A shaggy dog in the dunes

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Debbie’s post – Long tail and a shaggy dog tale – made me think of a shaggy dog. This shaggy dog started life as a piece of dune vegetation. With the inventiveness of an artist and a photographer, who were walking through the dunes track, exploring and finding things it was then that the vegetation began to develop into something.

A bit of greenery added, some Banksia cones placed here and there, soon a shaggy dog began to appear.


I often wondered if anyone else noticed our shaggy dog. Often when we go for a walk something on the side of the road or track sparks a bit of creativity and quite often a bit of laughter. I am sure we are not the only people who create from found objects and leave them for others to find.

The Lesser Crested Tern down south

Debbies Six Word Saturday
Kate’s Friday Fun: Distant

When I took my best mate for a drive during the week, we went to Evans Head on a rainy cool day. We went to the headland to have a look at the rugged up fishers on the beach, a couple of brave blokes surfing and generally at the wonderful view from there.

I saw a bird wheeling about over the waves and managed to get a couple of photos as the bird picked up speed with the winds assistance. They weren’t the best but at least the distant photo was OK

When I got home I looked up to see if I could identify what species of bird as I had never seen one before. I had to do an #asktwitter one of the scientists I follow. Dr Maggie Watson (@terngirl) confirmed that it was a Lesser Crested Tern. They are not seen this far south as their range is from the Mediterranean in the north to the lower part of the northern east coast of Australia around Brisbane.

20200314_blog_challenge_six_on_saturday_lesser crested tern_evans head