It’s my window

Ludwigs Monday Windows

I found this window a while ago and thought that it needed a bit of TLC. At least someone feels at home. Can you see who?

“It’s a great view from here. I can see the picnic tables in the park”

“Hey you! This is my window so get lost!!”

Shades of Grafton #19 – Pretend Canvas

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

Some of the aluminum shades probably replaced the canvas ones that were originally on these windows. I am guessing perhaps the 1970’s

I wonder if a bit of a scrub up would bring them back a little. The only house that still has its wooden windows and aluminum shades.

Now to the grand shades

I like these ones. They look quite new. The scalloped edges look so good.

Here’s a closer look at another one on the same house.

These are my favourites

Shades of Grafton #16 – A Confessional

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have a confession to make and shall do it right now.

I have been mistaken in calling what I have been posting, and might I add, enjoyable finding them for you, shades. Yes they do shade and perform a function that helps cool the houses mainly of the past.

See this photo of a very old house, held together with brown paper and string by the look of it, has both examples of the shades I have been posting. The straight ones with fancy or plain brackets or the tin or metal shades.
Well the one on the left is an awning and the one on the left is a hood awning. Yes they are awnings, which I thought were what the structures over doorways were called.

I did a confession to Ludwig and I have decided to keep the title of Shades of Grafton going for continuity.

To make it up to you, on my weekend shade searching I found the prettiest hooded awning shades ever!

The house is being done up bit by bit I reckon

Also for Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Fancy

Pick a Word – January 2023

Thursday Special: Pick a Word January 2023

Time to have a go at my favourite photo challenge. This months words are a mix of easy (maybe) and a bit more to think about. Well the words gave me a lot of ideas. I put a photo in and then want to change my mind. To over come this, I have double dipped with a couple of photos that the words compelled me to post.

To compensate for taking a bit of your time, here are some of my favourite words as you scroll on by

Paula’s first set of words for this year are






I hope you had fun and found that that my photos matched Paula’s words. Want to know more about any of the photos, drop me a comment.
Did you see the duck on the fountain?

Shades of Grafton #13 – DYI Repairs

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

These window shades look they may have had home repairs (I apologise if a builder actually worked on these).

At least they have retained the decorative brackets but they are in need of a bit of TLC

I really think this one is a shed job. They old supports have partially been retained for the Dad designed brackets. Fancy scroll work is just too hard.

Shades of Grafton #12 – Modern style

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

I will have to look for more of the newer types (read 1960’s 1970’s) like these few I have found or even newer would be astounding!

Along came aluminum, gone are the decorative side panels and brackets. See how these brackets are a different angles for the size of the window shade. I would have thought the heat from the bricks would get trapped under the shade. Maybe that’s why the brackets are skinny.

Emulating the older bullnose iron style. Again, maybe the height helps with not getting heat trapped.
The older one on the building opposite will be along soon, maybe next post

These are the first newer window shades I photographed.

The one and only tiled one I have found. I love the brackets. I didn’t notice the one in the background so will have to try to find this one again.

Shades of Grafton #15 – refurbished

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

This weeks shades have all had a make over. I like how these home owners kept the window shade but went for an economical repair by having the roof extend as part of the shade. I like the tulip design on the slats. Pity the wooden window was replaced with aluminum. At least they kept the top windows of coloured glass.

These have to be the chunkiest shades. A basic owner built shades I am guessing. I like how the rear slat extends to the bottom of the window frame giving a nice arc.

Wonderful old tin scalloped shades which are so prevalent around Grafton. These have been restored and repainted in the original colours. The scalloped tin shades are either red or green on the outside of the shades I have found.

You can tell this is a new refurbishment due to the use of mini-orb corrugated iron. All very clean and neat.

I spoke to the couple who own this over one-hundred years old house who were doing some renovations to their front fence. They love the look of the shades and the feel of their house which is such a lovely cottage. These shades have been fixed and painted and the plain tin of the shade is next on the wash down and repaint job list.

Shades in Tyalgum

Ludwig’s Monday Window 31 October

This is an old shop in Tyalgum. A small village a couple of hours away from here. I should go back and see if things have picked up as last time things didn’t look good. A town in decline.

Here is a double shade bonus. the lovely tin shades on the shop and the decorative wooden ones on the house behind.