Pick a Word – December 2022

Lost in Translations Pick a Word

Paula’s words this month are quite varied giving you a chance to show different styles, parts of the world or around your place. That’s why I love this photo challenge so much.






How did I go this month. I know I have other photos that I prefer it’s just my present computer predicament that has me befuddled. If I get it sorted I might even have another go just for fun. Isn’t that what photo challenges should be?

5 Minutes Ago – 2022

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #83

I decided to do a review of the various days weather for 2022. All the photos are taken from the one spot and always in the morning.

But first, I had these ready for Hammad to post his Weekend Sky on the 19th but nothing happened and for once I was ready. So these are the last for 2022 from my photo spot. But first here’s is your song to listen to while you have a look at the difference in the weather in my mornings…….everywhere you go, always take the weather with you….

The clouds were too good not to capture

While on the northern side the sky was a clear beautiful blue

I had to get down to ground level

I have been using different sized photos to save space and I used three different media file folders so dates overlapped. This first slideshow is for the first part of the year Jan to Sept

April to December

Sometimes there were visitors

The King Parrot, I named Tiny, is always wanting to know what I am doing

A Pied Currawong flew in to check out what was happening on this part of the garden

It was an exciting morning when the Spangled Drongos returned to spend Spring as they usually do every year

I guess I can add it into Marshas Remembering 2022 with Hammad.
And there were probably more look back challenges over the past week or so that I couldn’t bookmark, so think of your self included 🙂

V or W at the beginning of a bird

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – December Alphabet Letters V or W at the beginning of a word

Varied Triller

Wedged-tailed Eagle

Wonga Pigeons

Varied Sittella

Eastern Whipbird

White-headed Pigeon

White-faced Heron

WOW – Words of Wisdom #7

Paula’s Words of Wisdom #7

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon”
Jean Ingelow
English – Poet March 17, 1820 – July 20, 1897

I am here in a way

Yes, I am around still. My computer decided that over Christmas I should have an enforced blog break.

The timing is so wrong as I’ll be home but unable to post as I have to use this tablet or phone to mainly respond to comments.

What is worse is I am unable to download or view my photos on the big screen. Now I wish I had scheduled some posts as I have somethings to share that I thought you would enjoy.

Oh well, I can’t get the assistance I need until next year but still might try to get back on my blog if I can do something myself. Everything seems to work I just don’t have a screen. I bought a new screen yesterday but my computer is old and used to be reliable so the connection cable is different but then again it could be the video/graphics card has packed it in.

Might see what I can pick up in the Boxing Day sales after juggling finances.

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone 😀🎅🎁🌲🥗🥂🤗