5 Minutes Ago – 23 July

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #69

My photos from this morning. When I downloaded the photos and looked at them, I thought I had copied last weeks photos. There is an uncanny resemblance to this mornings photos and last Saturdays photos. Have a look here

It was raining over the past few days and not long after I took these photos, the clouds came over and there was a shower of rain

5 Minutes Ago – 9 July

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #68

I usually take my weekend sky photos on Saturday mornings, hence the title. It is getting much colder now, well into single figures. Last night was 2C and the fire was lovely and warm.

The blue sky poked through wispy clouds.

5 Minutes Ago – 25 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #66

More lovely days. The temperatures have been in the low 20’sC and cold nights, last night was 4C, with clear blue skies.

Something different to listen to while you scroll. Everyone needs someone to keep them warm on Winters night don’t they? A good video too if you have time.

Do you see the tree in the lower right hand corner?

Did you see the little bird? Probably a Yellow-faced Honeyeater as they arrived in numbers at my place during the week. Some will stay, others will continue their migration north.

Another thing to see in this photo. The sun is just kissing the Eucalypt tops this morning but there is something else to see. Very faint and small in the sky.

This is so you don’t have to strain to see what it is. Just a hint of Our Moon on it’s way to becoming a New Moon.

5 Minutes Ago – 18 June Part 2

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #65

Most unusual I know to do a double post but I had to share this afternoons sunset.

This is looking East over my house almost to the view I always do my usual Weekend Sky photos

The sunset looking West through the trees my usual sunset view.

5 Minutes Ago – 18 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #65

Welcome back Hammad.

This morning I was up when the sun had already risen. Last night there was cloud and I really wanted to get some lovely Moon photos. This morning the sky has only wispy clouds and another blue sky. Earlier on this week there had been days where there there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Winter around here is single figures during the night, so 4C has been the coldest, and a cold wind comes down the mountains in the early afternoon, so it’s inside and the fire gets lit. During the day, like today’s 23C will be, the temperatures are in the low 20’s. Winter here is quite lovely despite having to have a change of clothes as the day goes on.

Here is this mornings sky with a hint of colour

Some light cloud around

Around thirty minutes later, the blue sky appeared and the clouds still had a hint of colour.

I did take some photos at the beginning of the month as the sky was too colourful to leave out. I didn’t put them on my blog as I awaited Hammad’s Weekend Sky post to link them.

5 Minutes Ago – 28 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #64

Your weekend sky song to go with the almost pre-dawn photos. It looks like being clear blue skies today, the first in over months of grey and rain. Maybe a fine sunny weekend to dry out my soggy yard and garden. I think this has been the first year where I haven’t had to start the pump to water the garden from the dam.

5 Minutes ago – 14 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #63

So glad to have Weekend Sky back after an April break Hammad. I didn’t take any Saturday morning photos from the usual spot as they would have all looked much like these. I have had quite a wet few months and this morning was no exception. The sky is grey and I am not sure why the photos have a sepia look about them. All my weekend sky photos are untouched with post photo editing, apart from naming and now resizing.

The usual looking east photo

And looking north. The sun will soon be rising to the right hand side of the photo

Todays bonus photo is a Pied Currawong who came to sticky-beak at what I was doing, from the tree in the bottom right of the first photo, and about to make a fast getaway.

Your sky song for Saturday