More Doors of France

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I think there may be a few more French doors to find. The first two are doors from Beaune, a charming village in the Burgundy region not far from Dijon.

The everything going for it door – the surrounds, transom windows about and more carvings plus it is a grand door

This door also had carvings around it. There must have been a reason I cut them out. Perhaps the most of annoyances, something blocking the best photo point.

I think this looks like quite official doors in Avignon. I like Avignon and have been a couple of times.

One of the adventure day out while in Avignon was to go to Baux de Provence. A immense and superb stone hilltop fortress, the village has been painstakingly restored and less than 500 people live there. Baux is now a living museum

I love the wicker look

In the chair, tree or garden

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Whiskers
Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Violet

“Once I have finished madams hair, perhaps I could remove those few stray whiskers?”

“Ha Ha Ha….she’s got whiskers”

“I really like my whiskers”

Cee’s FOTD

Wordless Wednesday – 1 March

For once I can’t go wordless. This is the actual photo taken through the bus window at Monaco.
I was looking for doors and found this photo which I didn’t delete. One of those “that’ll come in handy one day” photos.
Does it appeal to you in some way?

Official doors of Europe

Dan’s Thursday Doors

More doors from Europe, but not anything like I have been posting over the past few Thursdays.

One of my visits to Europe I took a lot of photos of Police vehicles. My nephew is in the NSW Police Service and at the time, he just commenced driving for the Highway Patrol.

I thought I would get him a selection of Police vehicles when I found them in my travels.

They went from small and cute in Barcelona

Still cute in Vienna

Yes they do have Police cars in Venice

These blokes looked quite serious when driving in Rome

Not sure what was happening in Nice

There must have been something happening as the police were away from their car in Split, Croatia

The Slovenian Police car is quite snazzy

Now they are getting serious in Rome. When the door is open it says CAR on the side

When the Police van pulled into the square in Pisa I wondered what was happening so I avoided the Leaning Tower and went straight to the nearest and quietest pizzeria. Yes another quest success, to have a pizza in Pisa

Another Police van this time parked in Vienna

I should finish on cute again with Police boat patrolling the canals of Venice

Let’s go to Bologna

Dan’s Thursday Doors

Another trip to Italy. This time to Bologna, a wonderful city. The best place to eat was just down the road, Trattoria Il Vaporino. They looked after us and the food was fabulous. Good fuel for door hunting

Wood, studs and stone, what could be better

A grand entrance

The carving around the door frame. You can see which door gets most use

Steel, arches and character

Here and there

Lens-Artists Challenge #263: East Meets West or for my post North Meets South

A bit of South Korea and Australia are in my post. One piece of music I studied in school was a piece called West meets East. The performers, the best in their field at that time (1967) American violinist Yehudi Menuhin and Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar. I hope you enjoy the music

In the morning everyone meets for prayer

We all have fun at a parade

There is always something to light up the night when the parade is over

Always a surprise waiting in Florence

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Sometimes in a car park……

Sometimes in a back street…..

but remember…..
“Every move you make
And every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you
Every move you make
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you”

More from Spain

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I decided that another quick trip down the memory lane to Spain for this weeks Thursday Doors. I have been going through my travel photos and when I find a door I put in my door folder so I have found quite a number of doors. I shall stick to adding them by country.

An impressive strong door from Madrid

The Moorish influence is quite evident in Granada

One of my favourite doors from Toledo