Official doors around town

Dans Thursday Doors

The past few trips to town have been to get my car serviced so that means lots of time to walk around. What really gets to me is the lack of old style doors around town. The heritage building are still there in the main streets but all of the street level shop fronts are aluminum and glass, oh so boring. I haven’t given up as I have to venture a bit further out from the CBD now.

This are the doors to the Crown Hotel. The decorations are etched into the glass.

A second hand business in South Grafton

One of the heritage buildings with all it’s bits and pieces. This photo was taken on an overcast day

The colours are more like this but again in shadow. The sun only shines on the facade early in the mornings, well before I get to town now

Part door

Dans Thursday Doors

I found a small cottage that was recently renovated by the looks of it, probably for selling. I love the colours of the shrubs and the house with the white pompoms. I don’t think many people use the front gate. I think it looks like it may be a very nice wrought iron gate too. Maybe the garden was done by a landscapers for the sale and these residents have inherited a garden and aren’t gardeners.

Going to The Barn

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I am taking you to The Barn, which has had a few names. The Barn is in the Grafton Showgrounds and is used for exhibitions, weddings, parties, dances and of course the exhibits of produce from the farms of the Clarence Valley at show time.
The Grafton Show is on at the end of the month and if I can get there I’ll let you see what a rural show looks like.

Previously, in 1888, a pavilion, built on the style of the Prince Alfred Exhibition Building in Sydney, and costing 150 pounds, had been erected on the Turf St site. It was moved to the Prince St location of the showground, and yards were also erected there. The Pavilion became know as ‘The Barn’.

This is the rear entrance. That is a Jacaranda Tree on the right. When the tree flowers, it looks so good with The Barn

Later, in 1954, the Pavilion was named the TJ Ford Pavilion in honour of a previous president.

The Barn can have as many names as they want to give it but it will always be The Barn.
The little side doors at the back. I just love the designs

The small door at the side

The front entrance

Goodbye Verona

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I found a few more doors while looking for something else from Verona. I looked at some of my previous door posts and find that I seem to have gone from the older, not in such good shape to the really grand doors.

Swapping order to show this fabulous carved door first. All of the symbolism must mean something. I cut off the top of the doors surround unfortunately.

A bit plainer, but what it lacks in decoration, it still is of impressive size.

A bit of colour, some impressive hinges. Can you count how many ways to open the doors?

A bit of shabby chic with a wonderful cast iron decoration above the door. I wonder what type of refuge it is?

Doors at the gallery

Dan’s Thursday Doors

Today was an in town morning and of course there were lots of people around town with Easter here already. To have a relaxing coffee I go to the art gallery cafe where there’s not too many people mostly. We’re not going to the cafe, I have already been, this is going through the doors of the Grafton Regional Art Gallery.

Through these doors and doorways and then across the courtyard to the exhibition space.

Going along the verandah on the right hand side we come across this door.

Now that door above ⬆️ is on the left as we look from the exhibition space front doors back across the courtyard

If you turn left after going through the front doors, you’ll come across the doors that lead to the sculpture garden

OK, it’s time to go inside and look at the exhibition by Catherine O’Donnell “Beyond the Shadow” I did a post Outside windows inside for Monday Windows on the windows. Now it’s time for the doors within this exhibition.

This will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect

Let’s go, through these doors and let’s see what doors can be found

Yes, it is a house, albeit a scaled down one

Isn’t it a great door, I love the colour. I do remember a lot of houses had these front door. Having the squares and frame lent for some imaginative doors

This is the door to the second house

But this is the coolest door of all called “Suspended” Charcoal on paper, tape on the wall

This door is on the right hand side of the exhibition space front doors

Hope you enjoyed a wander through the Grafton Regional Art Gallery. Maybe next time you can join me in the cafe

The last of France

Dan’s Thursday Doors

Almost finished my European doors. This time we are in Lyon and Paris.

Starting in Paris. Sorry no idea where

I do know that these doors are on Notre Dame

A couple of doors from Lyon. The lower part looks a bit weather beaten don’t you think?

This is a fabulous I was thinking Art Deco or Art Nouveau but perhaps older. I really have no idea do I.

The last of Spain

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I have finished going through my travel folders and these are the final ones I found from Spain. Some of these are quite wonderful.

I thought I would start at the older looking door from Madrid. I love its little “hat”

What a solid looking door and surround. Pity I couldn’t get back far enough to get that door on the balcony as well

Another grand surround in Madrid. The door studs seem to be increasing

A relative new door in Granada. I love the colour and the metal grill above the door

Onto Barcelona with a doorway and door that has it all

Lastly just the most fabulous door and entrance. I really feel dwarfed by the size

Only a few more European doors to come

More Doors of France

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I think there may be a few more French doors to find. The first two are doors from Beaune, a charming village in the Burgundy region not far from Dijon.

The everything going for it door – the surrounds, transom windows about and more carvings plus it is a grand door

This door also had carvings around it. There must have been a reason I cut them out. Perhaps the most of annoyances, something blocking the best photo point.

I think this looks like quite official doors in Avignon. I like Avignon and have been a couple of times.

One of the adventure day out while in Avignon was to go to Baux de Provence. A immense and superb stone hilltop fortress, the village has been painstakingly restored and less than 500 people live there. Baux is now a living museum

I love the wicker look

Doors of Italy

Dan’s Thursday Doors

Continuing on with the collection of door photos from my European holidays.

This time we are off to Italy and a look at the final photos of Italian doors.

May as well start in Rome with an impressive solid metal door. The door surround is fabulous

A metal door so large I could get it all in

Wooden with lots of metal studs in Florence. On the chain was red/white safety tape. I edited it out for you viewing pleasure

A wonderful Bologna door. The bottom bit needed a bit of TLC and I hope it got it

Another of my favourite places. The hilltop town of Orvieto not far from Rome. This door has everything going for it.

What an entrance in Genoa!! I would almost call it brutalist style except it is a bit older than the 1950’s

A very ornate entrance and door in Florence

A close up of the carvings on the door