5 Minutes ago – 23 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky#53

It has been raining still. This morning, a day later than I usually take my Weekend Sky photos, there are blue skies. I also had a bit of a sleep-in so the sun is a bit higher in the sky. Todays weekend sky photos I have added a couple of added bonuses.

Here is your sky song for your Saturday night or Sunday morning

From my small deck, the usual view

The Sun is shining on more of the Eucalypts

Bonus number one – Our Moon is still awake in the western sky

The new leaves and sun on the Paperbark tree were too good to leave out

5 Minutes ago -8 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #51

It has been raining every day this year with over 120mls of rain so far. Everything is sodden and the humidity is making everything inside seem damp. The grass is growing out of control as are the weeds in the garden. Waiting for a no rain or even a sunny day to mow and get into the garden to weed. I have plants I received as presents to plant also.

5 Minutes ago – the year 2021

Hammad’s Weekend Sky

I decided to do a slideshow of the images from 2021 I posted for Hammad’s weekend sky photo challenge. All the photos were taken from the same spot but at varying times on Saturday mornings.

Here’s one of the songs I included for your listening pleasure whilst scrolling

Here is the small deck where I took the photos

The slideshow from the first few months of 2021

One time I was away and decided to do a night photo when I got home

Here is the second slide show for the latter part of 2021. I changed my media folder as the one I used was getting full, hence a second slideshow.

Who know what I will do for 2022 if Hammad can keep going with his photo challenge. Lots of people love Weekend Sky and contribute their wonderful skies from around the world

5 Minutes ago – 18 December (with updates)

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #51

Your sky song to scroll to

This first lot of photos were taken last Saturday – 11 December as I had to go out early. They sat unused so I thought I would get them out for this weeks post hoping that Hammad was able to set his challenge. The first one was a lucky shot as I hit the button a small flock of Rainbow Lorikeets flew over

The golden sunrise reflecting on the trees

This weeks photos – 18 December the sun was trying to set some colour for me

There were a couple of birds that flew across this morning but not when I was ready

and this is really 5 minutes ago at 5:10pm on 26 December I was on the little deck and the crack of thunder made me jump. An afternoon storm after a hot day is almost here

5 Minutes ago – 4 December

Hammad’s Weekend Sky#50

Another blue sky morning, the second after over a week of grey skies and rain. Here is your weekend sky song.

From the usual place

The sun is higher in the sky this morning. Yes I did have a sleep in!

More of the trees the are in the sunshine this morning

5 Minutes ago – 20 November

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #49

Last night there was a huge thunderstorm after at 35C day. The rain pelting down so much the gutters couldn’t hold the water and there was curtains of water cascading all around the house. This morning there isn’t any evidence other than random puddles.

The few light clouds are wispy.

The sun through the trees

The sun glowing on the tree tops

5 Minutes ago – 9 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #45

Your sky song for today. Yes I have some cloud which I hope will bring rain as it is really getting dry again. The green grass has turned brown and some parts of the garden need a good soaking. More run-off into the dams will help with being able to water the garden.

Not much of a sunrise through the trees this morning