Walking Squares #4 – Trees, Goats and Butterflies

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

I was a bit busy this morning and by the time I was ready enough for a walk, it rained. I would have walked up the road a way any way, so here’s the views from a previous walk along the road. So c’mon, we’re going down the road apiece.

One of the reasons I bought here were the huge Red Ironbark trees that are along the road and down my driveway. This is my favourite Ironbark towards the top of the ridge. That’s the view looking back towards my place

When out for a walk I always take in as much as I can. Look up and there is a Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike flying overhead

Looks like the goats next door are finding the best vantage point for the day while one of their Roosters is just strutting about.

Always look down if you stop just in case there’s a Bullants nest nearby. They don’t like to have people walking around their territory

Also looking down, you’ll see the wonderful Yellow Buttons. Little 10mm balls of fluff that make the road side colourful.

It looks like A Large Grass Yellow butterfly found a piece of grass

Cee’s FOTD

An air of mystery

Sunday Stills: The #Mysterious is a Beautiful Thing

I started this post on Sunday but the original went away from being beautiful. This is a dark post as well but I find that once we are in the dark, then mystery can be all around.

So roll up for the mystery tour