A friend and a camera

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Capturing the Photographer

I looked among my folders and could only find two photos to fit the brief.

My best mates wife who is the only photographer I get to go places with and we both have cameras. This one was taken years ago.

and an old photo of me she took years ago when I had hair lol

Thursdays Special: Pick a Word – March 2022

Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word – March 2022

Paula’s words for March may be a little difficult to convert to photos so a bit of thinking will be required.

ASPEROUS The rough bark of an Ironbark tree

CRUSTACEOUSSoldier Crabs scuttling along the beach at low tide

EFFUSIVEA Noisy Friarbird singing his heart out in the morning

MOUNTEDOne of my quests is to photograph birds riding cows or horses. Willie Wagtail enjoying the backward view

TRIADThree Grey-crowned Babblers walking along the forest floor flicking over leaves and sticks looking for insects, all the while chattering away to each other

OK that was a bit of a search to find photos as close to Paula’s words as I could