On the nest

Weekly Prompt Wednesday Challenge: Wait
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Plan

They got together
and made a plan
gather some
grass, feathers
even moss

Next was to
lay eggs….
so far
the plan was
going well

Now to sit
to wait
to sit
to wait
sit some more

Look this way
look that
but still
and wait

One day
which seemed
an eternity
a crack
a peep

Oh dear
always hungry
can’t wait
just look at them
just hear them
always hungry

I just have
to ask
do you have
this going on
every day

Do you know
what I mean?
You make a plan
you wait
you are tired
Do you know
what I mean?

Drive some, park some

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Drive

I had a few ideas of what I was going to post but was having second thoughts. Here are the things that people drive I dug out of my folders.

In our country towns you never know what may come driving down the street. I was going to ask for a lift 😁

Strolling the streets of Florence I found the smallest car I have ever seen

A hot rod with amazing paint job at a local car show during the Jacaranda Festival

My car will never be this shiny

This car had a lot of people around it at a car show in town last year. I had to wait a while until the crowd cleared. It has a vintage caravan as well

Something that city folk will never see. It is easier to pop down to the local servo than have to transfer fuel from a drum

Shades of Grafton #22 – Old and New

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

There only a few more window shades to go, thank goodness I hear you say. These are a a mixed bunch which didn’t seem to fit previous posts or new photos found among my folders I forgot to add to my Monday Windows folder.

First off is one of the many houses that have been renovated in Grafton or at least cleaned up and repainted. Standard type brackets with the vertical timbers which assist in highlighting the casement windows.

The basic and easy design, no verticals timbers on the brackets with long supports and casement windows too.

Another without vertical decorations, a chunky design and casement windows. I liked it when I could get a corner of the house so to show the shades from different angles

This is one of the widest shades that used battens to support the top. The vertical timbers are a bit narrow I think

A pretty renovation with long brackets to frame the windows

There weren’t many shades with corrugated iron tops. This one had decorative brackets as well as lovely trim under the window. The lace curtains added a bit of quaint

Another corrugated iron top, casement windows and an interesting fill on the top of the brackets. The flashing looks like a bit of a rough job though.

The brackets are plain but the finish taking the top down to the level of the top fill of the bracket giving a box like feel. Windows aluminum with louvers on the inside instead of curtains.

One of the stranger set of shades. Fabulous open brackets, not much slope on the top but that probably doesn’t matter as they do seem to be redundant with the eave overhang being so deep.

I came across these ones yesterday while in town. The only ones I have found but I am sure there would be others with horizontal aluminum shades. I don’t know if they are adjustable.

My purpose of a photo expedition was to find what are the latest shade designs around town. These are on an older house but a lot of the newer builds have these as well. These do go up and down, like Holland Blinds I guess.


Sunday Still: I’d #Rather Be…..

I’d rather be….
in the shade of a tree

I’d rather be….
beside the sea

I’d rather be….
drinking tea

I’d rather be….
having a corroboree

I’d rather be….
watching a bee

I’d rather be….
having a coffee

I’d rather be….
sitting in a gum tree

I’d rather be….
making whoopee

Want to be with me?

This Weeks Spam – 20 March

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 11 2023

I know you have been waiting for this post to appear haven’t you? There has been a few so this may take a bit of time.

I begin this episode with a comment from

  • Wags paws adored from “wagadorepawsomepaws.wordpress.com/2023/03/13/monday-portrait-13-march” who didn’t really comment on “Monday Portrait 13 March” just put

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I am sorry but I already know what I posted

  • Next up TheCloudGallery from osarothomprince.wordpress.com/2023/03/14/wordless-wednesday-15-march-bushboys-world who, like Wags above let me know on my post “Wordless Wednesday 15 March”

[…] Wordless Wednesday – 15 March — bushboys world […]

Again I think I might know the name of my own post don’t you?

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Thank you for your wishes Robert but I wish that the block him worked quicker

What a wrap-up of the Ludwigs Monday Windows series. This post covers the shades I found, as well as a few repeats of different views of the same shade.
I like these shades a lot – they’re wide and have a lot of color coordinated detail. They look great on an old building in the cathedral grounds, and I like the way they’ve color coordinated the greens.

Dear Joanna I actually know what I wrote. I may be getting older but still retain a few faculties.

  • Another Russian entry from bolezni_vaot fromekosad-vsem-1.ru who placed a comment on “I guess I’d better hoof it” with another comment in Russian.

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I actually had a look and the website is a scientific paper of sorts on diseases in grape vines. What it had to do with Ungulates is in question

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I don’t know about you but begging for followers I feel is a bit demeaning

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I am guessing you want me to buy lots of cardboard but I do have sufficient at the moment thank you.

I hope you enjoyed the spam that arrived last week. There hasn’t been anything since Friday for this week so far but don’t despair, I am sure something will turn up for our entertainment.