Op-Shop games

The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge:Thrift

Yes all the different names in different countries but all have bargains if you are there at the right time. The best bargain I have found was a black jacket for my daughter. It looked well made and was only $5 When I got home we looked up the name on the label. It was a New York designer and the jacket was $660!! My Marks and Spencer very warm tweed coat I bought in Edinburgh for ten pounds was a very necessary buy as my warm clothes just didn’t cut it,

Once in a while if my bestie was in town up her way and I was in town here, we used to play “Find the crappiest LP cover” and other silly games. This is the photo I sent her once.

Walking Square #2 – Butterflies, Bikes and Lights

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Today I went to town to do a bit of shopping. I also wanted to have a walk around a particular part of town where I was hoping there would be window shades for my Monday Window series on window shades. I was also looking around for things for my #WalkingSquares for today.

I have decided to add a bit to the title for a change as well.

Here is the song for the day. An oldie I hope you enjoy.

A Caper White Butterfly was flitting about. Suddenly it flew up high and there were about four others flying around. This is when the Caper Whites are migrating to the east coast. They have started to arrive at my place as well.

A pretty little bicycle garden on the nature strip under a Fig Tree

A lovely old light on a house. I love those old metal enamel lights