Pick a Word – January 2023

Thursday Special: Pick a Word January 2023

Time to have a go at my favourite photo challenge. This months words are a mix of easy (maybe) and a bit more to think about. Well the words gave me a lot of ideas. I put a photo in and then want to change my mind. To over come this, I have double dipped with a couple of photos that the words compelled me to post.

To compensate for taking a bit of your time, here are some of my favourite words as you scroll on by

Paula’s first set of words for this year are






I hope you had fun and found that that my photos matched Paula’s words. Want to know more about any of the photos, drop me a comment.
Did you see the duck on the fountain?

In the cafe

Terri’s Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Challenge: Days of #Grey and #White
John’s Cellpic Sunday

Sitting in the Dragonfly Cafe in Lismore a few years ago (pre-flooding events) The white walls and simple pictures and decore drew me in and I had to grab a photo and playing with the settings on my phone photo software, these images were the result.

A lovely song from way back when to enjoy

The colour version

More black and white

Quite washed out with the whites trying to dominate

As you can see I am not all that good using my phone for a camera

Low down door

Dan’s Thursday Doors

Cast iron. Everything is cast iron, the door, the handles, the hinges and fittings. It’s small door down low in a back lane in Lismore. There is still remnants of ashes.

The door is at the back of a Bakery and this is where the wood fired ovens ashes are removed.

Pigeon blues

John’s Cellpic Sunday

Here’s one for those who like to discover reasons or perhaps the photographers intent. Maybe a bird has taken the attention or was it one of the other favourites to photograph, rust.

Judging by the pigeons physique, I reckon he come here often. The bin is outside of a bakery

Pick a Word – November 2022

Lost in Translations Pick a Word

Paula’s words were hard not to try and find one photo for a couple of words. It’s more fun with a photo for each don’t you think? Following these photos there is a quiz, so pay attention.






OK Had time to take in each photo?

The question is – Which photo is the odd one out? A quiz with a twist 🙂

Walking Squares #13 – Shadows, trees and bridges

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Today is a recap of an older post of a walk through the Lismore Botanic Garden and Rainforest Walk. I haven’t been out walking as much and nothing that has been photo worthy when I have. This is a wonderful place to spend some time with most of the work carried out by volunteers.

Lets go walking through the park.

Going through the gate, there is a choice of going up or going down.

We headed down and came across the first waterway crossing over a little timber bridge with Lomandra and Cunji either side

Further along there was another bridge. This one had rails as the drop off the side was a bit deeper

This is where we are headed after we cross the bridge

Deeper into the Rainforest section, over another bridge and into the shade among the Bangalow and other palms

Finally down the path and up to the exit