5 Minutes ago – 12 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #31

A bit later in the morning today. The Sun is still low in the sky and almost right in front of where I take my photos. Today there are some clouds that I liked so I have included three photos this morning. The weather is starting to get cold at night. 3C last night and on Wednesday night there was snow on the ranges above my house.

Here is your sky song.

Aren’t the clouds lovely

5 Minutes ago – 5 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #30

Another blue sky morning with a twist.

Here is your sky song for Saturday

From the usual vantage point

But wait….what’s that in the sky?

Yes, Our Moon is still awake

As I promised Hammad last week, this is the platform I use to take my weekend sky morning photos

5 Minutes ago – 29 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #29

I was all set for the weekend sky challenge last week but poor Hammad had to work so the challenge didn’t appear. So I am going to add last weeks photos as well as this mornings. As you know my photos are from the same spot so see if you can notice the difference. I am not sure of the exact times but are similar I guess.

Your sky song for today. I haven’t heard this song before

Todays photos

The photos from 22 May

5 Minutes ago – 15 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #28

As usual my photos are from the deck at my place. For once the sky is clear and blue. The sun is low in the sky and I missed the actual sunrise. One Saturday morning I will get up early enough and hopefully have a coloured morning sky for you.

Here is your weekend sky song

5 Minutes ago – 9 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #27

The morning started quite foggy but I was too weary to get up and grab a photos. These are a bit later. Had to add two this post as I like the light clouds and subtle blue. Later it became quite overcast and cool. Now the sun is shining and it’s warm.

Your sky song for today

5 Minutes ago – 1 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #26

Again it is a grey raining morning for my Saturday. So many of the weekend sky photos, all from the same spot at my place, have been either grey skies or raining. This morning I actually have rain on the lens when taking the photo. That is the smudge on the photo

5 Minutes ago – 3 April

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #23

The first is the usual place where I take the challenge photo. The second is to the left of the tree on the LHS as the clouds looked so good in the late afternoon sky. Also that dark spot on the top of the first photo is a mosquito annoying me as I was taking photos

5 Minutes ago 28th March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky # 22

I haven’t been home this weekend so I thought I really should do my usual photo from the same spot to have a good record of my weekend skies. Tonight the Full Moon is behind the trees low in the sky with wonderful clouds. I still used my little camera hand held so the photo isn’t a crisp and clear image.

Here is your sky song