Changing Seasons

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For many of us, looking back over these photos provides the structure and narrative of our post, so each month is different. Some focus on documenting the changes in a particular project — such as a garden, an art or craft project, or a photographic diary of a familiar landscape.

But in the end, it is your changing season, and you should approach it however works for you.

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