Lost in time

Debbies One Word Sunday: Colourful

The huge dilemma
going into a stationers.
They know how to get you in,
always at the front entrance
towards the rear of the store
the first thing you see.
Suddenly you have been standing there,
…………….lost in time

But I also want a pen
just along a bit
I know the colour
but not the hue
click or twist
pocket clip or not
Suddenly you have been standing there,
…………….lost in time

The little engine that could

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Vintage
Todays Prompt: Contraption

A little engine, puffing away at 2hp, was made in Australia in the late 1940’s. The little engines motto is “Strength – Power – Economy”
Mostly a bit of farm machinery used to pump water.

“Petrol engine and water pump, mounted on metal stand
Buzacott, Westinghouse Rosebery Ltd, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1945-1950
Vertical engine with two flywheels water pump, water meter, painted green”
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

A daisy two ways

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Yellow

A favourite Daisy in my garden, from a cutting from a garden before I moved here. It is happily growing under an old Honey Gem Grevillea.

I started to play with the photo, I know, who’da thought, and ended up with two Yellow Daisy photos

The real flower, I just cropped and added a vignette

Cee’s FOTD