Small and green and around here

Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Fern

One of my favourites, a Five Fingered Jack Fern. They grow anywhere cool and damp. They just suddenly appear in the garden

Little Maiden Fair Fern grow in the gullies. There used to be a whole east facing side of the gully that was covered in Maiden Hair Fern. I’ll have to try and get there and see if it has come back a bit since the fire

This weird looking beast is an air fern. They just grow on wood – trees, fence posts and even pieces of fallen bark. An Epiphyte as is the next fern

Another fern that just appears. First as a small green flat leaf and over time just branch out. This one bought along a host of others, a Fishbone Fern (a nuisance) and a Hares Foot Fern to start life on a palm tree

Walking Squares #8 – Mowing, trees and butterflies

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Todays walk was going to be a walk down through my place. When I got to the track start it was a bit over grown, so it was plan B – get out the mower as the ground and vegetation was dry so a chance of getting bogged or sliding around wouldn’t happen. Of course I did a lot more than just the track and by the time I was inside, it rained.

I am glad it was dry while mowing and I didn’t have to walk home, Let’s walk. Here’s your walking song from one of my favourite bands.

Here is the newly mown track heading down the hill

On the way I saw a pair of Saw Red-backed Fairy Wrens and could hear lots of birds, Satin Bowerbirds, Noisy Friarbirds, Kookaburras, Rufous Whistlers and a “tizz tizz” and there was a young Yellow Thornbill telling the parent birds that I am here and I am hungry.

I went as far as I could and a tree was across the track. This tree had fallen last year and was hung up in a tree in front. I am glad that it as fallen as it was dangerous to try and cut down plus I have a good source of easy to get firewood for next year. As you can see there are still a few dead trees from the fire so more track clean-up will be needed in the future.

Looking through the bush there are still a lot of blackened tree trunks. Most of these are alive just don’t shed their bark.

I did find a flower, a Native Leek Golden Lily. There are more popping up in the paddocks now.

Well it looks like the storm might come back so lets get home.

In the garden on the way back to the house I saw a couple of butterflies flying about. A pair of Orchard Swallowtails were having a mating fly about the garden. The male, at the rear, is one of many that have been flying around the garden for months.

And with that they were off

Water Reflections – Car Puddles – Abstracts #64

Jez’s Water Water Everywhere #151

Last weekend, as part of the Jacaranda Festival, there was a vintage car show in the street in front of the Cathedral. It has been raining and on Saturday morning as I got to town, there was a downpour. I took the cafe and coffee option while waiting for the rain to pass.

I went to the car show and grabbed a few photos of the cars. Many cars had rain drops all over them as well as purple Jacaranda flowers from the trees in the street.

I first noticed a Jacaranda tree in a puddle when there was a brief burst of sunlight.

From then on I went looking at puddles for other reflections that would lead to a Water Water Everywhere post possibly. There were a few cars reflecting in puddles.