On the angle

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Diagonal

Couldn’t decide on one so here’s a few diagonals


Intentional Camera Movement in the garden

A Pelican

Some clouds

A female Golden Whistler on a diagonal branch. There one minute and gone the next

Mothers in the garden

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Mother

I wasn’t going to do this post now but I am awake and it’s after midnight. In comments with Sue and her delightful lamb post I decided to post a few photos of Mothers that come into my garden from time to time. Some photos you may have seen before and maybe others for the first time.

These are Pretty-faced Wallabies. They used to be around the house and garden often. I haven’t seen any for many years now, not even in the bush when out walking.

The next set are Red-necked Wallabies who are always around. There hasn’t been as many since the fire in December 2019. It was during a drought and after the fire I put out a bucket of water for the Wallabies and other animals who survived to have a drink. A mother and daughter having a drink at sunrise

As well as buying pellets of marsupial food for them to eat. Sometimes it’s easy to have breakfast in bed

I think I was spotted by Mum

Some Joeys have a relaxed attitude in their Mothers pouch

Always stay close to Mum