5 Minutes Ago – 19 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #92

When I took these photos the sky was clear and not a cloud or anything to be seen. As I write this a fog has descended bathing my home and muting the sunrise.

I thought this was appropriate seeing the fog is in the mountains

The sun just a glow through the trees

Too early for the sun to reach the tree tops on the northern side

5 Minutes Ago – 11 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #91

The morning skies have been alternately sunny and cloudy of late. This morning is the full cloud grey sky with drizzling rain at times but not when I took these photos. I was awoken by rain during the night so this scrolling song came to mind

It’s a steel blue/grey sky this morning

This is the view where the sun is sometimes on the tree tops hence a lighter sky from this view

5 Minutes Ago – 4 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #90

More of the same, blue skies with puffs of clouds. Today is going to be a warm one in the mid 30’sC.

The Sun wasn’t quite high enough this morning to get into the photo.

A closer view of those puffy clouds

The Sun is well and truly washing to clouds in sunlight.

5 Minutes Ago – 26 February

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #89

The morning photos from my usual spot. A bit of light cloud in an otherwise blue sunny sky.
I was wondering if these photos are becoming a bit boring as sometimes it seems that they photos seem the same each time, unless I am awake early enough to get a colourful sunrise.

Do you think I should change my direction for my photos from the small deck into something more interesting?
While writing, this song came to mind. Renée Geyer was a most wonderful Australian singer. Unfortunately Renee died in January this year so please enjoy this song.

Light cloud drifting across the sky. The sun is still low among the trees

The sunshine filled Eucalypts are reaching for the clouds

Five Minutes Ago – 19 February

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #88

I am being more haphazard in my taking photos from the small deck. This morning I should have taken the early morning yellow sky but didn’t think until I saw Hammad had posted this morning (my time)

The sun is just through the trees with spreading clouds. As I write the cloud cover is almost 80%

As the rising sun colours the Eucalypts against a blue sky. This blue has now disappeared. The clouds moved in very quickly. I hope it may rain as the garden needs a good soak

5 Minutes Ago – 6 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #87

This is a mixed bag again. I actually found some Weekend Sky photos from the 22nd January which I didn’t include in my last weekend sky post. These are the first two. The clouds cleared after a while to a hot day and storm in the afternoon.

Looking to the north, the blue skies were coming

Now to this mornings sky from the small deck. I was up late enough for the sun to be peeking above the horizon and trees. A bit of blue sky and wispy clouds

To the north, the clouds were drifting so I expect another hot sunny day is in the offering.

I went into the garden to see if there was anything else happening. This is the sky about three minutes later. I don’t know if it’s going to be a rainy day or a hot sunny one. All I know is that it is warm and humid already.

5 Minutes Ago – 28 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #86

Last weekend the sky had a wonderful morning display. I just had to take those photos for Weekend Sky but didn’t post them. The morning sky also held a surprise as well.

21 January skies

It is hard to get the full effect of the sunrise with it’s blazing yellow sun

While to the north, the sun is just reaching the tops of the Eucalypts and our Moon was still shining bright. This photo is from the old little camera which is not being used for morning sky photos any more but still is the small pocket sized camera I will use for my emergency camera if out and about and my main cameras don’t function as I would like.

These are this mornings photos. I was awake about an hour after sunrise this morning. After wild storms over the past few days, the blue morning skies are back, heralding more hot days with afternoon storms.

The northern sky, the sun fully lighting the Eucalypts and a wisp of cloud

Here is the sky on the 26th at around 5pm just before the wild wind and rain arrived

and coloured tinged clouds at sunset

5 Minutes Ago – 14 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #85

Another early morning wake up for me. The sunrise was well worth it

I haven’t included this song before. I don’t know why. I learnt to play guitar to lots of Donovan songs

The colours brushed the clouds and reduced as the clouds moved away from the sunrise

In the northern sky, not a cloud in sight just a bright moon and the tree tops starting to greet the dawn

After a few moments the sun burst over the horizon in a blaze of yellow

5 Minutes Ago – 8 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #84

Here we go with another lot of weekend skies from my usual photo spot. Still a hint of cloud and rain about. Yesterday was 29C and today will be much the same with high humidity.

I think this is an appropriate song to start 2023’s Weekend Sky.

Light wafting clouds slowly coming over with some heavier clouds on the horizon

The sky and clouds to the north still have a bit of morning sun’s colour

Trying to get down to horizon level as a golden sun was trying to peek through the clouds

5 Minutes Ago – 2022

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #83

I decided to do a review of the various days weather for 2022. All the photos are taken from the one spot and always in the morning.

But first, I had these ready for Hammad to post his Weekend Sky on the 19th but nothing happened and for once I was ready. So these are the last for 2022 from my photo spot. But first here’s is your song to listen to while you have a look at the difference in the weather in my mornings…….everywhere you go, always take the weather with you….

The clouds were too good not to capture

While on the northern side the sky was a clear beautiful blue

I had to get down to ground level

I have been using different sized photos to save space and I used three different media file folders so dates overlapped. This first slideshow is for the first part of the year Jan to Sept

April to December

Sometimes there were visitors

The King Parrot, I named Tiny, is always wanting to know what I am doing

A Pied Currawong flew in to check out what was happening on this part of the garden

It was an exciting morning when the Spangled Drongos returned to spend Spring as they usually do every year

I guess I can add it into Marshas Remembering 2022 with Hammad.
And there were probably more look back challenges over the past week or so that I couldn’t bookmark, so think of your self included 🙂