Re-living the Past – My First Orange Photos

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Colour Challenge: Orange Senensis

These are from 2015 to 2017. They were all nearly flowers but a couple of butterflies came to the rescue. For a change, how about a slideshow?

*When I say “My First…….colour/subject….Photos I mean posted on WordPress, not first photos ever

Cee’s FOTD

Walking Squares #5 – Bubbles, Fun and Nudity

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Todays walk was going to be different that is post. I went to town as I do most Saturdays and today was the TAFE Markets which are the biggest markets for the year in Grafton. TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education and the markets are held on campus. When I arrived in town it started to rain, a real downpour, so I went and had a coffee. There was also a car show I walked through, but they will appear in a later post no doubt.

By the time I made my way to the markets, the sun was out sporadically but heavy clouds were hanging about. This is more of a stroll than walk as there were people and stalls to negotiate.

There was some music at the markets so you should come down to the market too

Wandering in, there were stalls on both sides of the track

No I don’t know what they were supposed to be used for. Maybe pot plants? Small nesting boxes with a water bowl for convenience?

I loved playing the Laughing Clowns when Mum and Dad took us to the Royal Easter Show and other carnivals

There is always market dogs. I loved this scruffy one

A dad was entertaining the kids with the bubble blower

One for my female followers 😂

I would have bought it for you but I couldn’t find the opposite one for when you do go out 😁❤

5 Minutes Ago – 5 November

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #77

The title of this post is a bit misleading. Yes the last photos are from this mornings wonderful sky. I have included other days as I had to get the photos and have been waiting for Hammad not to be so busy that he posted the wonderful Weekend Sky photo challenge.

Here is a song to scroll as you work your way through a few photos of melodies in the sky

The start was an amazing sky in the afternoon of the 24 October. I wondered what the sky was doing as the storm was building. I looked to the east and there was a faint rainbow through the trees and the sky was a lovely lilac.

Then the storm approached

On last Thursday morning, the first of November, the sky was so colourful I just had to grab a few photos from the usual spot

After a while the colours had changed

Here we are at this mornings sky. I should have changed the camera setting as the sun was just rising and the colours are great, The photos don’t do the sky justice

Over the house patches of blue were surrounded by dark clouds tinged with colours

The sun hadn’t quite reached the gum trees yet but a faint glow is evident

This was about five minutes after the first photo for this morning. More blue sky struggling through.

I tried to get the sunrise through the trees with another camera but the yellows and oranges are taken by the black of the trees. When you live in a forest I guess that’s the price to pay