It all adds up

Sadie’s What do you See

The image to work with

A mystery to me
Some say
I say angles
spacial relationships
(my bestie and me)
circles and rectangles
Pie (not Pi)
I need
a protractor?
but on my farm
I need
a tractor
But a set square?
I only have
Becky’s Squares
which do me fine
But do I need
to know
the shapes
the size
the dimensions
of things
around my house
I need to
what bird
that sings
not the
of many things
From my schooling
and Euclid
my mind has hid.

In the garden this week

Xingfumama’s Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge 2022 Week 9

This is my first contribution to this challenge. I haven’t had much loveliness in my life with the floods and rain over the past week. I have been able to get out into the garden and have found a bit of respite with my camera. Here is a bit of what I have found.

Some insects like a Dragonfly who seemed to follow me in the garden

A poor old Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly on a Pentas flower. She has seen better days. I used this angle so you couldn’t see how ratty her wings were at the rear

A Brown Ringlet Butterfly was resting on a leaf in the brief morning sun

The Wanderer Butterfly preferred the Bauhinia flowers

and not an insect but one of the smallest Honeyeater, a female Scarlet Honeyeater. This is the second mass flowering of the Bottlebrush tree bring so many birds into the garden.