My world in black & white

The Cosmic Photo Challenge: Nature in black and white

Re-Living the Past #20 – My first yellow native flowers

Cee’s FOTD

I took these photos in 2011-2014 of native flowers I found on my place. I didn’t record their names at the time as I didn’t have a good reference book and I was crap at internet searches

5 Minutes ago – 13 February

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #55

I know it should be the 12th but I wasn’t home this morning so tomorrows morning sky photo will have to do which for some of you is today anyway. I think I may even have last weeks sky but Hammad didn’t post or I missed it. Oh well lets have a look around and see what I have anyway.

Meanwhile have a listen to a bit of Pink Floyd

Here are last weeks, (5 February) Weekend Sky photos with an added bonus

Smudges of colour greet the day

No Sun on the Eucalypts that morning

Looks like I have a photo bomber

Yes, the King Parrot that likes to hang out at my place I call Tiny, has come to see what I am doing and say g’day to you

OK. Lets get onto todays……or tomorrows Weekend Sky photos

Light clouds just drifting across the sky

FIling spaces as the sunlight catches the tops of the Eucalypts

The Sun trying to power its way through the trees as it rises above the horizon

Follow Mum

The other day when I was walking about town waiting for my car to be repaired, I decided to walk over to a small wetland which is really a storm water retention pond. As I neared the pond a couple of Ibis flew from where they were standing and onto a nearby fence. This caused a black feral cat to bolt from the edge of the pond, where it was hiding in the long grass, to a small gap under the nearby hockey club house.

It was then I saw the Wood Ducks. Wood Ducks are everywhere in Australia and have adapted to European colonisation with more water sources like this storm water pond. They are dabbler ducks meaning they feed or dip on the surface and don’t dive like other ducks.

This couple of Wood Ducks had some company.

“OK everyone, stay together”

“Dad is going that way so everyone follow Mum”

“Just stay together…..that means you too Carl”

“Quickly….everyone paddle and get closer to Mum”

“That’s a great bit of grouping…….keep paddling”

“OK, we’re going over this way now….everyone get ready to turn”

After my last effort with showing a bit of wildlife, perhaps I should add this one to Sunday Still: It’s a #Wild(life) World too which isn’t a scary is it?

They are all naturally grey

Life in Colour November: Black/grey

Jude has asked “What Greys in nature do you have to share?” I think you may have sent a loaded question Jude

The front and the rear (not the best sorry) of a Grey Fantail and then onto a few more

Peaceful Dove – Grey Goshawk – Grey Crowned Babbler
Little Friarbird – Common Brushtail Possum – Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike
Koala – Grey-shrike Thrush Spotted Gum
Ibis Feathers Old tree – Granite Boulders –
Line-blue Butterfly – Crested Tern