My cabin in the bush

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #190: Close and Closer

Number two post for this challenge as it was the original idea. I built this little cabin in the garden for my girls as a playhouse which went to a tools and my building odds and ends once they were too old to play in there anymore. A lot of the contents is now in my big shed so there are still some odds and ends plus the that’ll come in handy one day stuff.

So come on, get closer.

The walls used to be part of the Jackadgery Hall

When I helped build a new section onto the hall, the boards were just in a pile and they were going to burn them.

So I asked if I could have them and everyone said take them.

Not only did I use them for the walls on the cabin but also built a bookcase and part of a wall on another shed.

Ready for work

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Boot
Lens Artists Photo Challenge #190: Close and Closer

I was going to post a range of boots as I do have quite a number. But when I went out to grab a photo of my gumboots, I just thought of the Lens_Artists challenge as well, so things just went from there.

It’s a pity John Clarke aka Fred Dagg is no longer with us. He was a fabulous comedian.

An alternative version with better vision