The word prompt from Debbie at Travel with Intent: Rules

So many rules
rules to obey
rules that need
no explanation
other rules
road signs_stop woman
as if your time
wasn’t busy enough
now look for trainsroad signs_looktrain

Even doors
have rules
what is
your emergency?
who alarmed
the door?
RULES!!!180919_blog challenge_rules_sign_door

the ancient
sign said
is that here
or beyond
the sign
sign_venice_named_oct 2015

Please ensure
you follow the rules
the sign said
so please obey
what are you
sign_paris_named_oct 2015



Country Roads

The word prompt from Bren: Photo for the Week – 6 – Country Roads

As I live in the country, I often travel country roads. Here’s a selection of roads near my place that always go to somewhere.

Along the roads near my place, sometimes there aren’t any fences so signs are helpful.
180828_blog challenge_counrty road_signs

Up the road a way, at times the valley is lush and the road just winds along through the countryside
180828_blog challenge_counrty road_the gorge

Some long roads that are dead ends, the postie prefers all the mail boxes in one place.
180828_blog challenge_counrty road_letter boxes

The road just seems to go on forever
180331_blog challenge_which way_purgatory ck rd

And sometimes the road can end abruptly when there’s a flood
180828_blog challenge_counrty road_flood

It’s not only vehicles that use the road. I disturbed a Wedge-tailed Eagle having a snack on the side of the road.
wedged tailed eagle_close_purgatory ck rd_home_122011

But best of all, the road that leads to home
180424_blog challenge_which way_home gate