5 Minutes ago – 18 September

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #42

A song for the little clouds that came by

I am always hopeful that I can have a bit of colour in my weekend sky photos. This morning there were patches that came floating by.

I saw a band of colour through the trees – can you see it too?

Here it is a bit closer.

and then I looked at the patch of sky I always photograph and saw a little bit of a cloud coming by.

and then more clouds, tinged in colour, came past moving quickly

See how fast they went across the sky as the small amount of colour started to fade

5 Minutes ago – 11 September

Hammads Weekend Sky #41

Another early morning attempt at trying to get some colour into my weekend sky photos. The sun was just above my horizon, through the trees, so the sky isn’t the blue of previous photos.

Here comes the sun, it’s golden glow through the trees

The sunlight on the trees

5 Minutes ago – 4 September

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #40

My weekend skies are becoming very much the same every week now. Wonderful blue skies

Here is your song for the morning

I have been adding this view to show where the sun is rising. In Mid-Winter the Sun was behind the pine tree on the left of the photo

I still can’t get enough of the morning sun glistening on the eucalypt leaves

5 Minutes ago – 21 August

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #38

I was awake early enough this morning to try and capture a bit of a coloured sky. I wasn’t quite awake enough to reset the camera settings so failed. I don’t get great sunrise from my place as the bush is too thick and I am surrounded by gum trees. There for my first image isn’t fabulous but you can get the idea.

Here is the song that came into my mind as I was out in the chill of the early morning.

A bit of colour through the gum trees

From the usual spot with a steel grey/blue morning sky

The Sun is just high enough to kiss the tops of the trees with a golden glow

5 Minutes Ago – 14 August

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #37

I was out of bed earlier and forgot to take a photo of the colourful sunrise, well as much as I can see through the trees. A cloudy start to the day and the hope it may rain to give the garden a good watering.

Your sky song for today

All the photos are from the same place and the usual view

Some patches of blue sky

The sun is still low in the sky

5 Minutes Ago – 7 August

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #36

Your weekend sky song, just a touch of country

From my usual spot, where I have been taking all of my Weekend Sky photos, and the same view

Looking through the trees to the sun low on the horizon

I love the way the sun highlights the Eucalypts looking to the Northern sky.

5 Minutes Ago – 10 July

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #34

Todays Sky song

This morning a single white cloud raced across the sky, just in the right place for my morning sky photos. You can see how fast it was travelling with a strong breeze blowing on a chilly morning. All three photos were taken within a couple of minutes.

Close to the tree

On top of the tree

Going past the tree