Shades of Grafton #22 – Old and New

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

There only a few more window shades to go, thank goodness I hear you say. These are a a mixed bunch which didn’t seem to fit previous posts or new photos found among my folders I forgot to add to my Monday Windows folder.

First off is one of the many houses that have been renovated in Grafton or at least cleaned up and repainted. Standard type brackets with the vertical timbers which assist in highlighting the casement windows.

The basic and easy design, no verticals timbers on the brackets with long supports and casement windows too.

Another without vertical decorations, a chunky design and casement windows. I liked it when I could get a corner of the house so to show the shades from different angles

This is one of the widest shades that used battens to support the top. The vertical timbers are a bit narrow I think

A pretty renovation with long brackets to frame the windows

There weren’t many shades with corrugated iron tops. This one had decorative brackets as well as lovely trim under the window. The lace curtains added a bit of quaint

Another corrugated iron top, casement windows and an interesting fill on the top of the brackets. The flashing looks like a bit of a rough job though.

The brackets are plain but the finish taking the top down to the level of the top fill of the bracket giving a box like feel. Windows aluminum with louvers on the inside instead of curtains.

One of the stranger set of shades. Fabulous open brackets, not much slope on the top but that probably doesn’t matter as they do seem to be redundant with the eave overhang being so deep.

I came across these ones yesterday while in town. The only ones I have found but I am sure there would be others with horizontal aluminum shades. I don’t know if they are adjustable.

My purpose of a photo expedition was to find what are the latest shade designs around town. These are on an older house but a lot of the newer builds have these as well. These do go up and down, like Holland Blinds I guess.

Shades of Grafton #21 – The Hooded Shades

Ludwigs Monday Windows

This is the final post for the hood shades a bit of a wrap-up of the ones I found, plus a few repeats of different views of the same shade.

A pair of shades that need a bit of attention on an old building in the cathedral grounds

This one is probably the widest shade I found. I like how they have colour coordinated the greens

A closer look at the detail on another window from the same house.

It does look like these are a pair of a newer sturdy type of hood.

The poor battered shades with the indignantly of having an old air-conditioning unit separating them

A classic Art Deco house with its rounded front and curves. It was hard to get the best view with one window to show the details of the scallops and the flower design on the side.
On another matter, check out the verandah metal gutter cut on the curve. That takes skill.

Another pair that could do with a wash. They have unique small scallop edging but still the same flower end design.

Has to be one of the best. Yes you have seen this one before but I took a close up later when the backyard wasn’t a hive of activity

This ends the hooded shades, next week it will be the rest of the shades I found in my closest town, Grafton

Shades of Grafton #20 – The New Style

Ludwigs Monday Window

This episode is all about the shades that probably replaced the original ones when the windows were replaced. They are mostly aluminum and some are able to be opened or closed or is that up or down, anyway let’s see what’s on offer.

A very smart new renovation. By the looks of the one on the left, these can be adjusted.

Maybe these were replaced when the roof was done

I really like this one. The colours of the repaint and the clean lines.

Looks like the same salesman sold the same style a few houses down,

A bit of a scrub would have made this shade and house look quite lovely.

These would have to be my favourites. The house colour and shape of the shades really make them

This is the only brick house I found that has window shades. They are adjustable and roll up.
Not made of aluminum but a shade cloth. There are some new shade cloth shades appearing that I may try and photograph sometime.

Shades of Grafton #17 – The Canvas Ones

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

On the weekend my mission was to try and find if there are any of the canvas awnings left. I did a good trawl of the streets and found a few that were too hard to photo from the street. I didn’t photos of some I found as it was getting quite hot and a photo from the car was difficult.

Here are the canvas shades/awnings I found. I think this house has had canvas shades all the time as these looked rather new with the matching shades on the verandah on the western side of the house. They do look retractable too.

The pale colour of the house and the faded shades do look good but what were they thinking with the roof tiles!

The first canvas shade I found a long time ago when I started on my quest. Hidden by a colourful tarpaulin and the colours still look good on this shade.

A newly replaced shade. In this photo you can see the workings to pull the shade up and down

Another early photo which shows the shade up

A new renovation happening. The shades look rather new based on the bland style and colour also they are not canvas but a new type of material. I hope they keep them

I actually found a canvas hood awning. It has seen better days but I reckon it looks fab.

There are a number of modern aluminum replacements mimicking the older canvas style right down to the coloured stripes

Shades of Grafton #15 – Corrugated Iron Tops

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have been able to get around town and gather a few more, plus I saw some I’ll have to go back for.

This looks like it has been a recent DYI repair. The flashing tape at the back gives it away

Tastefully restored and retained, even though the windows are aluminum. I like the brackets. I’ll have to try for a side on photo

Another recent restoration. You can see what I mean about the flashing at the rear of the shade. Just plain brackets but the angle is rather sharp. You would have to be sitting down to sticky beak at the neighbours

Ordinary. Nothing flash. They look like a shed job many years ago well restored. I think the owners were in the army, maybe the Q-Store and had some left over paint, if you know what I mean lol

Shades of Grafton #14 – Fancy Brackets

Ludwig’s Monday Window

On the weekend I drove around one of the more affluent parts of Grafton looking for some window shades. I was disappointed that many houses didn’t have any or they were removed for aluminum windows that were installed. A lot of the old houses had been either modernised or demolished and big brick houses built.

I did find quite a number that still survived and there were some had been repaired and updated with new tops and painted brackets.

The tops on these shades need replacing. The brackets are so good. I have no idea what is happening with the windows though

These are quite simple with a good paint scheme and vertical supports

What a statement these shades make

Much like the shades above just a bit chunkier

Shades of Grafton #16 – Scalloped tin shades

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

Continuing on with my theme for Monday Windows of window shades. This week I am showcasing the most prevalent type of shade in Grafton I have found so far, the tin ones with scalloped edges.

These are a classic example, plain with decorative edging

I wasn’t aware that the shades came in different sizes as most are for stock standard window sizes of the early to mid 20th Century. The window has been replaced with aluminum but they retained the shade

Same house, different sized (replaced) window. Both shades need a bit of TLC

The scallops on these are bigger than others I have found. Looks like the Morning Glory (a pest weed here as it grows rampant) is going to take over the house. Again a bit of house love might see a different looking window although I find those burglar preventative window screens are quite ugly.

A trio of happy shades

The shade on the front of the house has it’s fancy scallops on the top rather than around the edges

Shades of Grafton #14 – Well looked after

Ludwig’s Monday Window – December 12

Compared to last week lot, these windows and shades are well looked after. I like the differences in the timber window shade brackets.

These have a long slightly arched wooden bracket.

A small bracket but I don’t understand why they are painted different to the rest of the window shade frame. The green corrugated iron looks fairly new.

The holding bracket has been incorporated into the frame. Very clean and tidy looking house.

Some good looking green metal scalloped shades

Shades of Grafton #13 – In need of love

Ludwig’s Monday Window

In my series of windows and their shades, I have shown many styles of window shade. One thing that I am also finding is the poor unfortunate shades that haven’t been looked at let alone loved for many years.

As most of these shades have been found walking around town, I have Squared them for Becky and her #WalkingSquares

I love the scalloped shades. These are on a church building. I hope they can fix them before it’s too late

The windows and the garden looked a treat. Pity no one has looked up

On a first floor window so it doesn’t look like this one will be seen to anytime soon

Everything is very much the worse for wear, even the house next door, but lovely painted scallops

One of the classic designs around Grafton. This one has great structure just needs the top seen to before it all falls apart