Goodbye Verona

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I found a few more doors while looking for something else from Verona. I looked at some of my previous door posts and find that I seem to have gone from the older, not in such good shape to the really grand doors.

Swapping order to show this fabulous carved door first. All of the symbolism must mean something. I cut off the top of the doors surround unfortunately.

A bit plainer, but what it lacks in decoration, it still is of impressive size.

A bit of colour, some impressive hinges. Can you count how many ways to open the doors?

A bit of shabby chic with a wonderful cast iron decoration above the door. I wonder what type of refuge it is?

Pick a Word – March 2023

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word – March 2023

Time to immerse myself in Paula’s words and find an appropriate photo to illustrate my interpretation.
Paula’s words:-






In the chair, tree or garden

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Whiskers
Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Violet

“Once I have finished madams hair, perhaps I could remove those few stray whiskers?”

“Ha Ha Ha….she’s got whiskers”

“I really like my whiskers”

Cee’s FOTD

Going back to Italy

Dan’s Thursday Doors

The doors of Italy. I must have some Italian blood as I just love going there every time I head to Europe. Let’s begin in Genoa with a very impressive doorway and a door that is dwarfed by the surrounding doorway.

A heraldic shield and impressive entrance in Verona

The wooden door from Milan with studs, brick arch and moulding

This could be a church door in Bologna

In the frame

The Friendly Friday Challenge: Framing Your Subject