Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Sacred Spaces – Churches, Temples and Spiritual Centres

Those followers will know that I have been posting photos of churches for Silent Sunday for quite a while now.. A couple of slideshows will give you an idea.

and there is always one sacred or special space for me

Windows and flowers

Ludwigs Monday Windows

This window box isn’t really a box so this one is a window basket. The plants are struggling a bit but given a few more months all could change. I wish I could remember where in town I found it.

I found this photo and by the looks of it I don’t think it’s from around here. I am guessing it is on a house in Luss, Scotland

Here is one with a shade as well found in Kyogle, a town a couple of hundred kilometres from here

Window planters with little green fences on the sill of fancy windows a few centuries old on the island of Burano, Italy

This trailing ivy was found in Bologna with wonderful shutters too

These windows from Split, Croatia with the little pot of red flowers are so lovely

Cee’s FOTD

From there to here

Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Anything Large

Down on the docks ready to sail

maybe to Paris to see the Rose window in Notre Dame

or to Rome and view the Colosseum

Pont du Gard is not far from Verona

although some may take an aeroplane

to get back home among my trees

where there may be some large Bullants

but where there is always love

and something to crow about

there is always a smile