New Shades – Shades of Grafton #10

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have been showcasing the older houses shades. This week here are new style aluminum shade. Made to look like the canvas ones from the turn of last century. Hope the aluminum cladding was put over the old weather boards which my help to preserve them if someone wants to do a restoration in the future. The windows are aluminum. You do get corners and angles shapes and textures

This weeks spam – 12 November

Fandangos: Spam Comment of the Week

Bear with me this week folk. I have had some real doozies I saved five I wish to share. Some are funny some are rude but have their moments

1. I had this one from Christian

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(website was here. removed so no accidental clicks)
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I now admit to being out of touch. What is a “whitehat link”?

2. Poor robot 327 really needs better programing. This make me sad
“Thiis paragraph will hhelp the internet uusers for setting
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As 327s grammar and spelling makes me even more sad

3. This one is from a p0rn site, Melviau. It has great content. Check out what they have
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Why drag the Wizard of Oz into this?

4. 000 said
“I am in fact grateful to thhe holder off this website who has shared this
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Keep taking the lessons little robot, almost there. I am not sure whether to be offended or pleased?

5. Madeliene St Ledger wants to help me. Pity the web site address didn’t really add up. (website removed for public safety)

This AI content writer is less than $90 one time payment for lifetime usage. You can write engaging articles, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, company bio, stories, ads, and 57 other content categories in minutes.

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Wouldn’t you like an AI robot to write your blog for you?

Walking Square #12 – Flowers, Pots and Chooks

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Well, let’s walk right in

Up in the early morning being greeted by Shaun.

This post for #WalkingSquares is one for the weekend, Sunday in particular. My titles and dates will be skew whiff for now on in. Not good for OCD. As I said up and into the garden in the morning before we head off to a Pottery Studio for the day.

A quick once around and loving the plants wonderful nix of colours. The little Tricycle lives on

A couple of the neighbours came to say hello

The Gallardias are adding colour in patches. I should have used more flowers to get the full effect, sorry.

Too many lovely roses so here’s just one of my favourites, Double Delight

Off on the drive to the Pottery Studio. Lucky there were signs in the garden to show the way. It is a fabulous ramshackle garden with a few trimmed parts as well.

Had a walk through the shop and chatted to people while waiting for the Raku pottery kiln to be opened. Have a look at the link while we wait

Time for Mick to open the kiln

Here is a look at what was cooking at 1,000 degrees. It was a very warm day, in the low 30’s so being near a kiln wasn’t a good idea. The things I do for you!

Thick gloves and long tongs. I would be using them as well

Then it was over to a drum with sawdust in it and a bit more sawdust was added

Of course it all caught fire. A lid was put on the drum the reduce the oxygen and increase the carbon which make the firing patterns different. Sorry again. The pots didn’t come out of the drums while I was there. It was still 600C in the drum!

The walk back through the garden was one last look around. There were Superb Fairy Wrens hopping in the garden beds as well Wanderer Butterflies flitting about the ramshackle garden. The climbing rose was huge.

Other parts were neatly kept in little clearing with spots of colour. I love the mix of Zinnias.

And of course there were chooks.

Here’s the version some people might know better

Cee’s FOTD