Shades of Grafton #11 – More pretty shades

Ludwig’s Monday Window – November 21

This old house has been given the treatment. Even the fancy decorations on the front gutter corners. I love these shades, the original craftsman gave his all for this design.

New Shades – Shades of Grafton #10

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have been showcasing the older houses shades. This week here are new style aluminum shade. Made to look like the canvas ones from the turn of last century. Hope the aluminum cladding was put over the old weather boards which my help to preserve them if someone wants to do a restoration in the future. The windows are aluminum. You do get corners and angles shapes and textures

Shades of Toowoomba

Ludwigs Monday Window 19 September

Over the weekend I visited my daughter in a city in Queensland, Toowoomba. It was also the Floral Festival time so there will be flowers and I did find a number of windows to post later.

Of course I had to get these windows and their wonderful shades. I may have become a bit obsessive in tracking down window shades but some are so lovely, like these don’t you think?

It’s a pity about the safety grills covering the windows but I think the original wooden windows have been replaced with aluminum.