5 Minutes ago – 3 April

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #23

The first is the usual place where I take the challenge photo. The second is to the left of the tree on the LHS as the clouds looked so good in the late afternoon sky. Also that dark spot on the top of the first photo is a mosquito annoying me as I was taking photos

5 Minutes ago 28th March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky # 22

I haven’t been home this weekend so I thought I really should do my usual photo from the same spot to have a good record of my weekend skies. Tonight the Full Moon is behind the trees low in the sky with wonderful clouds. I still used my little camera hand held so the photo isn’t a crisp and clear image.

Here is your sky song

Weekend Sky 21 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #21

Your weekend sky song from Australia

It’s been quite a wet few days. Lots of flooding south of me and I am on the edge of the huge storm system. Tries to get rain drops on the lens to show a bit of rainyness. A tiny one down the bottom of the photo.

5 Minutes ago 14 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #20

It’s about to rain

I wasn’t around to do my usual sky photo on Saturday morning, so here is the sky on a Sunday evening from the same spot as all of the photos for Hammad’s challenge.

I moved a bit as the rain was just starting so I could capture the impending storm a bit better, also aiming for water drops on the lens that didn’t happen.

Five minutes ago March 6

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #19

Todays song of the sky for your listening pleasure

I had difficulty this morning. I took my usual sky photo and when I looked it looked a bit greyer that it actually is, so I have included that photo plus what it really looked like.

The monochrome photo that had me puzzled

The actual morning sky. See the difference

Yep, that blue spot was a bit of a giveaway

Five minutes ago 13 February

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #16

As Hammad has been absent but I was still keen to take a photo every Saturday morning from the same spot but at varying times. Following are the ones I have amassed while waiting for our friend Hammad and his family to recover from this horrid Covid virus and get a break from working from home.

Here is your sky song for the weekend

23 January’s Weekend Sky

6 February was rather a spectacular morning I could resist taking more than one photo

One with our Moon

A short time later

and here we are at todays Weekend Sky

Five minutes ago 16 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky#15

A little bit of rain over the past week. Everything has grown like crazy in the garden. Your song for the day

Wispy clouds and a couple of Australian Ravens flew past this morning

and one with the rising sun through the trees