In the frame

The Friendly Friday Challenge: Framing Your Subject

5 Minutes Ago – 26 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #60

What an afternoon yesterday was! Around 3 o’clock the rain started and it was pounding, heavy and relentless. I shut the windows and doors but still it was very loud inside. The verandahs were wet about one metre in, there were rivers running down the driveway, the gullies started to roar and it kept up like that until around 5:30pm. 88mls in total. Apparently in Grafton, the town 37kms away, they only had 1.5mls!!!!.

Anyway, it’s grey skies I post again so here’s your Saturday morning sky song

Now for the sky. That small black dot isn’t on your screen, it is a bird flying across the sky. I even wiped my screen as I had spots but only one was a bird lol

No sun kissed Eucalypts this morning