The third largest bird in Australia

Debbies Six Word Saturday

Yes, the Australian Pelican. Who would have thought. I didn’t know, perhaps one of the long legged birds, maybe the Brolga.

“They may not be as tall as the emu or the cassowary, but they’re still considered to be one of the heaviest flying birds in the world, weighing up to 13kg.”

Why do Pelicans always like to sit on light poles over bridges?
Because they can I reckon. When they open their mouths so wide, you don’t feel like arguing.

“Often a pelican will crane its neck with it mouth agape, scaring off invaders”

Despite their size, Pelicans are strong graceful fliers.
“every decade or so, some Pelicans leave their coastal sanctuaries for the small, inland lakes of the harsh Aussie outback, which experts argue is for breeding and feeding purposes.”
I don’t know why these “experts” are arguing, of course its’ for breeding and as for feeding, maybe a change from a constant seafood diet.

I reckon they are so lovely and that look always gets you in.

Nearly always gracefully beautiful.

Well, gotta go now. Nice of you to drop by.


Bilby sales delight the conservation effort

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

As rabbits are such an introduced pest in Australia so chocolate rabbits should move over and make room for some chocolate Bilbys. As you can see, the chocolate company donate 10c of the price of each chocolate Bilby sold.

Here a bit about Bilbys, if you are interested. Once roaming over 70% of Australia, they are now restricted to 15% of the deserts of Australia. A lot of it due to rabbits who utilise most of Bilbys habitat, then there are the Foxes and feral cats.