Pick a Word – January 2023

Thursday Special: Pick a Word January 2023

Time to have a go at my favourite photo challenge. This months words are a mix of easy (maybe) and a bit more to think about. Well the words gave me a lot of ideas. I put a photo in and then want to change my mind. To over come this, I have double dipped with a couple of photos that the words compelled me to post.

To compensate for taking a bit of your time, here are some of my favourite words as you scroll on by

Paula’s first set of words for this year are






I hope you had fun and found that that my photos matched Paula’s words. Want to know more about any of the photos, drop me a comment.
Did you see the duck on the fountain?

This is December 2022

A mixed bag for December full of highs and lows. It is getting dry again. The lush green that developed over Winter and Spring seemingly disappeared overnight and left brown and crunchy mingled among those stoic grass stems. Most of the photos are from home, a few in town and at Caniaba.

Not as many photos either so maybe you’ll finish before the music

Your scrolling song for December

Let’s get going then

Some mornings were quite misty

A few days ago I visited my daughter and drove past the “Fence Tree” It first featured in this Pick a Word post
That photo was from 2017 but was sure I posted an older photo.
I am happy to report that the tree is well and healthy.

I don’t think I have ever shown where the fence tree lives

I was looking for a plant that I was going to afix to this board. I picked up the board again and it had a hitch hiker. The caterpillar must have heard that a plant was going to be there just in time for lunch. Sorry little bud, go and munch some bush tucker not garden produce.

I went over to the house dam to see what was going on and found a bit of action. More of the dam stories in this post
I looked down after trying to track a dragonfly and there it was sitting on some bark right beside me

At the start of the month I found the first Cicada shell. They are very quiet so far this Summer compared to other years.

There seemed to be a lot of skinks scuttling around the verandahs in December. A little Copper Head had his own patrol line

There was a lot of blue skies and Cabbage Whites were the butterfly I saw the most

I loved the contrast between the flower and the butterfly

Every morning and evening the peep peep peep constant call of the White-throated Treecreeper fills the garden cheerily as they hop up and down the trees looking for a snack.

A couple of Spangled Drongos dropped in for a bath one afternoon. They are around a lot and I hope they have nested here again.

Since the Pied Currawongs left for the mountains for the Summer, there has been a lot more smaller birds around the garden. The Red-backed Wrens come through in their little flock whizzing among the plants. When it’s time to move on, one of the older ones, like this female, hop onto a good vantage point to see if the way to the next stop off is clear.

Most times if there are Wrens around, then Red-browed Firetail Finches won’t be far away

Are you still here?
Well come on, it’s time to fly over to see some flowers like the following have done

The eyes on the prize. A Blue-banded Bee picks a tasty Pentas flower

As does a Teddy Bear Bee. One thing I noticed while doing a bit of bee watching is that Blue-banded Bees bully and chase Teddy Bear Bees. I saw a small gang of two then three Blue-banded Bees suddenly appear and chase the Teddy Bear Bee. Strange behaviour for solitary bees I thought

The Crocus flowered very well in the hanging pot in the garden.

Now onto some flowers from the garden at Caniaba. The yellow throat of this Petunia is such a contrast

The bed of Petunias looked lovely

This is the tiny flower of a Paperbark Tree in my place. The birds and bees love them.

Last month I showed the life of a red lilli pilli flower. This is the first flower on a white Lilli Pilli

I just love the petal shapes and colours

Isn’t this rose one of the most beautiful you have ever seen? A Double Delight Rose

Colours shape and form won me with these Gaillardia flowers

I enjoyed being at the dam on hot days before it became too hot. Watching dragonflies dance over the water, the occasional Kingfisher or Kookaburra sit on a branch waiting for movement below

I hope you enjoyed a look at what I found and saw in December. If you had a favourite drop me a comment as I like to know what I am doing right. Also you might have a few photos or something to contribute to The Changing Seasons

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