Shades of Grafton #11 – More pretty shades

Ludwig’s Monday Window – November 21

This old house has been given the treatment. Even the fancy decorations on the front gutter corners. I love these shades, the original craftsman gave his all for this design.

Walking Squares #15 – Pumps. taps and tanks

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

I have been quite slack with my Walking Squares. Usually a daily squares person, this month just hasn’t been right and not much walking has been done that has been photo worthy.

This morning I had brunch with my daughter, did a bit of shopping and by the time I arrived home, it was very warm so it was stay inside for the afternoon. Around 5pm a cooling breeze blew up and the garden needed watering plus the header tank was almost empty so a pump up the hill to the tank was wanted.

One of my favourite songs

This walk started by going over to the pump, remembering last time I didn’t top up the fuel tank, so a detour to the shed for some petrol and a funnel. Pump fueled, a pull of the starter rope and away it went. Now into the garden and put out all of the sprinklers on to various parts of the garden. Once I’ve set out all four sprinklers I go around and reset again, then walk up the hill to see how full the tank has gotten.

I go up the hill to the header tank around three times while the pump is going to check where the water level was up to. So not a walk far away from home but a good walk around the garden and up and down the hill.

Finished as the sun was getting low. Didn’t manage to get the whole garden watered so will have to give the garden a good soak tomorrow

This weeks spam – 21 November

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week 46 2022

I have some wonderful spam for this week.
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I do save the best of spam. I don’t get much and deleted some explicit ones. I hope this coming week will produce a few beauties as well