Official doors around town

Dans Thursday Doors

The past few trips to town have been to get my car serviced so that means lots of time to walk around. What really gets to me is the lack of old style doors around town. The heritage building are still there in the main streets but all of the street level shop fronts are aluminum and glass, oh so boring. I haven’t given up as I have to venture a bit further out from the CBD now.

This are the doors to the Crown Hotel. The decorations are etched into the glass.

A second hand business in South Grafton

One of the heritage buildings with all it’s bits and pieces. This photo was taken on an overcast day

The colours are more like this but again in shadow. The sun only shines on the facade early in the mornings, well before I get to town now

I looked up today

Leannes Monochrome Madness

While wandering around town today I decided to pop into the Cathedral to take a few photos and have a sit down for a while in the stillness and quiet a large open building can give. I have lots of photos of the stained glass windows, the wooden ceiling, the angel font and all the other bits and pieces

When I came past the lights were on so went to the Op-shop. Luckily the lights were off when I came back. It was lovely to sit at the back and relax for a while. I took all of the photos sitting down! The sunlight coming through the windows gave some of the lights their own glow

It’s my window

Ludwigs Monday Windows

I found this window a while ago and thought that it needed a bit of TLC. At least someone feels at home. Can you see who?

“It’s a great view from here. I can see the picnic tables in the park”

“Hey you! This is my window so get lost!!”

Part door

Dans Thursday Doors

I found a small cottage that was recently renovated by the looks of it, probably for selling. I love the colours of the shrubs and the house with the white pompoms. I don’t think many people use the front gate. I think it looks like it may be a very nice wrought iron gate too. Maybe the garden was done by a landscapers for the sale and these residents have inherited a garden and aren’t gardeners.

The stately home in Alice St

Ludwigs Monday Windows 8 May

There are a number of houses that were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in Grafton that are still around. Mostly cottages but a few stately homes are still standing. I found this one in Alice St where there are a couple of homes similar to this one. Finding this one was easiest to get some photos as a lot are set back from the street and have gardens with tall bushes and shrubs.

There aren’t many two story houses in town, perhaps there was more as before the levee was built, Grafton flooded.

Needing a bit of work but still looks good.

The detail in the windows is extraordinary

The ornate dormer window looks like it need a bit of attention

Some windows around town

Ludwigs Monday Windows

I just happened to find a wonderful house with a shade. No I’m not addicted….really I’m not 😂

These are at a solicitors office. I like the early 20th Century building and windows but the colours aren’t to my taste

The next group are from the Crown Hotel on the banks of the Clarence River, Grafton

I love the lettering

This is an interesting design. I wonder if the three clear glass panels in the middle should be that creamy coloured glass?

Going to The Barn

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I am taking you to The Barn, which has had a few names. The Barn is in the Grafton Showgrounds and is used for exhibitions, weddings, parties, dances and of course the exhibits of produce from the farms of the Clarence Valley at show time.
The Grafton Show is on at the end of the month and if I can get there I’ll let you see what a rural show looks like.

Previously, in 1888, a pavilion, built on the style of the Prince Alfred Exhibition Building in Sydney, and costing 150 pounds, had been erected on the Turf St site. It was moved to the Prince St location of the showground, and yards were also erected there. The Pavilion became know as ‘The Barn’.

This is the rear entrance. That is a Jacaranda Tree on the right. When the tree flowers, it looks so good with The Barn

Later, in 1954, the Pavilion was named the TJ Ford Pavilion in honour of a previous president.

The Barn can have as many names as they want to give it but it will always be The Barn.
The little side doors at the back. I just love the designs

The small door at the side

The front entrance