In many ways

Ragtag Daily Prompt Sunday: Flight

Whether it is just one
flying in the sky

Zooming around flowers
in the garden

Or two flying around
meeting up among the leaves

or a pair heading off
to find a roost

Flying in the garden
finding a snack to enjoy

or three soaring
in the blue sky

or many looking
for a place to eat

or lots gathering
to find food for the hive

or thousands filling the sky
with raucous calls

Whether at sunrise
flying out for the day

or at sunset
going to roost after a busy day

If you look
you will always
find someone
flying somewhere.
Whether in the sky
or in the garden
there will be
flying around

Getting around

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Public Transportation or People Movers

Getting around in Italy very fast

The bus will be leaving soon

A relaxing way to get around in Paris

Sometimes a ferry crossing can be quite bumpy

Getting around Newcastle by light rail

Leaving Australia to see the world

It’s all L in the end

Cee’s Mid-week Madness Challenge July Alphabet: Letter L at the end of a word



Butterfly – Australian Gull

Silver Gull

Daffodil/Floral (stolen idea from See’s post)

Cloud swirl

Girl (Dirtgirl is an Australian gardening, composting and recycling pin-up. Here she is as a lantern in a parade)

Grey Fantail

Powerful Owl

Willie Wagtail

Aeroplane trail

Roosters tail

Brushtail Possum