The modern farm

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Farm Animals

Farm animals. Gosh I have lots and always share mainly on Monday Portrait So this time I am heading down a different path to what may be the face of a modern farm.

“Yes, they chose pink for me as I am the prettiest chook in the show.”
“I don’t mind have a bit of a make-over as it’s just for a bit of fun for the kids plus it is a good promotion for the Rainbow Farm”

“I am stuck with green. Boy do the others have a good laugh!”
“Like how come you have lettuce instead of feathers? Do you lay Brussel Sprouts?”
“I’ll be glad when I get home and get a wash”

“This is madness!!!”
“You have to get me out of here!!”
“I keep seeing these weird looking chickens!!”

“I don’t see what his problem is.”
“Do you?”

OK, you talked me into it. Here’s a bit of cute to finish

Enough of that. It’s time to go…….bye

Re-living the Past #25 – My First Abstract Photos

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Abstracts

I started thinking about photographing abstractly (if that’s the word) way back in the old film days. Digital cameras have made that pursuit even easier as I can take a lot of photos until I get what I want. In the last five or so years, I have become to enjoy playing around a lot more with the effects and manipulations using photo software. I use Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2023

These photos were posted in 2018 and filed under abstracts. All of the photos haven’t been altered. You can see what I saw.

Old and New

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Industrial
Leannes Monochrome Madness
Brens Mid-Week Monochrome

Thought I would do a bit of double dipping with some industrial monochromes

These rivets have been in the Grafton Bridge for one hundred years

The cranes that were building the new Grafton Bridge a few years ago

From there to here

Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Anything Large

Down on the docks ready to sail

maybe to Paris to see the Rose window in Notre Dame

or to Rome and view the Colosseum

Pont du Gard is not far from Verona

although some may take an aeroplane

to get back home among my trees

where there may be some large Bullants

but where there is always love

and something to crow about

there is always a smile

In the bush

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found in Nature

Looking through the sunlit window into the rain forest floor

After rain the creeks roar

Christmas Bells have more in-store

Flannel flowers more and more

Grass Tree flower spears hard to ignore

Including a sneaky double dip with Cee’s FOTD

Drive some, park some

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Drive

I had a few ideas of what I was going to post but was having second thoughts. Here are the things that people drive I dug out of my folders.

In our country towns you never know what may come driving down the street. I was going to ask for a lift 😁

Strolling the streets of Florence I found the smallest car I have ever seen

A hot rod with amazing paint job at a local car show during the Jacaranda Festival

My car will never be this shiny

This car had a lot of people around it at a car show in town last year. I had to wait a while until the crowd cleared. It has a vintage caravan as well

Something that city folk will never see. It is easier to pop down to the local servo than have to transfer fuel from a drum

Let’s drop in for a visit

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Visit

Can to visit the building not the shop. Not many Art Deco shops left around here

Isn’t this churches symmetry wonderful

Who wouldn’t want to visit this lovely little patisserie in Dijon I think.

Just for a chuckle. I found this sign in a outback town I was visiting. You…yes you, you know who you are, keep that joke to yourself 🙂

Let it grow

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Grow

A song I haven’t heard in ages. A favourite from years ago. Have you ever heard Let it Grow?

Pityaya or Dragon Fruit




My lovely chooks. I really miss having chooks around

Flowers. Lots of flowers to cheer the day. My Leopard Lillies are starting to flower

Pineapples. There is going to be a glut of Pineapples in Australia this year due to unseasonable Winter rain and inflation

Kigelia Africana or Sausage Tree. The fruits can be up to 60cm long and weigh up to 15kg so be wary if walking beneath a Sausage Tree

Happiness is catching

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Smiles
XingfuMama’s: One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge

A bit of a double dip. At the moment the rain has bought the frogs out. The rain makes Australian Green Tree Frogs happy. I use Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2023

The original photo

Straight forward convert to black and white with enhanced shadow contrast

Fun with Kaleidoscope

  • adjusted horizontal to -20
  • the vertical to -20
  • only two petals selected
  • set to reflect

This last one I used a preset called Depth by Design. The three slide controls go from 0 to 100%. The first one is to select how much of the preset you wish to use. For this photo –

  • I set it at 55%
  • Colour Match – 99%
  • Smooth the photo – 33%