Lines and Squares #28

Day twenty-eight of Becky’s Photo Challenge Lines and Squares

This is how a Eucalypt tree recovers after a fire has burnt the tree. The wonderful green against the blackened limbs with the new red tips of the leaves as the tree returns to its beautiful best.


Sunset through the tree

Franks Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sunset

Most of this month the sunsets have had lots of colour mainly reds and oranges. I should have waited another day and I would have had the Sunset on Saturday post as mine for this challenge.

A few weeks ago, the fires came too close to my place and the sun was more orange as the atmosphere was smoke filled.



Kate’s Friday Fun: Uprooted
Can you
see the duck
among the roots
a curly tail
a look of disdain
tree root_duck_buccarumbi_named_feb 2016
What do you
make  of this
aged but strong
look again
what can you seetree root_named_home_sept 2014
among the roots
an elephant
of course
perhaps a calf
as well
toward mumtree root_elephant_buccarumbi_named_feb 2016

Once uprooted
we can see
the unseen
that can be
or reality
it’s your